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Even A Stone Breaks Down Into Lifecolloid

Siderophile, and lithophile is like lifecolloid which can break down from heavy and light element; the, heavy element break down to lifecolloid called siderophile and in a molten mass; which, lifecolloid can break down from natural phase; also, to fractions of an element;

Tissue, of our body has affinity for iron; siderophilic bacteria lifecolloid even is in your intestine transmutating element; causing, such element to be present; also, potassium rhodanese; whereas, silica as a lifeform breaks down into lithophile; so, a piece of steel even a bit of concrete or stone; also, of course organic matter all break down to colloid of life; which, is the smallest building block of life;

Tissue, around nerve cell which assists with insulation in called myelin sheath; to, give an example such tissue where such lifecolloid terrain isn’t kept of proper conductivity, proper antioxidant capacity, and balancing parts of hydrogen;

Mylon, sheath can disassemble itself into microplasma; which, is a lifecolloid that doesn’t have a cell wall; which, an antibody can not get rid of; so, mycoplasma via AFD can then assemble into (bogori) bogedafori and berillia lifecolloid; it’s, the organism that’s sited in lyme disease; yet, that organism is from one’s own body tissue breaking down and such;

Secrets, of an alkaline body also reading jubb’s cell rejuvenation this researcher discovered all natural pacirfarin existing in nature in the late seventies; and, how important a nitrogenated, terminated compound is in respect;

Parasite, and lifecolloid which is living in mutual lived assistance is neoplastic to the system; and, such the lifecolloid just gobble up nitrogen; such, is a track for all nitrogen matter of fact; such, non communal assisted lifecolloid is a nitrogen trap; that’ll steal all any nitrogen to let other body tissue starve; yet

Combined, with a terminated compound; which, stops lifecolloid’s foreign protein produced; like, chitlin resilin and sclerotin; spare, energy released dissolves the scaffold of that foreign protein; which, i can give an example of:

Picture, a nutrient which is the terpin which is activated by blue light to continuously produce energy; it’s, not possible for the scaffold of a parasite as to its exterior membrane; to, be able to exist in such a terrain; ordinarily, such protein cannot be broken down without exogenous enzyme produced from intestinal lifecolloid; so, time has passed such findings is still confirmed; time, worn activation; it’s, important you can break down such foreign protein having been wrongfully contaminated of the body; such

Parasite, produce its own fecal matter as a microtoxin; to, impose a condition which can be cleared away you learn more about jubb’s cell rejuvenation; which, has as its primary focus improving energy pathway to be efficient; it’s, about ATP being in your body; which, helps with membrane permeability surfactant enhancement to draw nutrient in and kick toxin out;

Having, blood-borne inhibitor in the body as jubb’s 4NR is designed causes a tight junction fit in the intestine; and, stops leaky gut; love, jubbdavid;


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