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Optimistically, you can witness if you take a look right now; the, transition from a monopolized old centralized regulatory system; that, is extremely antiquated and has been based upon a roughly five hundred year old service; for, this new system being proposed here; this is the ALM; this, currency cannot be manipulated; for, this is owned by all beloved; a, COVENANT as an agreement in trust held as a peer to peer verified block chain; and, this is the future of society; what, you are seeing is a transition from that old monopolized past; to, a very basic income that you haven’t had; and, also transparency that is cryptographically secured for you; your, privacy is existing;

The, alm and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is offering a platform giving you access; instead, of having an emphasis on ownership; the, alm as a world currency is more than just a currency for this is a world computer system; engaging, blocks of software applied and modules like smart contract technology; you, can see agnostically being applied to the benefit of all; and, so obviously Data, is time stamped and verified in this alm system and is difficult to remove from the public the ledger that such is cryptographically secured; and, a public ledger is existing today the was not possible in the past; information, is now stored in nodes throughout the system; you, can get paid for mining and giving the system CPU and GPU headspace for processing; so, in this new world you can see

A, decentralized verifiable transaction occur in sixty seconds; for, a shared trust exists in the COVENANT of the block chain that is cryptographically secured between members and totally learnable; the, alm is made in perpetuity of a stable set value equivalent to one atomic hour; this, system is owned by all beloved; stops, all speculation; so, in early adolescence of the alm system; no, bubble can exist for the value of the alm as an asset backed creation; is, worth what the product and service such is equivalent to; the, alm is not limited yet equal to product and service demand; what, you are beginning to look at is a world where;

The, alm is equivalent to the beloved’s product and service; you, are looking at verifiable transaction from a living being and a stability in communication occurring between members of a COVENANT; and, you’re looking at a revolution occur in financing and production; and, the judicial system becomes ever more common law owned by all; so, you are now looking at a transition that is a revolutionarily change; around, the earth a renaissance can come to be where clean energy is for this eclipse movement; is, a way away from a monopolized old past; you, are guaranteed a basic income and greater privacy; for, this is not possible for you to change the algorithm and power where such is no longer centralized but decentralized data; you, cannot mathematically falsify for such a result got is got via a COVENANT as a block chain;

Being, engaged in the initial alm offering brings together peer to peer contact and the alm can be paid for work done; contracts, are more mathematically written into the alm system owned by all; no; shareholder need be satisfied nor middle person; the, alm is set in perpetuity based on supply and demand; gone, is the day of tech giants for you and i maintain the cost of an alm; such, is you having maximized access and owned by all; such, is resistant to the type of censorship seen of the old system; so, what you are investing in is an independent decentralized alm as a currency giving you speed in transaction and user friendliness; all, updated by a non profit majority of users; the, alm is a system continuously paying you to update its software and development; so, you can observe now;

An, easiness in tracking product and service; for, instance a carbon footprint can be tracked and you can overall be observed to have more informed consent in what you purchase; you, have a greater transparency where no profit is; except, a great efficiency incentive for techies who can be paid in alms; incentive, is existing in the getting the alm up phase; your, participation with xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to be part of this movement is so you’re engaging a system with no more planned obsolescence; for, such an alm is owned by all who use such and this is easy for technology to be invented; alms, are being paid for you voting and getting beloved to vote and by voting you are given an account; your, currency is automatically adjusted and managed so your life is manageable and made easy to create transactions; and, as indicated

Incentive, is existing for those who are programmers and engineers to assist in the initial alm offering; for, you want to see this as a success; your, account automatically exchange currency for an alm that is made easy expendable; so, what you are looking at is a proof of work and proof of stake; a, decentralized COVENANT distributing to all the alm; who, is block chained together since the alm is owned by all there is no liability; challenges, in the system such can be cleared up immediately and:

All, apply smart contract; the, world at the moment is at an exciting transition where you and i can see more a renaissance occurring; you, can adopt this white paper; you, can see all beloved have a basic income; and, you are now above the corpse of an old system; such, a block chain as the alm; is, the future of society; care, to learn more?

To, support this movement go to xxxxxxxxxxxxx and, get involved to rid usury of the old monopolized past to a transparent system that is cryptographically secured; you, got a platform giving you access; instead, of such having been based upon someone owning a service; ok? love jubb, david


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