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You Have The Mark of Courage: You Can Recognize Signs of Controlling Behavior

You Have The Mark of Courage: You Can Recognize Signs of Controlling Behavior

It takes bravery for you to do the right thing; for, the question is are you doing what you do from your own free will? If the answer is yes, you’ll get something from this to be reinforced; yet, if the answer is no, maybe it is possible you should remove one’s self from that circumstance; for, you need to start more conversation otherwise where you’re able to be championed; you, can see yourself thriving; otherwise,

Being able to be brave is the mark of courage; you, can be recognizing various signs of controlling behavior; many, can say you can have observed patterns of controlling behavior; which include generally, interest having been quite restricted, continuously given with repetitive task; significant challenge, can have been one can observe another in response in social interaction; for, a lack of awareness can also be for what is non-verbal yet always be communicated; so

Verbal, also non-verbal communion generally shows up with some significant impairment which may not be intellectual at all yet forms of mutism and negation; being, automatic, polarizing, not being able to exit can have been what characterizes one's social interaction; today of course, as you read, it is noted in this work also in other writing, such is related to a neurodevelopmental disorder; where, one controls and moves all by negative and positive forms of inqueda;

A, set of needs is about ones built in drive for avoiding pain, also moved someone, yet such isn’t motivational; such, is more an internal generator; typically, one who has controlling behavior also has a disorder, lacking a capacity to have remained open more in an inner flow; to be able to feel what another is feeling; by, observing the behavioral manifestation of the internal response; many, can see others with a challenge which is about having empathy; one, who has such challenge in youth who is immature can have totally caused one to be misunderstood; one, could have been bullied even ongoing insulted as an experience as a child growing up;

Such, a child has experience of being shifted laterally, not forwarded; and, generally, becomes more quietly rejected by most; for, what is anti-social in patterning most can’t stand too much and become mentally drained; such, anti-social behavior is observed on a autistic spectrum; you can see a range of impaired social interaction; also, patterned repetitive behavior which compulsively participated; yet, it is a mark of courage you can develop pattern recognition;

For, who is controlling also the behavior of such; the autistic spectrum disorder is an observation of a lack of being woke; to pick up how another’s emotional expression is; having challenge with such, the deficiency is of an ongoing caused conflict; to, have caused one to have responded more by controlling, only to have got things done; to, dissociate, distract, interrogate, also intimidate one can have felt like not coming from one’s own free will;

As indicated, it is an act of bravery you can have learned how to respond appropriately; for, who is controlling generally will pick quicksmart on the closest beloved where a cemented toxin relation has been developed; for, who is really kind can be being taken advantage of by one who is a manipulator; that, would cause restrictions on who you connect with, also by withholding the information; can control you by focusing on how to financially restrict; to, not give you something which obviously you’d be due; Where, opportunity is social, who is controlling can have no pattern much of championing; yet, can have been imbued more with an intense jealousy instead; you, can observe such a control freak often wants to isolate who the victim is; also, continue on with giving the victim a silent treatment; also, will participate in guilt tripping others; also, gaslighting anyone else to consider that what is messed up was your idea, not the manipulator’s; such,

A control freak would cause you to feel a lack of your own confidence; setting, things up to try to cause you to be consumed; if, you call out the controlling behavior, or you don’t you can still feel shame on your own self for being under such a controlled, stuck state condition; you, can have found it challenging to have taken any action; for, fear installed more can have also caused you to feel that “you can’t do without the abuser;” so Basically, you could have been caused to have felt a lack of will to living; so, as you recognize signs of such controllingness, such can include :

1. at the end of a short moment, precognitive dissonance has caused your energy to be drained out; you, can have felt ongoing some lacked worthlessness; 2. No, gap typically exists in the cloud bank; it is a knee-jerked bantering of a word salad which comes out; such, is to disguise any underlying criticism; especially where such would be more in the presence of other associates; 3. You, can see you get controlled by dissociation, distraction, interrogation, intimidation as a pattern; when, things don’t go as the abuser wants; care to be remained cards held close to the chest as a manipulator; 4. Threatening, ultimatums, also keeping another guessing; 5. Suddenly, giving something also seeking more attention than would be the usual pattern; 6. Displaying transparency bias also various forms of mutism and negation; 7. Directing, applying a preferred mode as a control tactic; therefore, 8. All, such is called because childhood what of caused low self-ethicacy; one’s center having been manipulated wasn’t loved; left; for, mental and emotional abuse can have been long lasting as harm, injury, cost, also damage done;

so of course, it takes some bravery and it starts by you learning to have good pattern recognition for patterns which is more social you can have power whilst you have rapport; you can assist to cause a part which was conflicted to be transformed; you can really learn how to assist self and model excellence for others; okay? Love jubbdavid;


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