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Who Has Transcended the Non-i Aware is Woken

Intuition: mind the gut - gut the mind

If you’re looking at who is sane, it is a foregone conclusion for who is transcended over the non-i aware; who is woken, to the “non-i aware mindset” can note that who is not woken is more dangerous than a thief; the reason is that you’re not so able really to do much to transform one who is in a mindset which is non-i aware; for, it’s really easy to see all social collapse truly is under the heel of those who are acting non-i aware; so

The, bottom line is: for such progress to have been in spite of being non-i aware; it is the counter balanced-ness by those few existing who is i aware; all, such you see always causing an evermore win-win condition for all of us;

The key point is: what can have been changing in the composition of society; for, who is i aware can have declined quite radically under the present paradigm; to, inevitably strengthen a world social collapse for the non-i aware; destruction, you can see ongoing is to decline of your nation; so

What can you do when you’re confronted by the non-i aware? Are you not at that beloved’s ‘mercy?’ In fact, you as well as i may truly underestimate the negative impact made by those non-i aware; for, always ongoing such is being done at yours and my own peril; for, who is non-i aware will harass and do such for no reason; even, when no advantage is; one, who is not sane can be so arbitrarily in a capricious manner; for

What, is real is beyond the mind; this, you is beyond the body; for, this i resides in all; which, is the only thing which is absolute; this, i is in all body, mind, as well as spirit; for, going deeper into i awareness this is what you will find; where, nothing has any cause no cause whatsoever; for, as a description can be for you n i in terms of what is already known; nothing, can be such in an i aware state;

For, this i isn’t what you can describe; for, this is you who is nothing perceivable even imaginable; that, would just be a fiction of the mind; for, without who is real which experience you have talked about alot, remains utterly empty; for, the stellar universe is not at all subject to what your fiction is in your mind; relating all events behind you as your identity for instance; relating, all in the stellar universe; which, is certain its not a subject yet only to be inner mind fictional as some succession of events in time of space; yet, such isn’t of any cause or effect;

Time, also space as concept is mental fiction; such, can have been called ad-hoc reasoning; which, is based on a fallacy; for, if i ask you what is this i am talking to you about it is this desire for i inside all; which, wished you to be here; wished, you to be born; this, rests within your infinite possibility; a, source who is real isn’t the cause; also, a cause isn’t a source; for

As, you’re in a state of ‘i am’ as the knower of the body which appeared at birth to have disintegrated once a body no longer was complete; yet, what is eternal is life producing a body; also, a mother who is knowing ongoing; as, a causal link is as you can see between who is i aware in successive body, mind, and spirit; for, this is the cloud for memories; which is existing being held together; for, who is i aware who is real is beyond the body; for, this i is shoreless as an ocean of superconsciousness of the universe; as, this is absolute; it is the only thing which is; for, to all who is a giver in all beings it is this i residing; this, is the polar completeness of this grand unified totality; for, this i is empty space; which, is stellar within all matter, omnipresent; so

In search of yourself is the ‘seeker;’ for, you’ve given up all other questions except what relates to ‘who am i?’ also, ‘am i in i awareness?’ For, you discover in this work forward who is this i; by, discouraging all which is not; for, this i is what is absolute, as am as matter, is transient in relation to what is certain; for, in i awareness you can see omnipresently; for, you have the body perceiving; such, telling you of course you’re not the perceiver; yet, who is aware of perception not perception itself; for

The, more you begin to, today from this moment onward, polarize to everything else in your first attention you’ll have finally ended the search where you are; my teacher when i first met told me, “this is what is ‘left over’ where you’ve ceased your internal dialogue forever; it, is this limitless i awareness; for, this i wasn’t born and can never pass away; for, this is eternal in you; the, body was born as matter as care is certain;”

Most, get used to the daily experience of waking up in the morning, the world to you slowly and sometimes suddenly appearing in spurts here and there coming into your head; til, all comes in in a moment; or, takes a little more time; for, as you can agree many may not be fully woke, only walking around a wake; for not woken, your memory obviously isn’t offered of any proof you exist; for,

As you’re in a state of deep sleep no memory is there is it? So, the question to you is wasn’t something there before you woke up? Maybe you’d like to learn more about this; how about picking up a copy of jubbs little red book, one, two, as well as three; look, into this subject here at; love, jubbdavid;


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