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Updated: Feb 23

Written on the Road By jubb david

BECOMING INSTANTLY DE-HYPNOTIZED Choice, of your informed consent; an, ISM can have deprived in the past; before eclipse has had it’s effect; conscious, thought without behavior; that, is analogical altered to have without consciously mentally persuaded you; perceived, once such an inducted state subliminal; is, all know the banking and judicial system is wrong; no, need to persuade anyone about such ok; so,

Now, beyond a shadow of a doubt; you, and i pick up messages and confer information well below wakefulness; what’s, before your wakeful threshold response evoked; by, stimuli here in is called subliminal and much analogue (non-verbal) is below wakefulness; yet, not for all; a, beloveds focus as even non-intelligible unrecognizable; altered, physically via this eclipse movement; trained, you can read all more like a book;

This, Eclipse movement gives you a quick message; from, a distracted message generally louder; louder, noticeably being one message; constitutional, currency; and, common law restoration; here, on turtle island; such, stabilizes all of the world condition; suffered, of negative economic induction; before, the eclipse movement; and Eclipse, frees you from; once, and for all time; otherwise, conditioned, bound which sleep; dreaming; and, wakeful indolence was and madness made; the, result of entities ISMS delusion caused ignorance; is, not the mode of you being in i awareness; so,

You, “Becoming instantly de-hypnotized”; via, whole brain functioning technology taught to you in the path of hollow bones such as; Double, induction; where, one message is being given to the conscious wakeful mind; the, other to your sub conscious about such; one clears away what’s non intended to gain what’s intended ok; now,

Being, ultimately able to become instantly de-hypnotized is i awareness; in, obscuredness is that work of doings said; and, visual images; stimuli, that masked; static, well beyond; and, all over what’s merely heard; a, level of energy as a supernova can have been absorbed in space; yet, not by you and i ok; so, identity is kept pristine; while, you can talk about behavior; other, wise it’s just gonna be boots having continuously walked all over you; ok?

Now, sub threshold stimuli; happening, at the same time and space; static, and dynamic energy is magnetic; what’s, loud such an eclipse message is below ok? Now, you can see stimuli as word and picture transformed for you; and, something is un-attended yet pre-supposed; not, being said; yet, your being awakened to go beyond what’s ordinary wakefulness; to, true reality ok read the path of hollow bones; and, you can assist in this movement toward constitutional currency; and, common law now on turtle island ok; love jubb david xxx

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