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Power Is Formlessness

A, potter takes a piece of clay on the wheel and draws this up into a bowl; yet, it’s where the clay isn’t that the usefulness of the bowl is within itself; lodge poles are put up to create a shelter; yet, it is where the lodge poles aren’t the usefulness is of the teepee; this, is an investigation for you into power; my

Teacher, cloud taught the Toltec tradition of the path of hollow bones; which, is how formlessness is power; where, the space of a table is, it’s full usefulness is before something is placed there, then everything else has to now have a limited choice as to how such is placed; formlessness was when it was empty ready to be received of use; when something is put, it no longer can be formless;

Power, you should learn here comes from nothing; formlessness, is this ever-present; it is the actually in time, in action; any, memory you have you can know, of course, such doesn’t ever pass for any present about such actual event; identity, being i is as empty as stellar as space is; shore-less; yet, if it’s a behavior or an attitude or something you’re capable of as a ‘memory of events’ such identity isn’t of a proper continuity; such, isn’t the same as what is border-less; such, doesn’t take care of anything as what is unimaginable;

More, an awareness over what’s inexplicable; power, is formlessness not formed; you, need to have excellent facts where others don’t; I, have traveled the world upon the providence of others; to, go to the four corners; to, witness this is I who is residing in all beings; for, this I is in you the giver of grace; being, supreme who is this stellar universe; for, this is the path before you of hollow bones; when, I met my teacher I was instructed to give up all habit; I, was not asked ever to be attached to anything;

As, an apprentice one is fully first in search of I awareness which is self; for, you’ve to find who you really are versus a fictional rendition; pay, attention because I can let you know this message is going to catch up to you cloud would say; if, you give this a chance; for, all is the mind is the body’s experience of itself; in such, this is for you woken; your state being in the present in being is not a state of mind; for, unknown is your continuity in an I aware, sitting, standing, and walking meditation;

Otherwise, memory being an experience is cognitive; it’s, from a condition and unconditional illusion; one, has given an ad-hoc continuity to; identity, in such is a reminder as an experience even as a dream; fragrant fruit has beauty in it’s color; yet, all is composed of a jc quanta; for, what is separated in any memory is the very same identical essence; for, this is the root of I timeless, space-less; a, conducted possibility occurring fully present;

The key point is: in, formlessness, wherever one can have got stuck it was because you’re sticking to a “bank of fear;” or, otherwise “pleasure;” yet, I is in between such grown an awareness you have inside between these two banks; can, you be with your mind asleep during the day you’ll be totally present? For, so then at night dreaming the way you are you to be ever moor hardwired woken; for

The, void in the day is as the mind is empty as to have left a specific memory also experience; for, the meditation of a happy face inside isn’t you being absent; for, you’re aware for instance even during a very deep nights rest that you were aware you’re ‘unconscious;’ as, you get more to the bottom line of how formlessness is power, nothing in existence in the path of formlessness is of any particular cause yet formless; as, the universe in its entirety is un-caused; such

Consistency, even constitutes all in a grain of sand on the beach; for, what you desire that can have been triggering memory is a hedonistic condition; because, fear is conflicting within as ‘memorized agony;’ moments, of hedonism, continuing on, fidgets to push away and get between memorized agony; which, is ongoing compulsory obsessive is responsive for massive amounts of internal dialogue;

Where, formlessness is, nothing is of such existence; as, you’re in this outward lived, sitting, walking, standing mediation ongoing; otherwise, memorized agony was done compulsory; not, to have been guided where this missed opportunity to refrain something prejudicial one becomes personally developed; what cause and effect is such causality doesn’t apply to ‘chaos;’ for, where nothing mutually beneficial existed truth isn’t; for, such is formless; where, bliss is flowing from a background of empty space;

For, you can note what’s eternal about you which is forever; is, stellar as empty space; all, matter as mental is temporary in relation inside this I; for, this which is absolute is formless, is empty space not caused; being, complete within to be lacked of nothing; so, it is in fact now in the present being with nothing; nothing, can give you pain except illusion; for, being in formlessness is this path of hollow bones; for, it’s you practicing being fully to be with the unknown;

For, this is this present which is the gift of life; so, what could you take home from this article? Is, the relation of formlessness being power; for, such is inclusive is your loving in action; in, a mind of an abyss; it’s your heart which is this path you follow; for, this is you who is formless, eternal; for, all else which is arrived also returned; even, deep sleep you see life is going on isn’t it?

Formlessness, is power for such is your ultimate being; for, this what’s limited can have been confused taken to be the same yet isn’t; for, it’s certain as the mind is still, quiet, and transparent, one can come to know self evermore; so, as you can be interested you’re developing your wellness communication mastery; formlessness is a brain assignment of avalanche with your energy in motion being applied; this, is the master of self; for, you have this self dedication; love jubbdavid;


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