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The Master is The Servant’s Servant

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Can you see that often it is your imagination totally that you could note all is suffered for? Far far more than what is actual in any reality; for, it’s a truth you could have witnessed that it is far too many things which is likely to have frightened the hell out of you than to actually have crushed you; for, all not in an i aware state of being, one is imagining in a habit ongoing up to this point of having exaggerated all torment and totally even been sitting, standing, or walking around being observed with your non-verbal totally anticipating even absolute sorrow;

For, whatever was your discernment i see i awareness is totally absent; little of any whole brain pattern is hard-wired; all such can have let you totally beat anxiety forever; for, i see this is how you’re handling life; the, success you’re having is of your emptiness to be in the moment; where that can have not been little functional plasticity exists; little neuro efficiency is as well; yet, what has sticky factor which shouldn’t; or, what if you are forgiving of self? Also, what is put of any worth; many, put off perpetually; what's left is left totally undone; one, can be forced to leave their shoes at the edge of a water;

One, can be seen with lots of holes left in the web not completed; haphazard; truly poor, at having achieved anything; for, such capacity procrastination is absolute; one, puts off all to delay everything; push things to the last moment causing mistakes to be made; no, care for rapport; all, becomes mistakes ongoing as an error; for, one can observe easily this; for, it is how kind you are to yourself;

Being, empty a found purpose simply arises; for, life for you is being a servant to the servant; for, you know others are relying upon you; for, in a multivariate manner the master of self is this you being associated, congruent and integrated; you’re far more mentally capable to follow a valid construct; for, the toltec this is the path of hollow bones; you, smile; you, strive; you, ongoingly assist this master; you, don’t ever turn on or off; for, such is this act of devotion one shows within; for, this subject is this master’s directing; also control over some project you need to become aware more fully;

Maybe, you never studied a day in design or strategy; for, who is this master of self does what this master expects; all, would be struggled to procrastinate; all, would be struggled to put the smallest thing done; ongoing it is perpetual; small, moment such could have been done you’re really only being dutiful; you’re only doing your duty; no, time is for anything else;

The, master only has come on a day to you; i see it’s certain, it’s general, it’s when you are not expecting such; of course, it’s the hour of this master; the, master can never be aware of; for, the master is not in any expectation whatsoever; the, master is not anticipating anything; nor, even as a structure of rules; which, is not dictated by anything except in the mind’s of those playing;

You, manage a bow; as, you’re playing a musical instrument; this, is this master timeless; for, a child is inside; this, servant’s master becomes the master’s servant; it, is not the way of some i service given; or, even as some people pleaser; for, this is you engaging; such, is enjoyment recreated; a, state of leisure is; yet for

All, who is serious all only practiced purposefulness; yet, to be also of activity which is non-goal driven; for, all you see is uncaused; for, heaven is as two children are playing; this, is this space between such beloved; for, this is as state of being; not, just an activity from a total perspective; this, is for the sake of such; certain, not for the sake of something else; playfulness is your original state; for the

Mind, where such is is beyond ordinary time; for, this is how you’re keeping yourself company; this, is your greatest company; it is your own solitude; play, is the means used which is a form of therapy assisting this beloved be commutative; where, feeling is play is being applied you’re able to uncover all;

Such, is dealt; certain, what is cleared up is any psychological trauma; for, this is the master in you who is this servant’s servant; for, cloud told me, the shaman in the toltec tradition is a height, of state of being of elevation; where, you’re so elevated you’re below and behind other beloved; for, this is this father who is this living god you should know this day; you, know your heart;

For, the world of a word; for, what the shaman is giving; such, is heaven; for, this is being which is not a state of mind; which, is of a placed condition where a spontaneous creative happiness simply bursts forward from nothing; for, this is where all is not musical unless it is of silence; for, this is the master of self you see; you see wolfie; so, wolf is the teacher is what this means to the toltec;

The, lodges i have taught all are clan of the wolf lodges; for, this is the master of self; for, this is who is me; I, who is inheriting; for, all one is gently; who, is behind you who is below you; who, is in support of you; who, is championing you; someone, else is out there in front, but not the shaman; the, shaman means heaven in every tongue on the earth; which, is a sound which relates to a conditioned space of emptiness; which, is as vast as tellers space; this, is I this father;

For, this is you who is woken; liberated, from illusion; you, didn’t fall victim to have had a single belief; like, the Easter bunny; or, Santa’s little secret; the, animals know; like, you don’t have any control over this is you who does; a dream, is just a step below the limitations of being fully woke; you’re not the one who is remembering; having, had any speaking pattern for illusion; you’re focus thoroughly where I see you is in reality;

This is the real cup of tea; this, is the proper tea (property); for, no place I see in you is “left” for illusion; for, you’re focusing is the making of this master; this, is this master of self; for, this is you this father here who is tempered forever; for, all is only within which is blissful; for, this is you who is fully activated; you’re of your total potential; for, this is this master; for, this is one who is with will;

You’re harnessing vision for this future you’ve paced; for, self is beyond this is your power; you’re steering self toward all falls more in to your first attention; which, is achieved; it is the outcome gained; it, is the mobility to ability to have exerted your will for ease; against, all manner of impulse; you’re with what is a calculated risk; for, this being, mentally healthy is completely uncaused;

For, I want you to know you possess I awareness being of no mind necessary; to, have rid all resistance; touche; for, this is you who has become quiet; for, all which is creative is; you, go beyond any prefixed set pattern to have survived; to, have a response; for, this is this center; non-localized; decentralized, which is modeling nature; perfectly, quorum sensing; for, this is an empty center of self, uncaused; which, is determining I see always your well being; for, this is this master of self;

Relationship, and how you keep company inside is your greatest solitude; for, all other aspect of life this is for you; you, see with clarity; you, like to make a good cup of tea; to, smell the aroma of coffee; as, you’re woken this is your idea; for, this is what makes all forward progress; for, this is you realized; an, attached self then also is an actual self; for, these three components each exist; for, you’re in your balanced being; you’re this beloved constantly flexible; for, you come from this empty fullness; this, is your center-point; being absolute as stellar as space; such, can absorb huge things like a supernova; for, the master is this servant’s servant;

Having, no boundary you’re shoreless behind your eyes; for, you’re controlling your basic impulses; for, can you be widely critical of what is organized as what is socially engineered? Can you be critical of religion? Can you be critical of what is thought in the head? can, you see as this father does? For, all this is an outward lived meditation ongoing; not, turned on at some time or at some geographical spot; for, how limiting such would be as the word meditation doesn’t reach the dee[er interior of the excellence; which, is celebrated silence from stillness;

You’re transparent for all strenuous activity is being aware; for, you’re profound inner power is being made in your spiritual connection; for, this is you this master; over, this kinesthetic self; for, you have mastery over the external physical world; you, see yourself having been to over your communication; for, you have left yourself and your ways behind; who, is living most amongst us; love jubbdavid;


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