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Asymmetric Warfare by Insider Short Selling

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Many, have woken up to see a naked predatory capitalism/communism brushed using just one paint which is designed to steal all your private property; which, currency held hostage could you say is the design that has lead to all; in, this story you could read more about its the white race set upon each other as lemmings; trafficked, by legal name fraud and common law trespass; like, what has been done to this father and his son;

All, see how an anglo-american axis has been used to divide the globe; split up does anything work? Can you see the enemy because short selling goes on before a calamity? It's like prior knowing was wasn’t it? It’s, verified short selling occurred before nine-eleven and three-eleven; it’s, a weapon as a force multiplier to use a doomsday weapon to cause twenty percent more moisture to be in earth’s atmosphere to manipulate heat for the next twenty years and say that is carbon that did it; most, know a lot of lies have been told;

Is the enemy you see opposed to whistleblowers, opposed to we the people impeaching a criminal syndicate obviously in government in your nation? All, in the story aren’t supposed to just go straight to hell; because, of a loss of title as a man or woman not put in a document yet something fictional instead; yet, under the present court procedure [vice admiralty] none is given venue from the land to settle a claim;

Isn’t fascism as you’ve mixed up the living put into a registry of items fictional only? so, the short selling of stock before a calamity that is insider known is to be as a claim settled; banks, and currency need to stop short seller attack immediately; harming, always in the story you see coming out of one stable; which, is who controls all the secret military intel; and, access to all the resources also; owning, access to all the resources above the civilian government of a nation; so

You, can see how a global scamdemic is somewhat stable to apply to outside nation to spend credit that can be paid back to come to a short sell by an insider; like, eye scanning which is not popular at all; because, noone wants to be the guinea pigs being harvested of private information; shouldn’t short selling be banned trading stocks? Maybe, you should check out NAm the white papers and such; because, currency should be connected to governance not unregulated like crypto; wasn’t, such used to buy up a nation's debt; and

Didn't short selling going on in liabilities existed? Didn't cash liquidity get designed in a crosshair of a cartel called CB-cowo behind the scene? Who, shows what bank is as you see any targeted taken; it’s, an evil goal accomplished by not any common custom at all being followed; because, it's the FEW who are accumulated from the scamdemic transfer currency away from we the people;

Are you going to say that ninety five percent of all deposits doesn’t come from local state banks? How, does that system's currency idea not atrocious to the public interest? It’s, not in the public interest to leave massive amount of hardware which can cause death up to two billion dollars worth for instance left in one nation set up so that weaponry could be applied to opposing neighbor down the road;

You would be hard not to say a crime has been committed; how many crimes need to be? For, instance can you say that twenty five percent of every residence of a skilled nursing facility didn’t die within twenty days after administration of the covid shots; investigating, crime you see whistleblowers getting retaliated against which is a crime itself; and, investigating that short sellers hasn’t gone anywhere either; yet, it’s, the

Evidence of the insider of the insider benefiting from the overall crime; many, ways exist you’d agree of applying force multiplied weaponry as asymmetric warfare in your nation; so, it's not a stretch of your imagination to see doomsday weaponry being applied; for, earthquake and volcanic eruption the cost and investment controlled is enormous;

Information, collected shows a possible tonga explosion can have been caused by such weaponry; first, from the sky you can see just before the impact a white streak is explained away; also, very strange ELF ripple pattern as a gravity wave; all, see water vapor deposited which impacts the earth for the next twenty years; so, when short sellers come along you see it and that's criminal; because, suddenly all see an overvalued equity; in, asymmetric insider short selling having gone on;

You, follow the trade of currency behind the scene you can see a great orchestratedness of criminal intent on purpose; for, committed commercial position; all, would be hard pressed not to immediately clear away trading protocol set up done behind closed doors; you’re, not going to say that isn’t criminal and such shouldn’t be stopped; for, it’s insider trading getting private agreement and monopolizing; so

Can you say such isn’t going on? It’s, the short seller attack on stock driven underneath the controllers of CB-cowo as an ultimate goal to ice-nine your nation seen; calls, right now to investigate does abound yet as a claim such isn’t going to be settled under vice admiralty procedure where it all has been beforehand from the land; all, crime has been committed under the color of law as proper article III and IV court has to be instituted; real, check and balance in government; a, proper chain of command is from we the people; love jubbdavid;


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