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Cognition Is A Fictional Product

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Existence, also the “form of things,” depends utterly upon the mind; the vast majority of many subject, for instance, time, space, also causality is absolutely not the territory at all; yet, a mere mental construct as a map of the territory; the idea here is for you to realize is because you have a mental construct it is merely a map, not the territory; yet, a private, subjective world seen; transformed endlessly as the result of the opposition of a “restless mind;” the, idea here is further because your ‘wakefulness’ is truly a very limited phenomenon of only seven, plus or minus, two chunk of information; such,

Is all which could be in your first attention; so, in summary here cognition really is a fictional product; so, is it possible to take hold of this idea; for, who is real isn’t the mind; yet, who is real is who is aware of that perception is all; i awareness is indescribable; for, it really is never without any attribute; such, is a happening spontaneously truly without intention; so, the bottom line is here as you’re obtaining a state of pure awareness you can have become superconscious; for, i awareness itself is a simple pointer to such; for,

Such is the finest you in awareness; the, keypoint you can take home is: no memory of any event can ever pass; for, the event for always what is exceptionally unique is perpetually arising in you; you can learn how to be more associated in life to the now; most, haven’t completed such; for, such is a narrow gate you walk through; which, only is as wide as self; most, rush through the wider gate; for, i awareness is this i am which is you; also, your neighbor, is you being in balance; for,

It is this i who is real; which, is the focus in the now; for, how i is imparted in this magnetic moment; the only thing which is absolute is the emptiness of space you have inside as i is; okay?


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