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Septal Neurology and Whole Brain Functioning

It’s, interesting for you to be aware of various structure of the brain which is involved in the mediation of emotion such as interest and pleasure; which, engages more the septal region of your brain; a septal region is located in front of the midbrain; it’s, the tissue directly connecting such with your frontal cortex; you’ve got a lateral, medial, septal region; which, as such is firing such neurologically inhibits the aversive system which is mediated by the amygdala also the tegmentum; which is involved in the mediation of aversion; which, is the cause more of limited mind function; for

With an involuted past relating to interest causing us to be in our frontal cortex; your bank account is plus one for anything pleasurable and interesting; yet, minus five for what is aversive; a normal logarithm of such is two point nine six three pleasurable to one aversive; your septal region being engaged is a precominsual represented by the septum pellucidum; which, is made up out of a septal nuclei; which, is sectioned into a dorsal, a ventral, and a medial also caudal area;

As such tissue could have been congested because of hypocapnia which is a loss of carbon, from mouth breathing; what would ordinarily be active with interest can have degrees of socialness of course to how an unconditional felt trust in empathic; notes how your social encounter is overall; interest as emotion is what is natural; you as well as i are instinctively social not antisocial;

Studies in neurology show one engaging interest and pleasure inhibits adversity pathway; wbf hypertrophies in pleasure also neurology; whereas aversion causes the opposite; patterns which can be recognized as oppositional defiance, before the brain is developed can be shown to have remained throughout one’s life; which, always causes a decline in physiology; also, being prosocial; so,

Being in precognitive commitment, linking one to the septal region is by the degree to which you have a proper social function; otherwise, one is often shown signs which would end up as dementia; WBF engages your vital septal region; when some lesion can have existed, for instance you can witness maternal / paternal motivation; yet, witness selective restrictive violation by an observed dissociatedness in spacial disoderizaton, distraction, lack of inner quiet focus; is to cause much to be left undone all over the place; which, is called messed-nest syndrome;

What is in your first attention generally is followed through; someone remains associated and congruent; being integrated one is in a practice of perfect detachment to keep a focus having a wheel go which has momentum; which, is about flow; which, then aversion hasn’t hard-wired a brain to operate more without whole brain patterning; no interruption would have been to memory retrieval; one doesn’t witness any caused lack of organization; parenting skill you see cause child to thrive; yet, where high deficiency was just like an excitotoxic protein, various lesion as behavior can other than allowed the septal region; so,

One’s inspiration remains through the nose through sleep; otherwise, a excellent capacity to have proper avoidance which your brain has grown out of which implicates interest; it is such an extremely important location in the brain; for, the septal is located a little below and in front of the very end of the major bundle of fibers connecting both hemispheres;

A lesion more pattern which is other than engaging the whole always can have caused one not to have a good balance in the activity; where, injury is without proper care, an animal can become dangerous, even ferocious; attacking any thrown object; all avoidance learning though is about your emotional grand overall totality; for

It is your reaction time, also spacial awareness; which your whole brain patterning is impacted by; so septal function is as whole brain function is of course, something you might enjoy to learn more about; love jubbdavid;


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