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What's Masking Truth Isn't Protection From Nano-Toxin

As, CB-cowo is above all corporation your nation is a CORPS which CB-cowo is above; which, doesn’t mean that legitimate care and governance isn’t it’s that “it” is of such occupied; that, needs to be corrected; that, all is made safe; because, what is irregular observed is a charge which simple needs to be discharged; this, is the new reset; as, credit is given to survivors of the holocaust;

No, one has to say that decentralization isn’t natural which it is; and, that centralized control like the peter-principle isn’t considered; because, it’s consensus built decision making which is selected from we the people; not, CB-cowo having set above the public courthouse; your, civic care is to bring an article III article IV grand jury more insist;

Where, time is stolen from documents and fiction as a legal name used only as a corporation only a fiction as a number inside a corporation as privately owned and controlled under CB-cowo is the charge that gets discharged; title, is what natural right flows from which is restored in a new reset; the, power of one of the people is who is selected intuitively from common sense not vested interest;

You, can see all government departments comply under what is common sense in common law; yet, no one would care otherwise to have a fox guarding the chickens otherwise; a, new mindset is not anymore coming from not looking; all, only having woken to fault or blame is dissonance and shows that what was prejudice can be re-framed;

None, could say genocide hasn’t occurred over the last hundred years; this, charge being discharged is the new reset; and, what is redacted from the FEW that’s, under CB-cowo influence-ness only; you, didn’t get permission for your private information to be stolen; nor, did you give permission for ledgers that is public to be merged with a non-considered corporate enemy;

All, survive with the power of the pen not the sword; history, shows this is the only things that works; the, most acceptable matter of fact; you, could look into article III article IV court as innovation because you can’t be stuck with yesterday’s solution; cooperating, together procreating checking to see that a mission statement exists behind anyone who got funded;

Can you participate in the data and not just be a spectator? For, law and order does exist; which is for you and i to uphold; otherwise, where is your natural right in the picture? What, you do should help protect people; as, you don’t have to polarize everyone; you, can remain listening and agree with your adversary which is spiritual;

Would you say the future unless changed is the same as it has been? To, see in a new mindset what is the charge which is discharged; which, is revenue, re-public to we the people; we, the people is above a corporation keep in mind; that’s, the proper chain of command; so, don’t listen to other instruction much because people could be just coming from what is well informed; so, make sure decision is from informed consent; yet

Under, a court system which protects the CROWNS interest not yours or mine; that’s, like the venue to have a fox guard the chicken house; what’s, ecological is to do with the public’s health; and, what’s not ecological just cant be defended; it’, has to do with remaining together as a message and listen to others embedded command which might not be something you agree with; but, you can agree with this;

Can you be woken to this father’s message? His son can be returned to him simply; private, property not being respected where the corporation can have acted isn’t common law; where, transparency and consent didn’t exist; start, realizing now the value of title in a document which is the living being which is you as a man or a woman;

You, can’t have a fictional title you the living being is above; until, the charge of genocide is discharged such hasn’t been expressed has it? Procedure, exists which is from the land not of, at, or on; which, is only a procedure under a captain which is a fiction; procedure, exists where the living is joined with the living; this, is article III and article IV check and balance; which, is proper procedure which is lawful; otherwise, dealing with proper procedure which isn’t lawful; okay? Love, jubbdavid;


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