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Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation & Antineoplastic Program

Health, is as efficient energy is given forward to lifecolloid within a cell; as, such is a DNA switch is activated which causes efficient energy production by the cell; which, is called oxidative metabolism; every, cell began as a red blood corpuscle made up double spore; which, aggregate diffuse and differentiate into all that is needed in the body;

Stress, emotional and physical can have caused cortisol; gastric reflux in children can create momentary states of hypocapnia; which, causes organs which have blood vessel to other than remain dilated and open; caustics, from fluid having burst into the nose of child for instance can take many days to heal; stress, can trigger a fever for cortisol shifts blood flow;

Diet, can not have rested the intestine; it, can be vital; lifecolloid, in the intestine being of proper ratio of proteolytic to non proteolytic can cause B vitamin to be present; otherwise, excessive methionine from high protein food; excessive phosphate from the same; excessive, nitrate can cause heating and a lack of proper sleep where one is in their youth; yet, of any age;

In, healthy blood small amounts of cyanhydric acid, diastastic toxin, also heavy metal function as blood born inhibitor; which, block the expression of the double spore having transformed into lifecolloid; which, is applying aerobic glycolysis; lactic, acid is produced instead also; which, ferments; which, is what neoplasm is; you’re, supposed to have three parts per million of cyanhydric acid for instance;

Potassium rhodenaise, is a heavy splitter; neutralizing energy generating mitochondrial toxin; you, can witness around a red blood corpuscle a healthy glow as a corona of potassium rhodenaise; once, it was “spent” such only looks like a “ghost of its former self;” where, toxin can have inhibited a deficient energy (oxidative metabolism) as an end result, thirty-eight ATP molecule is;

Versus, where an efficient aerobic glycolysis is instead which only produce two molecules of ATP; also, cause a lot of lactic acid; which, ferments; this, is what neoplasm is; having, antineoplastic properties in the blood epigenetically like lifehydrate, potassium rhodenaise, also ubiquitin; such, nutrient switch off abhorrent cell DNA of inefficient metabolism;

Such, is returned back to oxidative metabolism instead; over, one hundred thousand cells are produced every day; because pancreas function releases protease when you sleep; such, breaks down such neoplastic condition; yet, where the resting potential of a cell couldn’t rest to be discharged over forty-eight hours it’s enough for your cells to become magnetically switched to cause stick and rapid cell wall;

After there is a barrier, the rest of the body; the, intestine not having rested is one protocol; food, is meant to be suspended; if not, excessive nitrogen is; lack, of B vitamin exists; fever, can be caused as lifecolloid within the cell organize for a proper environment; yet, all condition exists as a neoplasm; providing you give the body rest; nature needs to be able to heal you up; it’s, when you haven’t thought it’s important to have given your digestive organs a rest every day;


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