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The Cost of Upholding the Past is Far Too Great

The question of having a Criminal Banking Cartel of a One World Order paying the piper; Ai, is organized to continuously present obvious bias toward retaliation against we the people; for, a monopoly, you’d agree is totally unconstitutional; how, does anybody have liberty after that?

What is the cost in not correcting obvious flaws in government at the moment? What is the cost of standing back and allowing a foreign agency to control the public courthouse across the globe?

When you are given a system of having to be re-presented where you’re only an “appearant” and others will use “their” code to decide your fate; is it proper that you be in your own suit? How is it when you have to make an appearance only are you going to say you’re not being gagged by that process? You, are to agree to go along with such a criminal proceeding where you get run over;

That’s, the price you pay for being in someone else’s clothing and not being in your own suit; when, you can and should be in your own suit; not, someone else’s clothing; you, have a procedure engaging the living; it’s fascism where you’ve mixed up venue which is from the land to go below such and deal with fiction only instead; it

Raises, serious issues when a captain of a ship is sequestering and marshaling information that’s utterly biased; the, court system is run over by a Judge Advocate General; connected, to Military Intel Special Ops;

The, globe not just a nation has been run over by one hand; criminals, redact information and put pretextual distraction instead; it’s, that you and i are asked to have a “blind loyalty” to a court system where nothing is verified;

What, you get instead is criminal ex parte communication; from, in a procedure which has no mechanism for managing whistleblower suit; and, that you’re looking at is the weaponization going on at the public courthouse; and, it’s the reason why crime is rampant;

A, living man/woman can have a belief; but, a CORPSE can’t; a, living man/woman can be harmed by the fiction; you, can only put the living with the living; what’s, dead is fictional doesn’t have a centralized nervous system; do, you understand?

Basically, anyone who is innocent is bound to harm the innocent; you'd say you’ve not been harmed by false allegation of contagion? You can clearly see the story put which in the press absolutely brainwashing one point of view; and, how could anyone receive justice under that circumstance?

When, was it in such a court under the CROWN that is not by decor and we the peoples’ conduct allowing a foreign agent to have control over the whole show; by, wrongfully trying a President under “its” system;

When, a procedure existing above such from the land; when, is it a nation as we the people stop that fiction and what is foreign controlling the nation you and i allow a foreign court controlled by a foreign hand to occupy utterly the courthouse; so, all remain past two hundred ten years of being under bondage which is against international law;

When, a system exists and proper procedure noted a case engaging whistleblower is protected; it’s, we the people is the master and not a foreign private corporation instead; as, before this night as well as afterward stop allowing the inferior process of the CROWN being over the top position in the nation;

When, we the people should be in our own clothing; not, masqueraded by black frocked white whigged ones having stolen venue from public courthouse; to, have put commercial proceeding over such and instead you give conduct to be under a private corporation that’s foreign controlled;

When do you look at the actual procedure itself to make sure the procedure is one necessary for managing retaliation? As, evidence of voter fraud was definitely destroyed; who, destroyed it is behind the crime; you’re, not going to say that the issue is far more than how voting was stolen; and, what an imposter has done to have kicked off currency laundering with a proxy war; the

Corporation, being owned and privately controlled; the state of the nation’s speech is to the executive branches controllers; not, we the people; someone, has to have a claim which could be settled; harm has to be which is someone living; yet, what happens when you’re in your own suit? And you’re protecting private right?

You’re not abrigating your title as a man/woman; to, be only joined with the living; a, prosecutor is put which is never not basically clearly motivated; a, procedure exists which should be followed which stops the captain of a ship being the one which isn’t, sovereign; dealing, with living beings only a commercial matter as a “thing;”

Many, put into detention are wrongfully put there today; as of the past and until that is corrected that’s a cost that would just continue on; most, see that a system which is ninety nine percent rife apparently against we the people; you, can’t trust or have faith much where you can know the Press is utterly controlled and manipulated; that, you’ve been lied to to for instance have to have taken the jab;

It’s, pretty weird and certainly not common law that you’d have left your life up to the discretion of a fiction; you’re, to question the idea that a magistrate which should not be the bureau as a quorum of selecting what needs to occur; you’re independent of such to be as a witness; where, it’s only a wet ink signature in his or her suit; and

The, process on default; for, you’re raising the bar to be with the living and not some fictional court; we need article III and IV court to take place straight away; the, monopolized media intimidates the whistleblower to have a bent which is inflammatory; because, the condition that’s criminal isn’t being looked at; to

Purposefully, never not have a monopolized condition of transient perception made by such; only, witnessed hereby under perjury is testimony when it is a common law court of record; and, minutes taken instead by black frocked white whigged ones working for a guild taken over the claim isn’t testimony and isn’t a common law court of record; yet, a very lower version as mere minutes instead;

You, and i clear up this mess as time worn past applies article III and IV court as common law grand jury over all corporate matter; otherwise, you’re looking at utter biased prosecution and fictional made up complaint; which, isn’t common law; quite the opposite of that;

Never, is a time you’re not gagged while disinformation allowed in a court; which, is stolen venue from we the people; being, smart is now longer letting that issue be the sacred cow; it’s, extremely important that you start;

A, biased condition to be seen tailoring and imposing utter restriction on truth; causing, all to become free of everything that’s extrajudicial; which, is put by corpus delicti under the color of law instead;

Maybe, you should go to; you, can create circles to discuss such work; to, take action; otherwise, Alphabet Soup Land clearly you can see isn’t really there for helping you and i;


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