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Did The Jab Purposefully Harm DNA?

One, state at the supreme level of the corporation banned the jab; because, it’s looked and seen as a genocidal toxin perpetrated upon all; spike, protein detoxification is what this father has forwarded since the late seventies unchanged; it’s, oxidated red blood corpuscle which you can see spiculated fullest from a high methionine diet; where, B vitamin is lacking;

Lifecolloid, in the intestine with proper immunity can provide natural pacirfarin property (antibiotic); yet, what happens when a lifecolloid in the intestine get annihilated is the question? Nutrient which is cold processed and micronized; this father has done research behind; a program called jubb’s cell rejuvenation; might this be something you’re interested in? For

N-acetyl neuraminic acid is vitamin L; a, very small amount placed into water structures such; and, eliminates spike protein; enzymes, are key for the recovery from endothelial harm; the, red blood corpuscle that is extravasated meaning outside the vessels and lodged somewhere where the endothelial cell is; the

Double, spore building blocks of the red blood corpuscle via AFD (aggregation fusion and differentiation) being, differentiated from what's necessary for injury; yet, the challenge is where foreign protein is existed from oxidative metabolism in a poorer lifecolloid terrain;

Tissue, itself that would have been healthy can assemble itself into life form which has foreign protein; which, the body has also difficulty in being able to have broken down; because

Enzyme, could break animal surfactant down yet in our specie it doesn’t exist; that, molecule of death accumulates in DNA which you could learn more about; lifecolloid has fibrilytic, also lumberkinase; product, assist cause proper blood born inhibitor which turns off inefficient metabolism; and, switches back on proper efficient metabolism instead; and, provides a natural primary antioxidant through the body’s own natural surfactant;

Toxin, can cause antibody formation; and, to have ended with an autoimmune condition; you’ve, to clear up the lifecolloid terrain by raising the body’s conductivity; so, antioxidant capacity of the blood; as, well as managed parts of hydrogen; jubb’s, cell rejuvenation has success because it raises albumin; molecule, which has shown to be introducing vaccine can be found in the body many years afterward; which, produces a spike; which, is pathogenic as a toxin which isn’t easy to break-down;

Injecting, what’s not ecological as a cocktail has an impact of long-term unless you’re able to break that material down; otherwise, T-4 cells modulate the response and let toxin be; and, when a large amount is introduced the immune system’s tolerance and response can have lethal effect;

Toxin, compromises as a chronic activation for immunity to be of a serious chronic challenge; it’s, shown that toxin can have definitely impacted DNA forever; such, toxin can have integrated into lifecolloid; also, body DNA; continuously, wrongfully to have produced a spike protein as an end result at a glance for what is logical;

It’s, lethal where one already is compromised and then could have become toxified again; keep, in mind that even manufacturer of various equipment and procedure around that’s currently; all, of it is amongst the biggest hoax that could have been perpetrated;

I, care very much that this platform is supportive of proper cognative processing; you, can share this to assist support and keep truth alive; you, can participate in the data rather than just being a spectator; you, could learn more about jubb’s cell rejuvenation at; love, jubbdavid;


Original research published

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