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A Globe Run By CB-cowo: Truth Telling Counts

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

In a globe you see run by CB-cowo you can characterize the common enemy and the killbox put over the globe which has worked for the last few thousand years which is what really needs to be stopped; you, and i are always searching for what is the path with a heart and who’s walk taks loudest counts the most; in, a time in ninety-seconds before doom DEW weapons being used to burn an economy out figuratively; yet

Can, you articulate what is spurious also exogus purpose? In doing this it’s noted you see many topics ongoing discussed don’t you? Many mini battles isn’t going to be a strategy that would win out; something, though is poignent isn’t it? Or, might something be a single action which achieves multiple aims to have a focus on? Because it’s what

Causes, anyones mind to fall quiet in a strategy that you put all into one battle to be successful; you, focus where all is the weakest and you found what costs the most to have continued to uphold which can’t be anymore; that’s, what’s negatively inducted economically; that’s, a new reset is changed; because, private property title which flows from comes back into paper and pen;

A, piece of paper which says that in a foreign agent capacity you’re under oath to we the people and no influence existed for you to be in an office you had; and, you have an anti-bribery statement as well which you’re supposed to have in your oath; such, is insurance is if some deal you made could have gone south; all, crime being committed is from legal name fraud and common law trespass period; otherwise

Word, smithing by CB-cowo is for “its” own extensive role past these two crimes; which, is the two crimes committed which need to be corrected; otherwise, all is simply having undermined a nation; taken, over by an ancient pledging system by CB-cowo; and, it’s done to all using legal name fraud; and, a setting of a procedure only a fictional name existed;

You, can agree to note a real true name is you the living being and an all caps is fictional and a pronoun not a noun; so, if you speak you can speak to the pen being mightier than the sword; you, can see the single action which achieves of itself multiple aim; this, is very important in procedure for who is living is of title right flows from; this, is what the eclipse movement is about might you learn more about such? Because

You’d, be joining a movement to get rid of usury and usher in a real reset; all, once understanding realized is a prime to have a living being in a procedure that’s designed only for an account as a number with other fictional numbers; title, is missing in that picture as a man or as a woman; this, is the issue of a claim being resolved; discharged, for the crime of genocide CB-cowo controllers have carried out around the globe; these

Crimes, occured and witness from the land which is the venue in the common court; otherwise, because you’re just lost at sea all talk is from a vessel only fictional; needing, to be bailed out; you, and i use lowercase which is for our livingness; where, as to capitalize you do so for something fictional is; then, in a document anything written where is it put which is you the living being which is real and true noun; also proper verb; this

Doesn’t, exist in a document which is only fictional; plus, you’re id needs to be you the living being which is what the alm is about you could learn about the alm; for, whats protected is your private personal intuitive implicit being; whereas, all else would have only been explicit being as no need is to be such; it’s, the crime of genocide discharged; as

CB-cowo controllers is the common enemy; to, what’s sovereign which is international law and order around the globe this charge discharged; revenue, is republiced to we the people is credit for the next two hundred ten years; it’s, once a republic at peace is selected; and, to transfer all moor toward this mission; for, at this point there is too much depth also detail which is a focus; yet, feeding dissonance and from dissonance;

You, learn the value more of being more in a new mindset; you, could otherwise be spending years and has shown a lot of ostrich and focus on waking up to what was wrong; waking, up to who and what to blame; all, such was dissonance; attempt, to relieve some stress yet not; for, such you’re not talking on any new information; you’re, not changing your pitch or focus to what is new as a response as what is needed; yet

Finally, finding out what all is actually as a crime committed legal name fraud and common law trespass; getting, cleared up is a single action which can achieve multiple aim; one, can stop the trafficking of beloved; you, have achieved this outcome; for, as you rid the use of legal name fraud and cleared up common law trespass on public bonds you do such by common law procedure; it’s, an acting article III and IV court made immediately; might, you learn a little more about this?

Could, you speak when you speak you’re coming from the knowledge of what’s lawful; love, jubbdavid;


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