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Nu-toxin Compromises Immunity

Key points which one looks into the relation to nu-toxin is how what you’ve consumed impacts immunity overall; strengthening, such or having compromised instead;

Lymphocyte, comes from a red blood corpuscle which comes to be ex-located outside the vessels; where, a red blood corpuscle can have become statically magnetized to endothelial cell; which, line the passageway inside semi-permeable membrane;

This, researcher shows how blood is formed in the intestine and lung; and, with a process of AFD aggregation, fusion, an differentiation; such, didn’t come about by mitotic cell division as wrongfully taught; the

Blood, has colloid of life and lifecolloid as spore and you find also red blood corpuscle; immune cells also albumin, globulin, and fibrin which are platelet; all, such arises from having been a red blood corpuscle; which

Doesn’t have any DNA; yet, the double-spore that make up as building blocks the red blood corpuscle through a process of aggregation, fusion, and differentiation can become tissue and repair element needed at the site;

Immune, cells have to mature in the thymus; which, is like a butterfly organ found in the sternum of a chest below the thyroid; all, nutrient has to be complexed with porotic hormone; such, isn’t clathrated by the liver; as

Nutrient is complexed with parotic hormone you can naturally remain for some days to be acceptive; whereas, if saliva doesn’t coat nutrient such doesn’t last very long to make one pass through the body to be broken down by the liver;

Toxin, leftover that’s indigestible impacts immunity; lymphocyte, which become mature can be determined to clear up toxin or turn it off and moderate such; in, this program inner condition which would cause a cytotoxic storm if not modulated; a

Body, can not survive where such a storm can have been produced; and, immunity adjusts what response exists to then allow a toxin to be; and, while you see such lymphocyte cell not performing any phagocytic duty as it ordinarily should;

When, you rest from toxin it’s possible for you to recover; yet, not when such an amount is existed; the, body has organized itself to be able to manage such up to a certain point; as

Enzyme, is in the intestine from lifecolloid such immune cell migrate through Peyer's patch in the intestine and carry enzyme necessary to break foreign protein down; like, chitin, resilin, and sclerostin, prion, diastastic toxin, cyanhydric acid, and heavy metal; to, do such lifecolloid is important existing in the intestine; because, you and i our specie doesn’t have much DNA at all;

Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation which you could get a copy of the program itself at and give you more background into clearing away stone and improving immunity; like, the cell rejuvenation program clears away extraneous protein from the blood by reducing nu-toxin by consuming more lifefood which you could learn about more; such

Reduces, fibrin, and globulet platelet, and makes space for kupffer cells to produce albumin; which, is your super transporter necessary for nutrient to be delivered to the cell; and waste to be removed from the body;

True, cell rejuvenation requires you to raise albumin level in the body which is what Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation does; to, have taken the load off the immune system so such can function; enzyme is needed to be able to break foreign protein down;

Nutrients, can exist which assist cleanse and restore DNA; such, nutrient is cold-processed in it’s whole state and micronized and can be put with sphingosine and ceramide to assist cause vital transportation across the cell membrane; including, the nucleus of your cell;

This, researcher is focused on nutraceutical because such has to be micronized small enough to cross through the blood brain barrier; and, natural surfactant present assists with such nutrient become assimilated; by

Moving, more toward lifefood you certainly reduce nu-toxin itself; nature, wants to heal you; you, rest and fast; love, jubbdavid;


Original research published

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