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Beloved, find now slight; lost, narrow trails; you, can see yourself looking along the side of streams; meandering, lazily spread the forest; through, oak tree flats; yet, today in the small clearings between trees in the mountains and the hills; you, see; any, small file of the ones beloved who used to be here in the thousands in the forest; for, as has been stated;

Records, estimated that some three hundred three thousand originals inhabited the west coast; and, in California alone; twenty-one, nationalities existed; all, culturally fragmented and totally decimated today; so, obviously; beloved, got their own essential fatty acid which is from the earth which is very stable and produces such that you need there is no such thing as an essential fatty acid because the originals determined that we are wrapped in are own intestinal garden;

Creative, impulse you can see finding expression in basket weaving; where, pine needles were used in such a time in the forest; such, was the only cook preparation utensil; and, such weavings would apply for a plate a bowl or a mug; even. for dining; i’d, see cloud two children with a very intricate head dress; and, i would see the originals step so effortlessly and so quietly among the earth; and, cloud two children near naked copper body blended; and, also; As, was even semi camouflage as the colors of the landscape surrounding; shawls, were a made and worn around the neck of a shredded soft bark; and, moccasins i saw were made of treated tanned polypore; also, as your looking at this; you, can see the high mountains and the forest slowly become empty where the huckleberry and buck eye and pine nut and acorn; today, still lies in abundance;

Cloud’s, broad face could be a face with an inner look of a child; stones, as medicine persons; though, a lesser path of receiving i awareness; is, applied just like dancing and singing; cloud, would draw some stones out of the pouch and would place them in a cup made intricately out of pine needle that would hold water; and, such stone cloud held traveled from the American southwest; such, stones i saw were interspersed with beautiful green and white spots and circles; and, such is extremely reminiscent to nebula in outer space; such, stones have unusual alkali element; such, stones often had magnesium; and, silica of course; narothoclase, rideckite and aegiorne; such, stones would have florins existing that today is known in science; produces, a clean energetic effect on water; such, a stone were treated after drinking water from such stones; the, water would feel fresh and minerals that would be magnified would be present;

A, mixture of other stones including a fancy jasper; Cloud, would say is to soften and cause time to assist you in your healing; cloud, opened another pouch and would exclaim this pouch that I know for you everyone have enjoyment in life and you can let go of now; beautiful, jasper with white green pink polkadot watery and colored floret; filled, with silica; cloud, said such was formed underneath the ocean; in, eclipsing this moment of your consciousness; and, what was bitter of the past you are relieved of; such, reminds me of a social condition you are all relieved from; you, are caring of this inner smile with the stone from within you;

Other, stones cloud had were sort of mahogany south obsidian where you wordsmith; was, of your original self in the healing you can be relieved of such by applying to the forehead; cloud, would have an implication that was other than clearing away poison from your other than conscious mind; and such stones were used for other stones to help heal; ***zincheart would be applied; truly, this is where a bank of perception is applied directing currency where it should in this modern day today;

Cloud, two children would say; as, a child of this universe your entity into heaven; for, this is in this eye you are from nothing; and, good cheery bliss bubbling up into nothing; as, the great grandchildren of this great peace maker; you, simply ALM this eclipse movement and have no fear; for, you now are let alone to have a great calm; for, you are left behind a time of the blind leading the blind; you, are profited by this i as a gift as heaven and earth is loosened; earth, bound to heaven; and, heaven bound to earth for this is as you are minting this ALM inside of self;

Can, you have left those around you so you can follow the path of this red road? You, have no need of anything as is a grave; for, you and i are growing the biggest movement the world has ever seen; and, by changing the politic; you, and i have got rid of usury; for, this is as a rock that has been loosened on top of a mountain; that, from its ever gentle slow motion movement; you, see this movement occurring as a momentum; like, this rock starting to gain such as is falling now down this mountain; basically, eclipse is the high tide mark being put to the shore line; so, obviously;

Slowly, this eclipse movement moves first; gaining, and picking up momentum and speed as inertia is overcome; for, as two children are playing; heaven, is between them; and, you’ve loosened heaven to be your own; for, in the ALM; is, heaven loosed on earth; such, a currency is decentralized; and, in this movement of eclipse; in, the mouths you’ve taken; this, two or three whats said is taken of affect; for, any one isn’t useful;

You, could have loosened heaven to be on earth; and, you can have currency in an egalitarianism manner that is decentralized today; and, you and i own the currency; no, monopoly can exist nor any inflation like in infantry; or, any held beloved being called a lunatic; for, all the land of turtle island was certainly settled by displacing beloved; this, i can say unto you as before and after; this, night accept that you could have followed me; you, are fasting and rested and nature wants to heal you up;

Yet, outgoing kindness is your habit; for, impossible is it shall you be where emptiness would have been removed; a, shall and a will to note a future only; and, that no harm cost injury has existed; no, claim no independent third part either; shall, shouldn’t tarry anything with yesterday; or time is now; you don’t have to have a need of any belief; for, in i awareness this simply is and then also you are experience; so, can you see what the effect is of a decentralized currency as the ALM is? You, and i have a relations by clean energy being applied;

From, the banks of the waterways of self; you, wouldn’t want such to have eventually become barren and the disastrous consequence; hence, the wasichu effect which is a parentless effect; a, corpse that is dead; put, above you and i thats living a way made to have fleshed farm wrongfully; yet, can you see the contrast with this yours and i ALM are representing an entire work done;

Wondrous, the hills became empty; ponderous, should have of its once covered trees; yet, can you see all of turtle island being re-treed? This, is a you and i project; you, can ALM; for, the originals could know an agenda that had occupied all which is called the wasichu effect; beloved, all loosen heaven to be on earth; as, interest and pleasure create whole brain functioning; yet, at one time figuratively; you, and I were born with four legs and arms and then a priest did come along; and, cut all of us in half; so, you then would have been occupied by an agenda;

For, the secret of the trance is you having been able to remain empty and remain receptive; if, you only had been occupied; the, mind would have not been used like it should; and, having learned what i awareness is; the, multiplicity of things having been reduced; you, can become an agent for change; become, evermore i aware; love, jubb, david

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