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You and i Withdraw our Collective Consent for a Monopoly to No Longer Have Remained;

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

You, Assist with this Eclipse Common Law Claim

Service, national equaling “patriotic”; you, don’t want to be a label only; you’re, sold a public image, and applied a generational stabilizer; a, likely spontaneous creative intelligence drai, put by elder criticism; making, thus the elders as guilty as younger beloved; it, has served further a work that’s dirty; the, public youth pressed with a false service given; so, you can see

A, purposeful aged waste; devised, slavery; sacrificed, collectively; and, compulsory instituted; as, a served on you, as is the selective draft; so, it was “a controlled bought group”; “peers and family”; programed; of a “washed brain”; thus,

An, attitude of enforced ritualized learning; so, you and i can have created an armed prostitute; thus, an apparent social right; an, “ism’s” right, up grown; done, on who’s junior; ensured, to have been remained house-bound; is, up ended; you, check the box yes you want reform in banking; and, have a moratorium on government making any new decisions relating to banking; for, one lunar eclipse year minus ten days; so

Knowing, in i awareness; you, are fixed firmly; as, no evil was obtained; a, beloved is of no lament; and, no good was rejoiced; you, remained without attachment; desire, such to be satisfied; strived, who is this beloved isn’t; for, peace being without usury; achieved, alone; still, always is; yet, being ever which is the ocean; this, river entered of desire; flows, incessant; disturbed, not are you in i awareness; for, Labor, cheap sourced enslaved; a, monopoly presently existing; you, and i have by silent acquiescence; defaulted, to a service provided; that, you cannot control your financial affairs; this, before eclipse has had its effect; thus,

All, only having been falsely led; and, rather than a common law court; and constitutional money; you’re, given an apparent “expert”; all, were hoodwinked; you’d, get the monopoly’s service; or, have had a controlled self destruct; yet, you’d have allowed usury; and, who has created war to have remained; by, allowing such a monopoly to have remained; so, you can see

Eclipse, changes the obvious economic circuitry to have delivered a power gain to all beloved; not, just one group advantaged; that, isn’t economic egalitarianism; the, ultimate goal of the eclipse movement; all, over the world; is, to restore faith of the beloved in each other; thus

A, hand on importance of what’s real of the matter; sound; focused; organized; and clear; you, and i are kept of this hand; principles, of economic egalitarianism and common law; the, public gained control; as, i awareness is secured; the, bank is back where perception is; otherwise

A, monopoly of enormous scale has been allowed before eclipse; such, a monopoly has it’s own solution offered; and, the obstacle constructively having been created, was an evil approach before eclipse; so, only an office of profit ever greater was applied; to, have confused the confusion in profit; you, rid during eclipse; for, all are given the appointment to only come from an office of trust;

Notice, of a moratorium is given to the provost general or equivalent; in, those sovereign states where common law was less than present before eclipse movement; for, a monopoly has only existed by yours and my apparent consent; withdrawn, is this consent as eclipse has had its effect; for

You, and i withdraw our collective consent for a monopoly to have remained; you, assist with this common law claim; i, am asking you to satisfy my common law court of record trial by jury process; you, are appointed now; as, my trustee; so

Don’t, get stuck in a service (national); patriotic, of a label only; don’t, get sold that public image; only, having been applied to stabilize what a monopoly has wanted; in, the past; generationally; Eclipse, triggers now your spontaneous creative intelligence instead; ok? Love,

jubb david xxx


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