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Did Anyone Ever See A Claim?

None, could say they have ever seen a claim that’s valid and reliable about climate change and carbon or that some life form is contagious that’s contagion; this, father had his son taken without any claim; and, has asked to see the claim and has a default about that;

Criminals, just operate at the moment without any check and balance at the courthouse; it’s, we the people who have an equity interest in any official’s personal discretion; due, diligence is shown upholding title of we the peoples’ natural right; all, is supportive as a window looked through as a sovereign nation; setup, as a republic by this nation’s founding fathers; the

Danger, to the globe and to turtle island is war on you by CB-cowo controllers; who, plie patsie and it's Alphabet Soup Land agency; someone, living is supposed to have an oath to you and i that’s first not second; yet, can all those patsie just be blindly following orders where what’s legal is a killbox setup that is done by common law trespass and legal name fraud?

Venue, at the public courthouse from the land has been stolen to have a commercial procedure; where, the CROWN’s interest is been looked after and any claim you and i have is relegated to be down on a level of a “complaint” only to be put on a level of fiction;

All, launders currency since February twenty-second you’ve got some two hundred million dollars per day paid; all, for a meat grinder where an outcome is starkly obvious beforehand and would arrive to that; yet, a meat grinder has gone through all the young men in a nation;

Was an actor puppet just put in front of everybody? To gain of function weapons and not be able to do that in their own nation; yet, put all these labs in other nations; it wasn't lawful to do such in this nation; how can you fund it to be done in another nation? And, where is the sovereignty of that nation allowing weapon type research to be done in labs?

One nation spies on another; do you know that one nation spies on another? Every American must know that; you can’t spy on yourself; all, that spying is all collected and all goes to one hand; backdoored, to Israel all of it; to, go directly to the gray council; who, uses that information to control every nation; that’s, CB-controller; who, own the CORPS who has a strategic alliance with every Alphabet Soup Land in a nation;

Is it that beloved who had just been let in is larger than the population of fifteen entire states? If catastrophic consequence was shaped as a black-swan itself isn’t it that you and i need article IV and III courts immediately? As a common law grand jury to deal with such relentless genocidal policy that must be stopped immediately to mitigate further harm; must, be done without delay;

Not, to have ever seen a claim about carbon and climate change all can agree dirty energy is dirty energy; and, CB-cowo’s big companies put all this dirty energy out; yet, it’s climate controllers using doomsday weapon to lock the globe down; yet, no claim exists to have done such; and, certainly nothing contagious has ever been shown; yet, it’s the reason cash is dried up out of your hand;

You don't think all of us should just stop getting blacked swanned? It's gone on in the past wouldn’t you agree? And, you’d see it going on in the future too; criminal, acts of war ongoing as a pattern isn’t stopped immediately; we, the people’s credit all spent by CB-cowo’s controllers; so

One, of the people who isn’t a “citizen” all government office is below as one of the people; it’s, the chain of command as common custom time worn; that, who is living is above everything else that’s fictional that’s setup; that, which is setup which is fictional is not above the living at all;

A, grand jury of we the people can have no influence whatsoever by any fictional entity as corporation nor government department below as an office; to decide it’s selecting jury from a sample of convenience of twenty-six; five, officers all become one of the people outside the corporation under the laws from the land;

Decided, by majority vote of a quorum present; no, decision is reviewable to jurisdiction had which is about government transgression; for, failing to follow articles of peace nor articles of security not to have protected any private property and to have removed lawful title that hasn’t been applied from the land as the venue at the local public courthouse;

A, grand jury supersedes all other government office; five, members become one of the people sworn in and witnessed; two, witnesses is along with the bailiff present the document error which needs to be amended;

Forty, days is to do such maximum; some, days should be done straight away because it can be; the, grand jury can sue anyone for belligerent and can remove anyone from office and can dissolve all departments as non functional or having operated as an enemy instead; such, could be found as having given aid and comfort to an enemy as treasonous; as, any resulting accusation is put by a prosecutor forensically such is an indictment;

Most, grand jury is setup as a presentment and returned an indictment; which, is called a true bill; all, take on issues which is easily seen which should be prosecuted; to, then take on grander issue; for, public support built is with rapport; all, see FEMA and the FEW and WTF (World Trade Foundation); DEW, smart-cities for strategic foreign corpse; which has lied and covered the line of chain also what’s contagious;

It’s, a big AGRI PHARMA strategic partnership; where, you as congress is also a party; are you aware of how five-G remote kill vectors activate payloads of toxin inside graphene lipid nanoparticle?

Did you get permission from BIS to have merged the nation’s ledger under an enemy corporation under an emergency that’s made up? We, the people have to see that equity is protected by any official’s discretion; for, what’s common is a sovereign nation; not, one taken over by what’s foreign; it’s, the danger to society ongoing as you’re under CB-cowo’ controller;

You’ve, got Alphabet Soup Land at a level who is under oath to you and i; yet many would say all have knowledge individual and personal that the shots seem to obviously cause clots and inflammation of the heart; it, is that neurological disease in children skyrocketed all due to the killshot; so, you recon a reason exists it’s okay nine-eleven has gone on unresolved? And, criminals remain in the government that did assassinate a president? Also, the Iraq war;

Nothing, is purposeful; all, is seen as a setup as a lie; so, you’d say you don’t know that what’s covid hasn’t attacked the immune system of all who took the jab? You’re going to say that those US health bureaucrats under CB-cowo aren’t pressing jabs on children when no other nation is?

How do you stop that wheel that’s turning is what this message is to you? For, isn’t it that neoplasm has risen so much today than ever before where it actually takes months to get an appointment?

Listen, you do know that fake patsie have made out with millions after retiring; that bloke has far more detailed security than a bloke running for president who absolutely should be offered security who isn’t; why? Because you’ve got a two-tiered system obvious; and, it’s time you need an article IV/ article III court bring such up; love, jubbdavid;


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