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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

As, life is you also are love; the, room in you to love is continuing to be loving evermore; so, what ways you can learn to be flexible; and, to go beyond the illusion of i without am and am without i;

you, can have learned to keep self company; you, can have pulled back a veil of illusion and exposed a twilight zone of a long lost forgotten dimension and you can borrow below your rational mind; you, are inducted into either a state of i awareness or perhaps or am but not both together as i awareness is i a fifty-city relation; you, get inducted into being love; for, you fall into this i; all, this i can do is to elevate you as a stranger; for, you as anyone is doing what is familiar and what most are going to choose comes more from your tradition and the culture you keep between each other and the behavior and language change being i aware and you share life music and lifefood; your, voice and state is congruently integrated and parallel; you, are in rapport with everyone around because you have good skills in rapport building; yet, you could say something very ordinary about where you are might you have learn what the syntax of excellence is?

Listen, speech is you being aware your listener has a reading tone and your speech is for the listener and this is either very obvious or totally not; you, have got to stop all selfie stuff; the, pace you’re going being in a meditative state you can have used time distortion to look back from having had success and your chunks for getting things done can be more like mine and i can tell you that the difference between us is your experience isn’t mine; the, speed you have and how much internal dialogue; your, ability to have all chakras open in the voice which is not throaty or nasally; you, have had some handicap and the cause of some asperger condition; you, are not going to have someone speak to you often like i am; this, work of i awareness is not in the east so don’t look there and its not also in the west; you, are going to find things good in both and as you combine i and am in i awareness yo are in your balanced being; but, not before this now; your, voice can fit into the preferred tones of others modes for listening; out, of the ten thousand tonal ranges you can distinguish; you are paying attention to your preferred tonal range; how, your sensory motor complex is sped up or slowed down and turned is vestibular which is the sense of whole body movement and whole body connection; you, are either “in” tegrated or “in” terested or “out” of whack yet your ability to pace and have rapport with others is for you to have opportunity to exist; otherwise, you can see that is the reason why you have hardly any friends around you; you, are drawn to connect to what matches your style;

Where, and how you are associated in life allows you to be associated with a specific standard until you become i aware; you, learn about analog sculpting and whole body calibration and tracking and stalking and you know that color and shape impact your state and act as a jigsaw piece allow you to only have a stimulus yet have the whole response; this, is called tracking and homing skills but that’s another story; you, should know these tips of i awareness; a, female is going to be drawn to a shape more to her fit body rather than the shape of a fit dumpling; reality, can be so much better than dreaming; and, for this reason i stay awake for nothing exists in i awareness without its absence and so;

You’re, successfully married in how you keep self company and such a closing and beginning falling in love many times; this, is how you keep self company; counting, in you being love as i; is, your self focused being empty and reminding who you are in front of; of, god allah krishna buddha mohammed; yet, have this happyface inside to love in self for you have an inner power equivalent to loves work not whats loveless and as love is in front of you is courage developed; you, don’t want to be proof that american idol is actually a staged and fake show; something, like that just sounds nice;

Now, i want you to know i am giving you this as a physiologist and i have looked into how much the heart weighs and how much it can hold; now, many poets also have looked into this yet the first time i saw you; i, saw love with you; i, saw your smile as if this is what you knew;

for, reality’s livingness is you as love is not an expression; only, as you are in i awareness are you loving; you, are simply water shaped as this vessel as is company kept; Love jubb, david


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