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Article III Article IV Court is What is Needed

Would you agree ethnicity is a tool used to propagandize by the controllers of CB-cowo? Is it true where you hear others in a foreign nation say “Americans are the ones that have goaded all to be so a war is to launder currency”? Should you not know that when you characterize the common enemy to society, a broad brush doesn’t do that? Because, it actually is a nepotistic mercer rhodonite class of beloved who learned how to apply usury to control any nation; because

Those who are doing that have a certain ethnicity; such, is used nepotistically; would you say your world view held doesn’t affect your perception? Yet, learning to characterize the common enemy would you agree is important? The, pen is mightier than the sword and the charge of genocide could be discharged in an article IV and article III court; which, is a common law court which is lawfully set up above the corporation that is administering the common trust;

How many more Operation Torch Maui is to occur? It’s, not that all need to wake up it’s that you think the grassroots movement is where the media is; yet, that is truly an astroturf grass movement; that, have coded your perception to be momentary only in history; you, only need one crime not two; and, where such is a bridging of contract which all crime is;

You’d, expect a massacre of climate armageddon; climageddon, is exposed already; crime, is committed and an article III and article IV court is what is used to clear this up once and for all time; otherwise, all can see how a fireball machine is used as a coordinated effort along with microwave weaponry; to, pyro terrorize to create the wind tunnels that flatten the trees, to push fire into targeted areas like Maui for instance; at the

Surface, everything is set up to distract; like, a Franklin coverup it’s a hand above your government; which, isn’t we the people; its, foreign interest; so, you’d agree it’s a crime that war veteran of a foreign state like Israel for instance is encouraged to infiltrate and take over the USA IT tech; all, is of a double oath of a foreign nation and getting paid up in New York City as elite; a

Crime, of RICO breaking into private code to infiltrate; you’ve, got Unit8200 private company set up to break into private domestic and international computing; and, to dominate and steer the industry; to, surveillance a police state; and, to dominate also the list of a hundred influentials back in Israel; it’s, estimated some four hundred israeli defense force high tech personal working in Unit 8200; its, an

Ongoing, work out of manhattan and working on surveillance to track pattern ID in Boston; It’s, an ongoing crime against we the people; to, steal private property and corrupt such for clandestine purpose; all, done by this hand above the government isn’t about your nation; so, all is kept private quietly keeping a low profile yet double agents; and

To, be in New York City the influence of Silicon Valley and Boston; the, startup industry booming; coming, about to datamine private information, surveil, track and ID; nothing, such is consensual; if, over five thousand foreign national are ethnocentrically connected to Israel and all such is within all the new startup companies this father is a first hand witness to see most officials don’t even have any proper paperwork;

You’re, going to not say that a hand doesn’t exist above the government and it’s, only ethnocentricity it uses for clandestine purpose; so, who’s to have a chain of command does so from one stable; and, that one stable can have been connected to ethnocentricity; nothing, is following any proper common custom in a circumstance presented to you; and, you’d be hard pressed to say that literature followed which is age old that doesn’t have writing in it which is the custom of overthrowing a foreign nation from usury;

Would you say enslavement wasn’t on your doorstep before this day? When you look out how do the celebrities respond to what is incurred to their property for instance? What are these celebrities saying about the DEW firestorm that wiped out Maui and the craze to buy up the property so seen? You’re, living in a world where some of the largest private universities for instance sit on billion dollar endowment yet give orders to the students to go get food stamps;

You’d, be hard pressed to say that the MSM Smear Campaign isn’t used just to chop off all who speak out; it’s, just a net zero financial scam like covid; to, be covered up by alphabet soup land; so, it becomes legal to use jamming stacks of selected ballot; in, voting machine just like it’s the conduct of the criminals inner frenzie all wanting to buy up and control what is property; all, such is crimes which can be discharged by article III / article IV court; otherwise it's a

Crime, of lockdown to rationize your energy shortly also food; you’re, to be controlled so cash is disappearing all from the retail business from turtle island; meanwhile, heavy metal and graphene all conduct microwave beam; and, none can say such isn’t orchestrated from one nation to another; CB-cowo controllers does all by one hand; and, does such by you not being aware that you’re the real estate of unlimited worth not gold; this, is common as a sovereign nation; so

Where, lips move and speaking of the new reset it’s, to put an end once and for all time for all such criminal treasonous activity; love, jubbdavid;

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