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Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Written on the Road

Tyranny, resisted virtuously ECLIPSE; to, the innocent harmed greatly; until, the hand above government is, as a monopoly, rooted out; a serpent, of a silent inflammation; a, secret war applying a quiet weapon; serpents, operating infiltrated of grass roots activism; thus,

Intent, to control opposition; yet, to gut and destroy real opposition to tyranny; state, sponsored terrorism; an explained, pre-textual bias; fitting, not event aspect neglected conveniently; a, false flag neglects; it’s, state sponsored terrorism; therefore,

Act, not a booked in excuse sought back pedaled; a, timed figure head media alternative attacked; was, building the hand above government story towing leisure of a monopoly; at, an exploited door open of grass roots harm, sought allowed vetting; non-existent not, sufficient; not valid nor reliable; and, so;

Lead, whores opposition controlled; following, idiots usefully; uncommon not at all; opposition, controlled mistake repeated; incompetence, grossly featured; a, main enemy assisted unknowingly; as you can see,

Pre-conceived, steadfast own remained moronic will and fake knowing; composed, of controlled opposition to useful dissention; genuine; yet a truth, dismantled in mission; used, to will an opposed control technique; to, have subverted real truth logic; merely, therefore

Alphabet, soup land (a monopoly of currency) infiltrate; to, bust real opposition to the harm being done by theft; by, an evil banking system presently; that, hand sees you and i as a threat; for, this is a common law check and balance on government; while,

Within, destroyed is a popular domestic not to have seemingly en-acted terror; to, not have to actually have harassed and have been politically correctly incarcerated; convenient, warfare to fuel the currency of the bank; two, sides to oppose each other is called black-hat/white-hat conversation; and, it’s bottomry; it’s, not you and i talking to the bird in the box;

Love happyface xoxoxo


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