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The Power of Emptiness

The toltec originals called a coyote a coyote in argentina and also canada; the, toltecs taught strategy; the, primary strategy they taught was formlessness; for, the user, cloud would remind you, could change into anything; one, can have taken shape; for, one is open to the attack; where, shape is taken; yet, keeping self adaptable, fluid, flexible; on, the move;

Nothing, is certain; being, in the moment no law is fixed; to, be fluid is being formless like water; an, oak is cracked and crushed by a steamroller; but, it just rolls over glass; the, toltecs would teach you, ‘do not take anything personally ever;’ for, in this way you remain formless, adaptive; to, be able to see events with your body i; for, you being formless learn the power of seeking agreement with your adversary;

For, the real meaning of form is where it’s empty of itself its usefulness; for, this is the power of emptiness; it’s, a toltec tradition in turtle island; for, it’s a secret of transformative instruction; for, cloud my teacher would gently persistently guide all to the power of formlessness; cloud’s, teaching was also about heaven; for, such was not through blame, shame, or guilt;

For, this is about one’s own totality; for, awareness being heaven is the space between two children playing; awareness, was long before you were procreated; awareness, was also there as your body was being; it’s, awareness overall which is beginingness; being, also endless returning and arriving; for, it’s the emptiness within self naturally acquiring little deep analysis;

For, you have such awareness; this, is where you don’t have any line whatsoever to get crossed; so, it’s this empty space this i connects all words; every, action, thought, also sight; for, this is what you have without self; for, such is being faced in every direction; for, this is the way of one being nothing; being, i; powerfully, being nobody which is fixed;

For, such is not of any substance absolute; for, nothing is which is eternal; this, is emptiness as formless be; formlessness, fixes all; otherwise, nothing being i is fixed; for, this which is real meaning of form is emptiness; this, is your original final totality; living, life is i; lucid, this natural void of inherent existence in the presence;

For, no need is for any self powered principal; all, existed that was on a dependance of other factor; yet, space makes all such possible; for, this is the form of play established beyond ordinary time; dependence, to be in perfect detachment is the power of such; for, you don’t want to be “set in your ways;” and, to assume too much such a rigid form; it’s, formlessness which is taught to you by the toltec; which, is a tool; it’s, certainly not a “go with the flow” idea; for, an, eye isn’t able to see itself; awareness, cannot see itself directly;

For, isn’t emptiness the form of all possibility; in, the toltec tradition being receptive functionally plastic to feel, to listen, to observed; it’s, from emptiness and experience gained in life; for, all is for you lengthening the pause existing between beats as thought; for, what was to all such is silenced; for, you’ve gained as you’ve dropped what can have easily be lost;

For, it’s the silence not improved yet to make sound; what’s, been dichotomous; isn’t transparency better than having lots of things to show others? Isn’t the inclusion of where all is equal all is zeroed out? Isn’t this something? For, what’s left behind isn’t this a jc quanta; as, a jubit formlessness is the source of all creation; a, shape; yet

This space of ‘i am’ is emptiness exactly fifty percent; the other matter in balance to you is care; which is your state of being; so, isn’t formlessness of i the form of your essence? This is formless truth of who you really are; is this not like water transforming constantly, never predictable, powerful constant? For, is it not power which comes from repetity for which transformation is all in i who is formless;

For, only the formless isn’t affected; for, you operate in formlessness; and, there is no line to cross;


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