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Common Law Grand Jury Article IV Is Above Government/ Article III Is Above Contract

A Criminal Banking Cartel of a One World Order has patsie control “its” agenda using Jesuit, Mason, and Zionist connections across the globe; uses, various organizations like the Catholic Religion for instance; where, Ablegate has been you only can serve who is the “spokesperson of God;” so

Underneath, those controllers is an infiltrated Alphabet Soup Land; so, the Gates of Hell is opened; and, so turtle island’s first health-care system to jump on mandate to jab it’s employees is the Roman Catholic Healthcare System; employee’s have got to get the shot;

Iatrogenic death is the major cause of death; then, war; all, is like if it’s religion run it’s apparently not for profit; yet, over fifty hospitals at least over a hundred twenty thousand employees you’ve been notified; that, you’re already “fully jabbed;” you, have to take what’s called the Fauci Ouchi; otherwise, you’re going to be let go with unpaid leave;

You’re, going to lose your job if you don’t want to get jabbed; it’s, false advertising of contagion; like, false advertising of the climate changes; and ongoing setup of VAIDS as a cocktail; so, how could anyone know what was responsible when all is done so that it’s not possible to be able to on purpose criminally? The, purpose is to reduce the population; that’s, nothing you have any informed consent about; so, obviously

The venue from the land is over any venue that’s commercial; procedure, to investigate needs to be independent; you’re not supposed to have any vested interest; it’s, the check and balance on government; it’s, how government is supposed to run; yet, at the courthouse venue is stolen to be put under what’s commercial; so, all you are there in that procedure is a “thing” as chattel;

Iatrogenic, toxin is a causing factor in AIDS; and, the jab is sure to show VAIDS; that’s, what it’s called today; once, jabbed structural validity goes; that, the immune system is turned down and can even have been turned off; and, once toxified again such could be lethal; for

You, know the implication of toxin isn’t too much looked at as a science; because, how do you deal with a cocktail effect examining what does what; and, in the bodies response such toxin Alphabet Soup Land is known to be championing the jab; which, is clearly a heart inflammatory risk with not a shred of benefit is existed;

No one can defend what’s not ecological; it’s, a clear risk utterly without any benefit; so, what you’re looking at is lips when they move under Alphabet Soup Land you see what’s said never has proper contextual setting; though, no procedure honest is occurred it’s said it’s safe;

No, clinical condition properly and never was the contagion as an isolated recovered; it’s, said some war could have put the one when at the outset that was a total lie; a, lot of money has been spent to find the answer to CANCER; yet, none before the day even have considered what that is;

Most, don’t know how blood is formed in the intestine not from mitotic cell division; and, pleomorphism is merely changing form as a lifecolloid; which, doesn’t have a fixed form; it’s, the terrain of the body has to be kept for your cells to function proper;

Proper, check and balance has to be on Alphabet Soup Land; spouting, from slippery slope where not a contagion is shown; yet, toxicity sure is; it’s, time that Alphabet Soup Land needs to follow the rule of law; at, the moment clearly you can see action taken isn’t been by any real contract to you or i;

You’re looking at no established correlated ecology is existed at all; you’re, looking at what needs to be reigned in because alphabet Soup Land is rogue with a clandestine program of genocide around the globe under CB-cowo with a killbox;

All, see a massive amount of currency directed to be laundered; stakeholders, and making a profit; you, can sell equipment even that’s dug; funds, go to foreign illegitimate head; to, push a proxy war on a neighbor you fund extra judicial killing; and all have to swallow vile death threat; to, be carried out on another beloved sovereign territory;

Keep in mind that it’s your credit that’s spent for this what we’re talking about above; what, would it be you get an open check for murder of a frontline meat grinder? To, fund bloody ongoing slaughter to an endpoint of a planned remained militarization;

Isn’t, any logical or ethical being under circumstance policy is to negotiate; yet, isn’t US policy not to negotiate? To have consolidated power is a lineup in congress getting paid up because conflicted interest in what’s been passed; so, all see a uniparty around the globe actually exists; so

Shouldn’t check and balance be quick? How much time does everybody have just to dilly-dally around? Especially, where you see governance is in a grotesque dysfunction; you, look at resource completely wasted on kangaroo court; to, knock out whistleblowers;

What happened to this father and his son is it okay you get retaliated against? So, the reason this father puts this to you is it’s article IV and III court which is over the top of the CORPSE; a, great interest is in discharging the charge of genocide; where, false advertising was to have mislead all into a scamdemic; yet, stopped once and for all time;

Is it you don’t know some corporate nation is bankrolled the same as all other nation CORPSE? Yet, do you know that many of these STATES right at this moment is engaged in ethnic cleansing?

Obviously, contagion isn’t shown by any claim; yet, what’s the reason cash has dried up and Hollywood is a ghost town? Is it your credit being spent for CB-cowo not you or i? Therefore, one of the people isn’t a “citizen;” yet, who is the government; is to accept common law as pleaded; for, such a grand jury isn’t of influence by a corporation nor government office;

It’s, we the people deciding by selecting a grand jury to be formed from a sample of convenience; yet, twenty-six members; all, is as one of the people; from, the venue from the land; which, is outside the corporation yet under the laws of the nation from the land;

It’s, deciding by a majority of jury present; no, decision made is reviewable; for, jurisdiction had is about government transgression; for, not following articles of peace, and security; to, have not had private property not protected as lawful title being stolen at the local courthouse by a guild;

Grand, jury proceeds all government department; and, four members is as we the people; three, the grand jury bailiff show the government’s error; and, to have amended this error without delay; only, forty days is given to amend such otherwise “individuals” would be sued for belligerence;

Government, isn’t allow to do anything to prohibit this common law procedure; a, resulting accusation comes from a presentment; such, then returns an indictment called a true bill; otherwise, you have a prosecutor who has an indictment; you, take on issues seen which should be prosecuted also other grander issue; where, public support is built by rapport;

In the Maui incident all see FEMA, DEW, and kill-city all benefiting a foreign CORPSE which has lied also mislead all about climate change; also, what’s of no claim; that’s relevant to what is apparently contagious; banks, run the show; private, banks foreign bank; and, it’s who controls big AGRI PHARMA; it’s, there strategic partner;

Only, members in US congress and also both parties; plenty of evidence shows five-G remote kill vector can have been activating payload to be released; held, inside Darpa gel; did, any give permission for the Bank of International Settlement to have merged the nation’s ledger with an enemy corporation? Love, jubbdavid;


Original research published

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