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Synthetic Biology; Chemtrails; Morgellons; HAARP; Plastic biological life; Black Budget and NASA

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Oslo, Norway

Morgellons suffer by the thousands at the moment. Synthetic biology is creating a hybrid human with less DNA by applying Chemtrails and you are being sprayed to death. It is genocide of everyone yet the hand above the government doesn’t care about it. Your trust is stolen by Stockholm Syndrome. Even the Queen makes the symbols with her hands showing the idiot bankers’ crazy club.

Yet vaporizing the polish politicians and killing kids in Oslo. The kids state we are invading another country; being an aggressor. Robots move and sweat like a person and biology is being fused with plastic that grows together as a hybrid. FEMA is to send you to die if you reject the hand above the government. I hate the way David Hicks, an Aussie was tortured even though he was innocent and called a “Kangaroo Fucker”.

After World War II, the hand above the government gave (the Anglo- American bankers) control (Brentton-Woods Act). In the early 90’s that was to be an agreement to be reviewed but wasn’t, so in 1994 no accord existed. A split in rank incurred and a court was convened at The Hague and it was decided that the Federal Bank owners pay a check of 134 billion dollars. The check needs to be cashed and is not able to be because it would cause a federal bank run.

After this in 1994 a 76% drop in car exports to the USA incurs. Hunger riots incur as the public see farmers being paid to grow oil not food. American dollars start to not be traded; then on Nov 28th, 1994 the Leahman crisis happens; Freddie and Fannie fall over; the Baltic Dry Index shows the price of shipping falls by 90%. Ships no longer go full to the USA and leave empty. This is based on public recorded information.

Nine-eleven is a message back to the USA from a need to know basis. Secret bases are no longer safe and they are under a threat from people looking for peace. Esoteric struggles of who owns the money; that is all a theater of operation and eugenics. A group of none aligned nations pooled collateral to start “marshal plans” of Asia and Africa; that the hand above the government was controlling. Kennedy said OK after Cuban missile crisis and then by an agreement 140,000 tons of gold was used to create dollars. Kennedy was assassinated by the driver of the car.

The hand above the government gave twelve 500 KF surface burst neutron bombs to Iran; they don’t care and are afraid of that and did not accept them. That meant Iran threw away the idea of accepting such a horror as a gift and they left the neutron bombs on the

threshold of Iraq border and pleaded to Obama or anyone listening to have them removed and destroyed once and for all.

But Obama cannot listen to a “more SAD (MOSSAD) and pissed-off- ness”. Obama and Osama were chosen and the only difference is a B and an S. Xrays kill people but leave infrastructure intact. Each has a 5.8 possible fire spread; all soft tissue is destroyed and heavy machinery. A cavity is formed and then everything from that zone is crushed, up to 3.2 miles away from the impact zone. Moderate damage is done to everything from 2.2 to 3.6 miles from ground zero.

Only a few around Obama can listen; treason and craziness does not have any sorrow. Even though what is precious is being put in sorrows hand to a few around Obama. The people of Israel and Palestine are worried that they be not sacrificed. All want to live simply so others can simply live. Give them back their own ability to control and grow their own money supply. As citizens then they cannot be controlled any more. No one should rest until all like Iran, Palestine and Israel are safe.

Stop fascism of a single control over thought; losing because of social dissonance; blowing up hiding places of some. All ask to stop madness, but images show nuclear radioactive fallout on all major west coast cities of America.

The Japanese Prime Minister handed over 2 trillion yen. Twenty billion dollars and a bribe went to the Prime Minister. A battle in Japan exists to clear away the hand above its government. Seismic graphs show Denver’s underground bases were nuked; it has the exact same signature graphically. More nuclear activity would be released as the Israeli Prime Minister stated if they don’t hand over their countries money. Benjamin Netenyahu who after the Japan attack called Japanese Prime Minister, a sad patsy suffering from Stockholm Syndrome called Michael Green; in Japan executing the “agenda” on Japan. Head of security of Fukashima power plant is an Israeli company who is taking orders from the hand above the Israeli government. All are my babies and are also your children. OK? Words have no pearls to put in sorrows hand. Only treason and tyranny is fermented by the hand above the government of all corporation states they own.

This hand knows that religion divides and wants to clear it away and activity has cared to turn Catholics away from their congregation. Assassin as a suicide bomber is mind programmed as sleeper cells to affect change.

Stockholm syndrome is looking for a fix. No acceptance of US dollars worldwide; only beggars on their knees begging for food. Oil is getting cut off so no scam can come; all costs more for oil for Americans to buy. The control of money is in the hands of Wall Street. Clean energy cleaning up the pacific; all the world assists by collapsing it to nothing; again with a negative hydrogen ion gotten from water. Energy can easily be gotten that is vital for good health. People can be taught how to have children born away from discretion. Antigravity and super rails can be built by the people. If you have moratorium; just tick the box you want reform in banking just say yes; also to reform judicial and military system. That is all this is the path of the least resistance under common law.

Many care for change and are innerstanding what is going on about “non producers” ideas; put out by the hand above the government about one world order; no government, one police and military; one business and all else are slaves, lackeys, patsies and suffering is incurred. Only 500,000,000 people are on the Georgian Guide Stones. The G5 numb dumb is only made of 5 major corporations now.

Plastic is everywhere and no idea what to do and eliminate the weak. Like what they have done to me by taking our son away from his father. All that is needed is a people’s moratorium immediately. And have it as a constitutional right for a citizen to own the growth of their own money supply.

The hand above the government controls the media; they write it for themselves. Countless confessions have said that the hand above the government is fearful and Stockholm syndrome is causing that hand to be rejected. Tragedy of a ship sinking is being told; 2 out of 3 say purposefully like the recent vaporized polish politicians. Most all people are under the hand above the government. All people support Ron Paul. They don’t want the wizard of oz and its puppets. Could history be repeated and no one notice??


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