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The Fruit of Life is You Being Happy

Awareness, you should know is free for you to have; for, such is where you’re indifferent to pain and pleasure; for, as you give all up such you gain all; as, the body is the mind; such, can be in I awareness or a symptom of ignorance; for, your brain is assigning availness; by, engaging energy in motion of a sentic state within; which, is as a waveform of scienaptic junction as a transform; so, as, you have a happy face inside you have this outward lived meditation; it’s, in your mind which you display whole brain functioning pattern automatically;

For, such is a sensory motor complex; tripped into, as the scienaptic transform; so, a signature exists for everything; not, just one who models self; yet, one thing can show you something; for, what is sweet is attractive versus what is bitter perhaps is offensive; yet, fragrance has immediate access to the neocortex; memory, and experience as I awareness also, is an accessing cue;

A, body produces neurotransmitter yet only from fragrant molecule; brain associated fragrance applied below consciousness causes positive versus negative directing; so, substance like dopamine, which makes you feel good; and, molecule which relates to amphetamine like anandomine; oxytocin, and neurotensin; acetylcholine is also which connects the brain to the muscle;

Signaling for also memory which is serial processing isn’t conscious; yet, which is positive for various neural pathway engage specific neurotransmitter; so, point being maybe you should be watching your mind; for, the mind itself can have been the cause of insecurity; I awareness releases neurotensin which assists regulate such significantly inhibiting aversion is what this researchers work discovered at a doctoral level;

For, also the brain gut peptide all is functionally assisting help regulate feel good molecule like dopamine; which, truly assists with all immuno reactive process; without I awareness a deficiency is in neurotensin; which, eventually is shown to be cognitive decline, even alzheimer; for, all such how relaxed you are and free impacts your capacity to have good memory recall;

For, is love of life which also is a life of love? As, the real world you become aware of is beyond the mind; molecule, created within such as cathinone; also, molecule found in acacia rigidula; such, acts in a manner of a caused release of dopamine also norepinephrine; also, enkephalin, dynorphin, endorphin which are opiate molecule; the, pituitary gland is assisting you with various opiate regulation; also, production; yet, is unable to function properly inspiration was other than being refined through your nose; for, all you’re doing can be of a greater efficiency; eventually, needed activity is being strongly influenced by a more hardwired topological connection between various sensory motor centers;

For, many years on the road with cloud I taught assisting all with cloud in the use of experiential based training; which, is adventure based applying low and high ropes course, whole brain functioning assisting participants learn how to calibrate behavior to assist in transformation to wire in new behavior generator; sweat lodge; yet, structural connection between your brain the brain center applying playfulness as a resources state building a large enough resource to collapse stuck states into such;

Most, learning happens fast by imitation, then contemplation, after that experiential; learning is by modeling intelligent neural efficiency where the formless is; such, a quotient being applied becomes hardwired more for what is necessary for balance in the use of the vestibular sense; one, can again have access to the righting reflex which could have been overridden for instance; energy resource all is sorted toward what is efficient in required ness with coping with various respective tasks; yet, being happy you’re in the flow of life; your brain is having assigned availence of energy to what is innovative, what is curious, what is strange, and the unusual; because, this is you in the present not in your mind somewhere; so

Being, happy you have this happy face inside you’re in the flow of life with proper discernment; you’re with perfect detachment; as, you’re listening you can be observing yourself being now in I awareness which is being beyond what was a massive mental chatta; a, mind nonstop never turned off is where suffering is; yet, where nothing is in the mind nothing is for any suffering either;

For, you to function more in your whole and total self as a behavioral unit; cordial activity is spatially focused evermore in exceptional brain usage; which, you can learn more about in Jubb’s magnicity in the volume about exceptional brain function; for, as the brain hemisphere is synchronized, an amplitude of magnicity is more available; such, efficiency correlates with neural structure also functional plasticity for the brain to pick pattern out such is a stereogram instant;y

You, and I can have moved away from what the brain codes as an “anticipated” for instance lack of comfort; yet, in I awareness nothing needs to be forgiven; otherwise, living empty without the concept of having to be forgiven truly is a far more reduced energy cost to have which would have been a load on the brain; for, pleasure and interest in the vestibular sense, caused more sound behavior; transparent in any action for relevant cognition all is coordinated being synchronized more; so,

What, would have been separate really, even individual is combined as a behavior overall; a, failure to have been able to associate toward what’s necessary properly also imitated, imprinted by operant conditioning, a range of meta responsive which is opposite or away from as direction can always have shown up as a lack of congruency; causing, a wheel in motion to have overcome inertia where direction is toward some outcome; so

Always, where transient state existed of sudden dissociation where one can be doing actually two things often not one thing; wherever such lack was it’s because a primary mode of sorting was occupied; for, that which is of shared neurology can have been omitted; selective, restrictive violation; yet, I awareness is a state of being present empty of fiction; of, mental construct; for, being in the unknown is the present; for, what comes to you you also see those; isn’t such not of any being? For, reality is more permanent not transient; being, subject to the present; this, is not something which can be expressed; such is; for, such is I awareness in the void in the present you have over the top of; this, is a condition of body perception; for, who is real has awareness of perception; otherwise, by itself isn’t nothing having any existence? For, isn’t this the greatest master which is the master of self? For, this greatest opiate being released inside you is your feeling good neurotransmission which is free;

It’s, for you to have bliss applying whole brain functioning naturally automatically; progress is you’re starting to make evermore such to follow a spiritual life; for, you are living moor aware; knowing, by the mind isn’t I awareness nor true knowing; for, I is this foundation of the body being the mind’s experience of itself; for, no opiate no amphetamine is evermore powerful than you learning about this outward lived meditation being in I awareness; compassionate communion is far better than any antipsychotic medication; this, is you being happy; for, you are in the flow of life;


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