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An, alm gives access to a currency for all; such, an alm guarantees your privacy where what’s discussed here; is, where you are the bank; and, each alm in this currency is grown from positive economic inductance; and, you and i intrinsically determine the value which is constructively agreed to represent an atomic hour of time; set, in perpetuity where no manipulation can exist; an, alm is designed to be produced to match service and product; determined, by supply and demand; so obviously also having other service like a

No, “fee” transfer and no barrier of any distance or border is existed into army creation its only your account performing the transaction; such, a currency is an alm being proposed to decentralize where you own the growth of this yourself; in, fact all of us do versus some one private individual; as is being talked about here;

No, external central control is necessary; you, only have to end what’s needed and no delay exists; eclipse, is designed to be a large database such keeps verifiable honesty and all fiction is removed; and, is designed to be an easy sign up to get you started; so, plainly you can see An, alm is a paperless borderless world currency owned by the beloved; world, over and such is designed to be stopped of any inflation and data your personal data is secured because its shared between nodes in the network in a way not traceable in a covenant; that cannot be got at; and, is also stored at different sites that protect your alm; from, extortion by creating an observational reference point external of the transaction; obviously,

An, alms service design is to increase speed of transaction and number capacity of the service; you, on your own bank ledger protecting your alm and such is not counterfeitable; involving, no out of date technology; the, record of transaction is script proof of work of logarithm; getting, a clear perspective

A, covenant is a set of electronic transfers as numbers that engage a sixty atomic second set of time focus; and, on another note you can know that a sum of two thousand four hundred and thirty one billion is being created for the fiscal year and as more is necessary; such, is created; for, many have lost trust; as you know; in, the old corrupt financial system; conversation is about a time now in this modern age is

Gone, is the time when you need an independent third party witness; as, to be what a bank could have performed in the past, this, is a new day; you’d, have to get out the old paradigm of negative economic inductance; you, are received of proof of purchase; all, nodes in the network time stamp and validate such a transaction; and, all programming behind the scene is by nearest ranked method; grouped, into nine; so, you can see

A, reward by alms is paid for an active node and a higher reward is given in the getting it up phase; mining, eleven alms per hour can be; a, logarithm between the computer addresses maintains a one to one output to consumption ratio to stop inflation; and, talk is about the Incentive, existing for the customer of a more homogenous network where world countries and scale of economy is discouraged as large nodes can be detected; and, local market exploitation also; such, can be policed more; all, beloved together own the growth of the alm and as two thousand four hundred and thirty one billion alm is being created; such, is not from debt; yet, is this clicking for you that

To, transfer over currency that is existing into a unit which is in perpetuity; stabilized, for such an alm is of a set value equal to an hour of atomic time and in perpetuity stabilized of its value; for, as being discussed such is equivalent to twenty two dollars/euro and is valued according to an alm set value; and, for whats put into circulation is designed always to be equal to a one to one ratio of world wide demand; so, to take a look at another benefit An, alm is a decentralized peer to peer currency and alm works as mined on a hard drive; or, for work done; all, product produced and the logarithm as a covenant is designed to keep a maximum of two thousand four hundred thirty one billion to be able to exist in the first fiscal year and to allow one to one output by demand so; can you have taken a good look at what’s being proposed here; that,

None, can control the flow of the alm for all are worked for and exchange; and, alm converts actual cash for an alm and such is your own digital bank account functioning similar to pay pal where all are offered a payment option; these, as you have time to take a closer look are some ideas behind an alm in giving all beloved a service worldwide love, jubb david


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