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What You Learned About Nutrition Could Be Completely Wrong

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

What you study and what profession you go into is often determined far more commercially already who, says to their parents ‘they’re going into some vocation”;

Professions exist and at the bottom of the rung is a nutritionalist; I did nineteen years of postgraduate education; and, I'd be shocked to see what the nutrition professionals at the university would say when answering questions like: are eggs good for me or not? Or, is red meat not as good as white? Yet

Most, advice is fraud if information that’s made available more from a commercial interest; most, can agree that nutrition science is absolutely fraud; because, most don’t know that a nut is a fruit; and, cauliflower is a fruit; and, cucumber is too; a, seed is a fruit; and

Anatomy, of our recapitulated past shows our specie to be plant-based; and, DNA studied supports this; also, the longest lived within a religion as all religions; one, religious group has the longest living as members living to a ripe older age remaining fit;

Lifefood, is what this researcher is behind; which, is the principle of lifeforce itself; you, and i have a relation to trees; not, fields without trees and pavement without trees; you’ve, to have common sense; boundaries, more and learn more what lifefood is; which, is basically an attention to the value of enzyme; and

Processing, to preserve nutrient and make nutrient easier to digest; it’s, free of strange indigestible protein; it’s, low phosphate and low methionine; and, reduced in pigment; for, pigment not to be excessive;

Lifefood, promotes florification; there, is no DNA in our body that allows you to eat flesh food; pasteurization, depletes the value of food; because, there is a law of the key adaptive secretion of digestive enzyme that enzyme is within food; such, assists break nutrient down; yet

If everything is so surgically sterile you end up with not the proper lifecolloid intestinally; might, what you’ve learned about nutrition be completely off base? Most, spend their health to get their wealth; and, then spend their wealth to get their health;

What’s, eaten can have lead to a good fit life; or, obesity and mouth-breathing when you sleep at night; nutrition, is presented to be controversial because you’ve got as i’ve said claims from commercial interest without having proper unbiased controlled variable;

Many, facts just like what you can know about vaccination peril doesn’t get airtime; what’s, supplement can’t get a nutrient label; you, and i can have been presented with food and because a cocktail effect is existing it’s hard for someone to consider how such can have come to have a allergy with such; no, break was given you from that food; from

Coprolitic, study going back over ten thousand years originals on turtle island here some seventy two plant every three months; the, biggest challenge is excessive sediment, high methionine, and excessive phosphate in relation to calcium; also, indigestible protein; you

Live, what you speak and speak what you live next; every, single word you use has a physiology; none, can get pleasure underneath pain; lifefood, agrarianism is ethical for it’s the proper use of land;

In, the short-term upon nutritional program can have caused death; which, was caused from consumption in the past mainly; how, can you trust a science where who wants to certify others is setup by phonies that come from vested interest as commercial?

Doctors, don’t talk about nutrition because that just doesn’t make any money for them; a, challenge for most is seen that conflicted interest can exist where information is getting put;

Nutrition, though weighing high before medical school in one’s thought; once, completed it doesn’t anymore; wasting, occurs from consistency and lifestyle that continuously causes inadequate nutrient in relation;

When, you close your eyes at night melatonin is produced; which, shuts the upper stomach down; food, should be empty from the upper stomach when you sleep; calorie, restriction can give you a longer life; fasting, one or two days a week can also improve immunity and health overall;

Getting, rid of stone out of organ and tissue is what Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation primarily focuses on; if, you go to you can find more information about Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation; love, jubbdavid;


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