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You’re Told To Eat Bugs Is Trending

What’s, trending is messages like eating bugs isn’t right; when, you’re the president and you’re being arraigned not being tried from the land as venue; you’re, just under a goldfinch flag; it’s, sanctimonious risking armageddon; trying, behavioral conditions which relate to law should be from the land not under a corporation; for

Espionage, you have to have a magnetometer; which, is sentient not to be held in content under perjury; outside, the corporation; under, the laws from the land of these united states of america;

To, eat bugs you’re told by a master insider; drummed, by asymmetric warfare in a cell in a cell as espionage on turtle island; and, to the four corners of the globe masking truth is affected mind control;

Community, like Maui burnt out; all, witness a two-tiered system; corporate, privilege extended because of a scale of economy; yet, from the land it’s an extended arrest of seditious conspiracy clearly getting covered up usually; so

You, can be “illigallized” like JFK assassination; or, nine-eleven which is a covid operation on your nation; attorneys, who are double-oath takers and were BARred in the past to borrow an office or hold an office; in

Full, attention of what is trending behave in a manner socially totally unacceptable; for, rulings followed is not of a logical continuum from the land as contract as venue; that, personal subject matter is to be put under vice admiralty that is set up to protect the CROWN (CB-cowo) interest in unreasonable to follow; for, such

Decision, is to rest; yet, all see as this father and his son in his personal position the same for the president; or, you or i; because, what is announced isn’t objective; not, subjective to be sentient; for, a man/woman’s title friendly you don’t have corpus delecti and wrongful put joiner under commerce; because, venue from the land in a republic is from common law proceeding as the supreme court;

All, as any claimant or counter-claimant or wrongdoer is subpoenaed in their personal and official capacity to come from the land; to, discharge a charge; where, the jurisdiction is from the land as venue placed in a procedure; where, first hand witnessed standing exists only; and, living being can be joined with another living being; where a

Corporation, which is as the state is as a witness; which, isn’t part of the tribunal; such, operates under it’s own seal; and, only wet ink signature witnessed evidence is; under, international common law you’ve got rid of all the duplicity; so, messages like “eat bugs” is to cause you to feel like you’re not worth while saving; like, a broken window that’s not fixed; gives, a

Feeling, is not to be fixed if it’s left; yet, attorneys are double-oath takers and were banned from running for political office; the, government branch is run over by registered black frocked white wigged ones; so, commerce under the CROWN all being corporate in all caps is a backbone at the public courthouse; having, stolen venue from the land and termed such “public houses” into “mere private trading for profit;”

Sometimes, the largest business in a small town; under, commerce you’re just chattel in that system; that’s, not your clothing; you, should be in your own suit; for, corporate criminals in the system by RICO protect cells in cells; and, all the bid performance and payment bonds filled out; traded; it’s, the sacred cow unspoken; because

What’s, redacted safeguards that criminal enterprise and has kept it protected; you, and i can admit that risking armageddon is covid in its effect to cause an autistic condition; and, for you to function only as an infant discedent; which, is a fiction as death is; under, pledging an ancient system of bondage unexamined not selected; yet, acts as a killbox; so

You, can be “illegalized;” like, children taken from parents because CBD was found in their blood; yet, never was a crime; only, laws can be made from we the people; who, has title and right to change and replace any corporation below; this, is eclipse which is getting rid of usury; which, is an actual grassroots movement of truth; for, you don’t want to just see a cleanup crew brush everything up; so

DEW, used to torch Maui is a reigning common sense; and, being ceremonious in a sanctimonious way; not, to speak to the root; all, of us you can’t say is not risking armageddon; you, have to say that deepstate wasn’t behind starting any war; the, deepstate didn’t kill JFK or do nine-eleven; and, targeting you and i evermore to have to prep for the next lockdown as something precognitive; yet, its

Title, as man or woman you don’t see written; also, no real noun or verb; syntax, is vague; and, ambiguous and undefinable; the, use of a pronoun instead of your true title; the, verb is is often missing; also, another few words like from; also, comes; what’s, correct is mathematical and adds up in a document; yet, doesn’t in what is fraudulent; for

None, of that satisfies proper title; to, have identity theft and common law trespass within; keep, in mind key point is common law venue where something is as an inquiry held is first; this, has to be from the land; whole, brain functioning by logos also syntax is supposed to be under a proper flag; not, a yellow fringed one; two, hundred ten years was up in nineteen ninety-nine; in, about august of that year; it’s

International, law you can’t remain in bondage under a corpse; you’d, note that any vowel used in a word that has two consonants afterword is meaningless as a word cannot be defined; a, house ia a noun and you can’t live in a noun; more, in a world as a subject yet only as a i in a jc quanta; a, legend of continuum comes to be in language; into, smart contract; otherwise

Personal, interpretation as a captain is a peter principle; like, masking truth; and, is mind control; so, a gold fringe on the edge of a flag is under commerce only; yet, all court houses also are common law courthouses; yet, what’s put under commerce is an arraignment that is sanctimoniously risking armageddon; it’s, the espionage magno-meter of foreign influence; corporate, that is not sentient as a court process; to

Not, come from the land and only put such in commerce of a foreign corpse; you’d, be held in contempt for such is “at;” for, we the people always see all ill-gotten gain; so, where you see you come out of some blokes mouth like “we’re going to make sure you eat bugs”; who, is “we”? Who is “you”? Math, is in language as a jc quanta in contract today;

You’re, either under a flag that is from the land; otherwise, all arraignment such is a serious sanctimonious conduct displayed of a nation that doesn’t mind continuing on being under a slave servant monkey relation risking armageddon; all, commerce under the gray council gave switzerland to be where the center of what is posted is as a union; since the

War, on independence under international law you can’t hold a nation in bondage longer than two hundred ten years; which, came up in nineteen ninety-nine; you, don’t have to see thousands of children harmed, injured, costed, and damaged by injectable in the past; where, ingredient cocktail can’t be supported; nor, can what is non-ecological;

None, can say that doesn’t cause crohns and cholera antigens; it’s, highly non-ecological; because, that doesn’t relate to crohns and possess colloidal antigen; so, the lawful seat of arbitration in the matter of trying a man or woman as title is from the land as a forum; withing, the personal jurisdiction; and, any judge/court is below as a witness; not, part of the tribunal; because

Otherwise, any ruling under vice-admiralty is to consist of abuse of never not of discretion; to, have to preside over two venues is confusing; yet, to be the president and to only be chattel as this father or his son under a commercial venue; your BC bond is the one that is traded; this, is the real estate unlimited; and, to decide matters of living crime occurred happened from the land; for, this is where you see living is expressed; and, that is not under a yellow fringed flag of commerce; it’s,

Not, inside a corporation; yet, outside a corporation; above, a corporation; coming, from the land; and, this is the proper venue; this, is where the rule of law and order is; so, you have to stop mixing up venue to have an arraignment that is not from the land isn’t common law; isn’t from the nation; is, under a Captain and a Captain’s discretion; and, for such

You’re, not going to say that isn’t risking ongoing armageddon; it’s, the true espionage going on; a, magnetometer has to be; the, venue beyond jurisdiction; of, course the venue where sentience is from the land; under, commerce you only have what is not sentient; none, can be held in content under a procedure which is not sentient; for, we the people can see this charge being discharged;

To, seize all gotten gain from such a RICO practice; stop, all unfriendly venue where it’s obvious corpus delecti is an operation ongoing under the color of law instead; love, jubbdavid;


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