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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

A, verifiable news is of room and compassion; you, are going to and casting a vote for a moratorium on governments making new banking policy for a year; while, constitutional currency is restored; this, action as proof is your earnestness; for, if you’ve learned about i awareness by now; you’d, have learned such is a mind of character; and, of no need of characteristics; to, you and i; dot-alm is a server owned by all; you, are as i; where, you’re giving service as none is to deny and none to address;

This, is your privacy; your, own account; and, by registering a verifiable vote with to have a moratorium; you, are addressing all as pure i; having merged in love; where “meaning” and distinctions have been lost; you, are not plagued by what is selfish/unselfish; you, are on a server you own equally with everyone else; and, you are with this i; and, you are loving nothing else; so, obviously;

With, .ALM you have eclipsed a controlled resistance; as, has been disinformation from a monopoly; that, you can see on controlled media; yet, with at this moment; you, have room and compassion being given you; for, here is good news and verifiable news you are getting; and, you are not just being a spectator about;

You, are defending the size of land where you stand; and, your hand is being lifted to check the box yes you want a moratorium for reform in banking; for, this is a service; you, are getting an abundance of quietness; you, have lengthened attention and inspiration; this, i who is more still and mobile in the service being given to you; allows, you to have evermore alertness;

Get, rid of controlled resistance and see that for what it is; get, on with a public ledger of .alm; and, a currency you and i own in creation; for, by all means of virtue only; a, power instrument could have been of a lesser order; this, .alm service is of support for your quiet attention; still, silent and transparent; and, at .alm; nothing, is given to you to have taken you out; nothing, fictional that was only useful for the interest of a monopoly; so, as you can see decentralized .alm, allows you to have a server of greater persistence turning within yourself for you own your own account;

This, is your own privacy; a, trust and covenant is existing between beloved; and, no regret is as before eclipse; and, now a mind has become free; you, are in an unchanging space; in .alm you have room for creativity and compassion; all, is about your being served; nothing, is about someone owning that; all, is more of your user friendliness; and, no fee exists for getting your transaction done; and, as part of this common trust you are given an annual income; a, standard of living of nine hundred and ninety nine ALM per year; approximately equivalent to twenty two thousand dollars; time, becomes equivalent to your creativity; therefore;

The, system of the ALM supports you; you, are not burdened; the, ALM works for you and is owned equally; for, all have a say on what is put into circulation; to, be equivalent to global demand; therefore, this currency is protected from speculation and inflation; your, account is your own personal wallet;

.ALM, is non-fiction; you, are no longer to be kept in imagining; for, in i awareness you are not lacking; and, you are seeing a world of i as reality is; all, external to this stillness and silence you have has been eclipsed; this, .ALM server and the ALM currency can have its

effect; you, are able to be in more perfect detachment to be de-triggered and Manchurianed; language, is all put into the language of peace; you, are able to continue forward and have, a more quiet being; you, are with a structure of i which is empty; giving, you the structure to do the transaction; and, being distraction free itself;

For, whole brain functioning gives you an enormous amount of focus; and, analog supportive of i awareness; versus, such having been distracted by monopolized media; for, you eclipse a fork tongue; you speak what is; and, you are applying whole brain function; you, create a heart; free, of world desire; and, eclipse a goldfinger controlled opposition; so, obviously Decentralized is this .ALM platform which eclipses a has been communistic centralized service of a control freak; gone, are the days of revenue collecting for a corps; no, advertisement tax or charges to slave for; .ALM, allows your mind to be free of thought; you, have nothing to worry or be set; a, beautiful privacy and inner calm you have; transaction, is verified as you have gotten rid of usury; for, as you alm dot-alm;

Eclipsed, is controlled resistance of a currency having been speculated against up and down; not, as a service for you and i; an, ALM you are discovering is equal to an atomic hour; set, in perpetuity of twenty two euro/ dollar per hour; and, in the initial ALM offering all currency can be traded; such, in your decentralized server; .ALM news has become user friendly and the service too;

An, ALM is equivalent to an hour synchronized to atomic time; calculated, of a collected ledger you and i have between us; recorded, and maintained by such a covenant shared between us; all, have a great trust in a positive inducted economy; where, currency is created from an asset-backedness; My, awakener Cloud told me; “in, this rainbow prophecy; behavioral, syntax is applied by who is i-aware” and, by such modeled-ness; all, is converted and all becomes de-triggered of Manchurian and limited mind function; described, in the path of hollow bones as “the wasichu effect”;

So how about continuing to be outcome oriented? let’s, build the biggest movement the earth as ever seen; change, the politic and eclipse usury once and for all time; Stay tuned for launch of .ALM server for a verifiable vote and the ALM constitutional electronic currency;

The, ALM platform is as a beneficial trust; not, for profit; directing, energy towards what is congruent with nature; designed, to stimulate a natural renaissance in all fields of study;

love jubb, david


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