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The Lifecolloid Terrain of Your Body is Everything

All, life is made up out of a building block called a colloid of life; which, aggregates into a spore as a lifecolloid; that, lifecolloid aggregates with another lifecolloid to form a double spore; which, is the very smallest building block which makes up all interior organelle of a cell;

In, this respect the lifecolloid terrain is everything; what’s, ecological of course isn’t an issue yet certainly anything that’s not ecological every single bit of it can’t be defended; if you find bits of RNA and DNA in your body that’s not ecological; the, perforation of a membrane where a needle isn’t aspirated meaning gas as air bubbles isn’t removed;

Such, a needle having broken a membrane can place material into a blood vessel; which, can cause such what’s not ecological to be lodged in the body; which, can be found afterward; those, who are jabbed tested for plasma DNA having integrated into cellular lifecolloid organelle; it’s, shown in the present condition of what’s being mandated;

Can you say that synthetic lifecolloid isn’t being dumped of its content as a payload by various weaponry means? That gets into a cell is nanosized lipid; and, encapsulation of hundreds of billions of RNA and DNA; every dose it’s been estimated by researchers some two hundred billion copy of plasmoid DNA is found; apparently, no DNA was found yet could it have been found if it was encapsulated? Unless the lipid encapsulation was broken; which, in water that looks as clean as any other a solvent used can have turned that water black;

If you just looked at color yet didn’t consider what could be in a nanosized package; wasn’t it illegal for anybody to look at or examine under the Department of Defense the prototype was first released? As such small pieces are chopped up into smaller bits; isn’t the hazard of such what’s not ecological increased? By, pleomorphism many billions of finds little bits can aggregate, fuse and differentiate the lifecolloid terrain hasn’t been kept; yet, bridged;

Through, the jab; and through food contaminate; such, is not irrelevant; such, can last for many years and altering protein synthesis; it’s, what AIDS is; it’s, chemical toxicity; only, in a living organism that creates antibody you’ve got something replicating in a machinery which isn’t ecological; like, what gain of function only starting to realize about all being pleomorphic not monomorphic; meaning, lifecolloid is of many changing lifeform;

Is it that the Gates of Hell can continually reduce the world’s population? Who’s under sedation or any hospitalization one can be given biologics; and, that could have been done without consent by the process; which, is mandatory; as, long as that exists it’s like a twenty-four seven ballot mail-in virus; like, to a body’s selection;

Should you avoid what’s unlawful? It’s, the Roman Catholic health care system as you’ve seen is to mandate such a jab for “its” employees; who’s being annihilated computer interface as an experiment of a logarithm is an imagined development; yet, ageism is getting rid of older people and making it so that you don’t live a long life;

It’s, who’s programmed a logarithm for Ai is the enemy; which, partially is all who aren’t stepping up to the plate to perform civic duty with a proper article IV and III common law court; to, find billions of pieces of RNA and DNA in a single dose of the jab; can you say such hasn’t been found you can rule that out? Also, DHS, HHS, and all Alphabet Soup Land could you say isn’t found trafficking what’s illicit and falsely advertising where some service is apparently being delivered?

The, weather and the rain is used as a force multiplier as a weapon; there’s, only one lot of books at “the” bank; who’s paid for the barium and aluminum in heavy metal particulate; it’s, a strategic international multi purpose strategic partnership; stretching across your nation; and, is that the reason why personal data has been stolen and onsold?

It’s, looked at various sacred cow which is like that’s not something spoken as an unspoken club of assault of persistent contrail; can you say that those who work for the “company” have the same set of values your neighbor has? What happens when the fox is left in charge of the hen house? Love jubbdavid;


Original research published

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