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Charisma is the Quality of Attraction

Charisma, is where others are attractive to; certain, beloved who exude with charisma; for, you can examine it; for, it’s a readiness to communicate the feeling you have of a mutual inner-standing; for, charisma is a quality of attraction; charisma, is a spiritual gift which isn’t a natural ability; yet, who is being this spiritual gift is the work;

For, all make beloved who exude charisma; for, such is a talent or power conferred divinely; for, who is inspiring other beloved feel devotion; for, this leader much enthusiasm is for; which, really is a special loyalty around within; a, magic of how you show up in your person is real leadership; for, it’s, truly an art in the process of a divine gift more for the power of attraction;

Which, all are drawn in by any beloved exuding charisma; many, will point out such a beloved is of a magnetic charm;’ which, is a quality energetically outgoing; receptive, to the outside world; such, is likable; for, it’s a quality naturally drawing others to you; you’re, seen to empower others; you, naturally motivate and have prophecy; which, says to teach;

For, courage is your giving, leading, and showing many; charisma, is for you to be capable in influence; you, inspire a large group; for, charisma is a compelling charm; which, is a conferred talent; for, what’s spiritual is in material of i; such, is regarded being eternal; for, all revealed is this work as art; i, awakened; who, has charisma gives life to a body;

For, such is the seed; and, the source of all; being, the innermost aspect which is of this greater value in having a mutual trust, being in good faith; charisma, is as one agrees with their adversary; as, opposed to “matter” as “physical things;” for, soul is in perfect detachment is opposed to physical material; for, what’s spiritual is beyond self consisting of a nature in spirit in guidance and growth; unconcerned with worldly things;

A, broad concept is with you an array of perspective; for, who exudes charisma such is body-less, formless, being which is power; being, attentive an inner quiet, stillness and transparency; for, your action evokes interest also pleasure; it’s, a real liking for other beloved; for, you’re practicing all which you’re affirming, generally in gratitude;

You’re avoiding i see what is negative; for, you always get what you ask for; you, know what you deserve is what you want; in, jubilation all is forgiven; all, charges zeroed out inside; with, such an ability to judge well having perception in the absence of judgment; which, is really a view more where spiritual guidance is inside; for, you don’t want to be seen petting the sweaty; nor, sweating the petty;

Charisma, is for those who easily forgive and not keep any score; movement, is of reinforced simple elegance; such, is a part of charisma; for, you move through life like water with grace; an, honored credit is always with your presence; for, to be in acceptance all see you’re not expecting anything necessarily in return; it’s, an unmerited favor; for, what’s good in benevolence upon who’s considered even undeserved;

For, elegance is the form of beauty you have in motion; grace, you exude is polite and with good will; for, such grace you have is this pure gift; for, all is exuded from you is charisma; for, you do all without expecting any earning, or deserving of mercy; even, though you’re not being given for what you deserve; you’re really free of pettiness in the face of any ordeal;

Charisma, i see is your moral compass; a, mental strength to be ventured; i, see you preserve what is to withstand danger and unnecessary fear in how you meet challenge; also, failure; for, charisma is how truthful you really are within yourself; the, charisma i see you have is truly your close familiarity in friendship; the, closeness you have you give off of yourself personally to others;

It’s, a mutual care in how i see your commitment is; for, also awareness; that, again reiterating, charisma is your readiness to give; even, more than strictly necessary; for, one who exudes with charisma shows more a high moral standard; for, it’s the practice of moral duty in honesty which is a virtue; so, feeling an idea is communicated well; for, you draw from seeing another’s view;

For, such you set common expectation; for, attention is empathic; a, given contributing rapport with other beloved; i, see all have an emotional attachment; for, lovable to have on one’s team; for, all is really rooted in your attention to others in your connection to all; i, see is with your heart, mind, and being; and, for benevolence drawn is this feeling of attraction to what i see you modeling; love jubbdavid;


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