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Selective Restrictive Violation

What, is describing a selective restrictive violation? Is, there some cause and effect that doesn't exist within how the sensory motor complex gives you? One, hiding not caring to be transparent, holding the cards close to their chest is observed by an ongoing pattern of applying quality also distinction; which, a fiction cannot, by definition, be possessed of; for instance, it is obvious to you, of course, that alphabet soup land, as a fiction; even, a body politic further along, isn't’ something which can be harmed as a fiction; for

You, must know a beloved who is real can; you know your siblings who can feel and are listening and can see within the body i is able to have made a statement; yet, alphabet soup land, you’d agree, isn’t able to do that; criminals, and criminal syndicates can be observed with selective restrictive violation; being applied, you as well as i have to have attached the ongoing mean, from inside self;

Where, one is purposefully, or simply by imitation, or manipulating from operant conditioning, can be using selective restrictive violations; such as, turning an action into a noun; making sure the verb used is unspecified; applying complex equivalents; you, also can see missing referential index, also symantec ill-formedness in the application of strawman, circular reasoning, bandwagon, ad-hoc, as fallacious not applying properly any cause and effect;

Selective mutism, where you should say or do something yet don’t when you can because in some circumstance it is shown you can have language properly; yet, in certain settings it is shown you don’t; selective mutism, itself, is used as formed as a negation to negate others; to feel some control keeping others guessing; always, arisen because there was anxiety ongoing, by facial expression, by head too far forward; by having a preferred mode of spring by polarization not being able to exit proper; doing such in various social settings;

A, child, just as an adult, can speak yet decides not to for various reasons; applying such in certain setting and certainly not in others; for, it would be obvious to anyone that something is antisocial; anxiety disorder is characterized by a child or an adult having an inability to perform by learned helplessness; not having a choice; so, communicative skill is of various selective restrictive violation; which, can include verbal also nonverbal forms of selective mutism;

You observe psychogenic mutism where one has been manipulative for instance, and is; such, is called out to be resolved; one, who applies psychogenic mutism mutes the major issue also dissociates by leaving or controlling; or, by raising other things to distract; also, to have behavior to cause the other to have a model shrunk in themself; otherwise, who is called out for psychogenic mutism will use intimidated behavior; none, of it about the issue which is raised; so,

Mutism is a selective restrictive violation; for, who is normal doesn’t engage in such; for, such is abusive to others; keep in mind, a withholding information from others not letting them be engaged in decision, removing decision from the loved ones around you, causing the issue itself to be a complex equivalent to something else; so, withholding proper relation also is a form of abuse one can be doing to those around them; selective mutism is practiced on who one inside wants to punish;

Such, is without any physical cause and effect; for, it is fictional; an inner dialogue of such caused developmental delay and disability; can even cause a range of sensory motor deletion; whole brain functioning, is what is normal you can see where most are in a original state being playful; so, having pattern recognition is what is very important; for a selective mutism is truly a psychogenic form of negation inside self also socially; mutism, for instance where a child or an adult is in a comfortable relative setting one accesses a little more whole brain pattern not having this apparent challenge;

Where, interest is integration is more; where aversion is it is state specific with various forms of various mutism and restrictive violation; such preferred antisocial patterning can be adopted being imprinted as a state by imitation, also by operant conditioning; typically, inducted as a state to be the victor, not the victim; an, enacted trauma reenacted syndrome from shock;

You, can see who does such is participating as a criminal does to redact proper information; you see the removal of some stimulus, within the syntax; which, is the cause of that beloved to have some likelihood of a controlled outcome; so, negation also various forms of it can be displayed where one leaves text messages for another which is abusive;

One can not turn off what should really be looked at where parts of one has been comfortable apparently being in conflict; polarization also not exiting from a state are various forms of negation done by those who have no pattern recognition much, can be found manipulating thoroughly by marshaling and sequestering valid information to be removed; to, only register a negative response communicated back; so

A, state exists ongoing of one participating in social connectedness ever causing more dwelledness on a negativity, not what is positively achieved as the event; the more patterns which as you read these articles is being presented to you, the more intelligent you can become; for, you’re taking hold more what is more important, practical, what is more personal inside you, what is implicit and what is intuitive;

Cognitive development requires what is removed or taken away to be relegated as a benefit; if something can be taken away it could not be something you could have had; where, stop is a benefit trust is established; where, stop isn’t a benefit yet a triggered oppositional defiance instead, safety no longer is the issue, even what is sociable; behavior of such gets triggered; behavior such is modeled by the parenting; by one who controls as a pattern of dissociating, distracting, making the child’s model smaller intimidating to move, yet not motivate;

Such, is various degrees of what my teacher called “mushroom strategy,” being kept in the dark and fed on bull dust; negation, and having selective restrictive violation can be observed by one totally not noticing their partner; not connecting with others with their eyes; singling in on one person only; and, for wherever stress would have been dictated, the vestibular system learns how to omit degrees of information to cause a relative equilibrium to be; where, one hides one can do so not by being conscious per say; yet, just by imitation and operant conditioning have trauma reenactment syndrome engaged by triggered selective restrictive violations; so

Basically, where you would have provided beings, or even things to have a quality; which, isn’t possible at all to be possessed; it is an obvious violation causing theft; which, can have been an ongoing pattern nonstop of negation, sabotaging self and others; which, is a communicated polarization and negation which triggers typically two brain waves which interfere to spike through everything else; one, is the selective restrictive violation wave; the other is the evoked response to a selective restrictive violation;

Your original state is of free association in a whole brain pattern; yet, an inner construction engaging limited mind function is always in a constant need of being adjusted; such a state of discomfort always is being felt ongoing as parts existing which are completely contradictory to each other; so, the question really here is a key point; what is going on as perception is witnessed which is engaging contradictory information;

Certainly, not being able to exit having preferred patterns for sorting for what is opposite or obscure; so, in the context of whole brain functioning; patterning and development; negation, can inhibit causing one not to thrive, being left with various forms of aspergers or autism; in, this situation we’re talking about a normal beloved could be engaged in negation ongoing; could be selective mutism;

One, has to see what the positive adaptive benefit of such; otherwise, what is normal is realizing the benefit of stop, don’t, no; realizing the benefit of can’t; for, such is in an agentic state of trust and prudence; otherwise, a triggered automatic response to a stimulus is all needed; then, child and adult could have oppositional defiance to “authority;” for

Wherever an inner conflict was inside a double bind existed; negation, being state specific, comes to be the preferred antisocial patterning; triggering more limited mind function; such, being modeled; which can have been a pattern which persisted even into late adulthood; basically, through your life what you’re looking at is a beloved who is getting a continuous clashing within the cognition; practicing such a clashing of cognition; so

Selective restrictive violations incur applying syntax where nothing is sensory based yet fictional behind such; so, various neurological centers is inhibited as one is being developed all such is about your own virulence and conscientiousness; for, you’re learning about more what is virtuous; your identity is not equal to anyone spoken out at you; a behavior; a capability; something you did or didn’t do; all, such is a fiction not identity; yet,

What happens as your identity was inducted ongoing as you’ve connected it to a behavior? Your ability to stay in rapport with others is to have ease of ability to visit what is irregular in a new mindset; no dissonance exists in whole brain functioning; allowing a transformation of one dissonant part to be cleared up; cognition, you’d notice, can be patterned overall to be whole brain functioned, or only reduced to a stuck state instead of a challenge;

A feeling of consistency isn’t; so, the actual feeling of inconsistency typically observed being trivialized; also, what is the import of any dissonant response? Dissonant behavior is by psychogenic mutism as a form of negation being used to cover up truth to cover up what is contradictory to cover up what is an obsession others aren't to know; to utterly be avoiding your own feeling which should really be dealt with since you can be moved beyond simply learned helplessness where you’ve been; okay? So, you also see in this present system under CB-cowo various selective “enforcement;” where

Negating, others is, you can see manipulative; as one is seen doing that you can see such a narcissist is always holding their own cards close to their chest; applying selective restrictive violation as indicated, is an apparent action or attribute or even a quality for instance which life can have, who is living; yet, a fiction like Alphabet Soup Land can’t possess;

What is fictional doesn’t have any intention; doesn’t have any feeling; can’t have ever heard a baby cry; for, only who is real could have done such; CB-cowo system enforces what’s not normal it makes legal; yet, is totally unlawful to be criminal also treason; for, it starts by being against any natural right for something else to be achieved; which, is the law of bias; in the past also in any future moment as now; where, you can see the rules which as applied as they’re carried out is completely unfair being totally inconsistent where enforcement is; as, the PLANDEMIC is been carried out obviously;

You as well as i are to uphold more common value inside; also, outside in partnering, in your team, family, and nation; for, you cannot attribute intelligence; or, even animation to what is a fiction; a rock, a tree, or a rabbit for instance isn’t going to launch any action; key point here at this point for you; listen; is where conflict is with each other it always is because what is the psychological conflict is engaging parts which are polarized to each other;

Whole brain functioning, though is what is naturally incurring; as you’re more in your original state which is playful; a state of play is as a state is entered into beyond ordinary time; for, one attempts to have achieved internal consistency; for, you’re desires of a long life, as well as being obvious; for, it is obvious can be seen by anyone; for, if one has achieved or not; yet, you can see a lot of procrastination, daydremadeness, lack of purpose; yet, being goal set where you are you’re naturally feeling good; where,

Versus you’re not going to feel good about all the selective restriction violation going on; so, in whole brain functioning dissonance isn’t; where dissonance is it is state specific with limited mind function; how about learning what the new mindset is about; maybe, you can go to or perhaps you already picked this copy up here; how, about see if you can find a copy of jubb’s little red book? love jubbdavid;


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