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All Behavior Has A Distinct Internal Neurological Map

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

In the early eighties, this researcher looked into how each cerebral hemisphere participates in the mediation of mood; how body part, for instance, the extensor muscle is connected with emotional stressor feeling support; whereas, the flexor muscle was more involved in aversive mechanism protective behavior; what the researcher discovered was that distinct pattern across individual, movement acting as a window into the internal matrix of the mind;

For instance, memory and construction engage the hemisphere uniquely; pleasure, and aversion does also; such distinct pattern results from typical neurology specific; so, as anyone goes to access information beyond the present sensory awareness;; one, goes through a series of accessing cues to access such information; body movement acts as an accessing cue, to access state specific neurology;

A review of what this researcher has clinically observed, along with a literature review, gives a valid structure also context along with expert validity; which, shows how empathy as care, also distress with lack of care, is totally present in you distinct unique emotional map; what someone cares about also what they don’t care for has a distinct neurology underneath;

One, is about whole brain pattern, the other is about limited mind function; a distinct map exists within; all you see on the outside, as movement, as words, also what is observed is ongoing within some context; you can use jubb’s instrument to observe all internal ongoing; by observing body movement, also word usage, once can easily differentiate;

two empathic distinct neurological map, which is consistent across the board; because the hemisphere is specialized in the mediation of mood; the left hemisphere more in the mediation of pleasure, the right more in the mediation aversion; because, eighty percent of all neural fiber from the hemisphere crosses over controlling primarily t the opposite side of the body; internal neurology engaged is seen as a result of associative neurology; approximately, also engaged where perfect detachment is;

The vestibular sense is used properly; burn out doesn’t exist; burn out is only because one hasn’t been living with what they’re doing in perfect detachment; care, elicits whole brain functioning; states of “i don't’ care” is of stress and avoidance; for, care is of your associatedness more; for, what you don’t care for is what you’re moving away from; each is state specific, being state specific neurology; so, care also avoidance is distinct in processing how the hemisphere is engaged;

One can have association to care, witnessing another suffer; for, such is a deterrent, distress, is always of a degree of limited mind patterning; you can predict intelligence from a beloved’s body movement; today, also a brain scan; the exposure from excellence to be remained in excellence is unlimited to neural change, which can have impacted your health; for, better or for worse;

One, should study what this work is about; for, when you have discrimination, you have the capacity to contribute more to your overall cognative health; also, ones issue relating to maintaining proper relation with others; the experience of prejudice makes some beloved avoid being dissociated, daydreamed, not being of any proper circumstance to organize things so one can not have been able to be functional afterward; for instance, where substance abuse is, for being in i aware state allows you as well as i to be living more;

Where, a set is existing you agree to note; pattern recognition happens via having become woken; yet, before such one can display a typical Dunning Kruegar effect; even, confident with being uncertain is certain; uncertainty is generally what stress more is existed about; a functional magnetic resonance which can be displayed you learn how to use Jubb’s instrument to look at whole brain patterning; such applied you’re to be predictive more;

One can have got an observational reference point to make some comparison from; how intelligent you are can be shown by your state of whole brain functioning also your resting state; yet, such doesn’t suffice to be equal to an hour long Wechsler adult intelligence scale; observing overtime, also with jubbs instrument, easy it is to determine to degrees to which another has openness to experience; also, the degree of neurotic limited mind function behavior;

For, you can determine how agreeable whether another has patterns of conscientiousness, for instance you can ensure the work you’re doing is going well; you, initiate through the day follow up at the beginning also end of the day, is an example of one who conscientiousness can be second to none; such, relates to observing another in a self-discipline of displayed thoughtfulness; typical it is because a referential index also orientation is fifty percent internal, fifty percent external;

As, self discipline also displayed thoughtfulness of others, by applying Jubb’s instrument much can be determined from observing specific behavioral response; degrees to which one is able to manifest naturally whole brain functioning pattern overall; where, someone has empaths to be rewarded more to stay focused on learning, achieving, growing, also having recognition; yet, what capacity you have to store also retrieve information can strongly show another’s political leaning more;

Contextual validity exists about such; for, brain scans today also observing one in the act of a behavior; such, work has brain scans is structurally also contextually supportive of this researchers work in how the hemisphere is engaged in the mediation of mood; if, you examine who is social as an empathic individual, versus who is underachieved, underdeveloped to be acted more criminal, also psychopathic; have a changed size of neural region which supports either empathics or lack of such;

Who is social having whole brain patterning has a large septal region [pleasure] whereas those dissociated more, avoiding, procrastinating, have much more behavior which is full of don’t, won’t, can’t, should, try, but, must always, never; to display hypertrophy in amygdala also tegmentum, which is aversive neurology; the, most satisfying life is one which does engage challenge of you; elicits, fear also struggle; by monitoring the sensory motor complex, one observing can be trained to predict how a participant would choose, long before another becomes conscious of the decision had;

People, observing scans will determine what someone will choose; sometimes it is seven seconds or more before; who is a subject present there is conscious of what decision is made; one, trained in whole body calibration can predict how one would choose by looking at a base of pattern to observe from; such, can be long before the beloved subject as indicated, has any awareness to make a decision;

Key point being whole brain functioning also limited mind function is of conduct also speech; which, can be observed to be calibrated to such an internal neurological state; for, you can see the signs indicating, what would another do, for you can consider; you can have decided to have read this article, yet there was a fact that your brain had already made this decision beforehand;

Analogue sculpting is sculpting the sensory motor complex to access state specific behavior; whole brain patterning, engages accessing cue which can have mostly been from the left hemisphere yet is moor whole brain patterning; whereas, aversion as a state being accessed usually is accessed by the right hemisphere engagedness with its neural fiber, eighty percent of it crossing over to the left side of the body; an, aversive state being accessed engages a left, whole body, or part body movement;

You can say most are truly unaware of what is going on inside or even have consideration to what is precognitive; which, has caused someone’s response to be set; listen speech along with the act of listening is your capacity to easily have a backtrack; to have listened to be able to put in your own words what another has said; as, one displays poor skill level of this, one also often displays a deep lack of being able to have received new information; causing that information to be logged; such is evident in the next response; for, new information which is now modified supposing to modify what you knew along with the angle taken; yet, as no response is pertinent or relevant to what was spoken, no change affect where someone is apparently having conversation for listening is where a lack has been;

Same gender relation can be very poor when someone has poor listening skill; obvious, generally it is for he is not going to have much of any team around him; she, can not have any sisters; gender bias in one’s personal relatedness shows by the ease which you have this gender connecting with you in friendship long-term relation;

Listening is being able to backtrack; to listen, to backtrack you cannot be having internal dialogue whilst another is speaking which is typical of what is going on; via body language, one can determine if one is in internal dialogue or not; or you’re accessing information from feeling; or, something felt heard or seen as a memory all construction such as accessing cues are minimalized typically shows one is listening attentive, not having internal dialogue whilst listening;

Who has a gap in the cloud bank is definitely a good listening; who displays no gap in any cloud bank jumps out with another topic or behavior, isn’t pacing what is said, showing what is typically an antisocial condition; for, most will be able to sense if someone is listened or not; internal neuro processing whilst listening being evident by the frequency of accessing cues being displayed;

A good listener has no accessing cues, none are needed; a practice of listening can cause you to be amongst those other will say, “you are a good listener;” many will know you to be such, for you’re easily able to back track, putting what is pertinent; no resistance is for what this is about; key point being, most today do not display whole brain functioning; quite the opposite; most display what has been modeled of a limited mind function;

Most, are full of internal dialogue cant turn it off; to the degree to what is occupied internal is; shared neurology is not available for something else; good listener develops long-term relation; being able to achieve or being underachieved or a life of underpaid all is by your capacity to have social pattern in how one keeps self company; the point being is your nonverbal, as well as verbal has a structure underneath neurologically;

If, you didn’t know it you should; your nonverbal communion is the largest portion of what is communicated; such, includes being beyond the word usage; alright; i hope i’ve giving you some insight; maybe, you can pick up jubb’s little red book; perhaps find copies of path of hollow bones; also copies of whole brain functioning manuel; love jubbdavid;


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