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A New Reset Is Transparency

All, is equal under the law; which, is an alliance of law movement’s mission to assist clear up usury and legal name fraud and common law trespass; political, concept of transparency engages private investors obtained for that purpose of some timed information; yet,

Accountability, to we the people is you and i being given consideration; proper, consent exists; and, this is the core condition of a new reset; as, currency is positively inducted not negatively;

Complex, relation is broken by a monopoly you’d agree; so, you can not see per say what’s going on; so, one nation spies on another nation; because, it’s not lawful to spy in your own nation; all, such information is collected backdoored to one war room; which, by strategic partnership in funding all CORPS(E) owns and controls all satellite; so

One, enemy CORPS satellite can be used for war against another; in, a system under the big MIC no created trust exists does it? A new reset is of a proper efficiency decentralized as a model in nature;

To, have a transparency you should know what you’re being given; a, doctor who is a friend of mine wanted to give his license back in Norway; for the reason that he couldn’t dispense at the hospital as usual; because, his patients didn’t want what he would read as the insert and patients wouldn’t want it; so

Today, it is you don’t do harm under the Cares Act; modern, medicine is without a soul under the CORPS(E); no, informed consent exists; you, can’t “give a license back” you have to be “dismissed” instead; an

Emergency, created isn’t reported in an asymmetric was is it? So just like one nation’s satellite that has DEW paints a target with pulsed advanced targeting with an invisible range then that is blocked by blue; many, times more powerful than a hundred kilowatt range is definite; so

Even, if a small amount as ten kilowatt reach the ground as some does; it, would ignite instantly all pulsed in an area all done under three minutes; only, takes a bit less than nine seconds for metal to melt; to, do an area the size of the Lahaina fire it could all be done by laser; in certainly less than three minutes;

CHINA, launches forty eight thousand kilo payload; and, at least seventy of CCP satellite have gigowatt laser hundreds of times more powerful than what’s said; forensics, looking at linguistic analysis shows more stress of a hivemind present to a memed transient perception falsely;

Such, is not a normal logarithm yet predictable to be about an extreme unusual event that’s coming; you, and i have an all or nothing phenomenon; a message gets passed on if it has seventy eight percent of your nervous system behind it;

cognition, is passed to action yet not unless that threshold exists; otherwise, an inhibited, dissociated, incongruent, non-integrated, invisible condition internally is; where, parts inside could other than have good alignment; so, as far as satellites crossing over Hawaii at the time of the fires; eight have been tracked; the

First, fire started at ten forty seven august the seventh; as Norad 53299 passed overhead; then, the other fire which started on august the eighth at six thirty seven AM overhead was a Norad satellite CCP 55836; and, the third fire if you look into it you could see the same thing going on; it’s, a

Black-swan, of your nation is compounded by false statement and modeling for instance no transparency exists; a, method that was used to get a pandemic going was stopped because that modeling was questioned; yet, the same modeling is used to kick off twenty-twenty what’s covid;

You’re, looking at what’s timed to interfere with voting and it’s a transparency about such; so, internal spying is done outside the nation; so, unless change exists such a monopoly CB-cowo controllers have for a gray war room; to, use the corporate infrastructure as a weapon; to, achieve “its” goals not anything for we the people;

If, transparency is and no enemy CORPS was yet merging a ledger with an enemy CORPS and private property mined and data stolen from we the people to have been on-sold; no, transparency existed about such would you agree? And, strategic partnership like the DHLS, FEMA, UN, BIS; all, funded to get involved in emergency private controlled corporation to “assist” afterward; to, control we the people afterward forever;

Eight, satellite was it that passed over Hawaii? To track CCP satellites? Does this coincide with the inferno that started on the seventh and the eighth? Under, three minutes would be all that’s needed of an invisible ray; and, for burn time to correlate with destruction; the, same pattern was seen burned in Paradise;

Should consideration be forensically to stop such a criminal pattern already correlated with past nefarious event? Isn’t it time for an article IV and III court or in other nations a king’s bench? Love, jubbdavid;


Original research published

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