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Behavior Change in Whole Brain Functioning Applies Vestibular Meta-Modality

This author welded together the field of physiology, neurology, and behavior; to, examine how neurology is used in the expression of interest and pleasure versus aversion; which, is what distinguishes whole brain functioning in a field of neurolinguistics; for, it’s the vestibular sense being engaged which is meta to the other senses; which, is what the distinction is in whole brain functioning versus other works in the field of neurolinguistics;

For, in whole brain functioning you’re learning to apply what the meta modality is which is vestibular as is key in body tonus selected regulated of all the senses coming in; so, the vestibular sense is by pleasure also interest the integrated element in behavior; so, basically you’re using whole brain functioning to process information by being able to chunk everything down into manageable units so you’re integrated in life; you’re, more present to be associated; you’ve got a parallel process of channels below your random phoneme generator;

To, be more refined and personally developed you set personal outcome have achieved several things in a day; for, otherwise from what lies waste as desertlation would have figuratively intelligent to know what’s worthless as a thing; also, being in vain; also, confusion; a, power is existing you’ve not thought of which relates to such; for, integrated such supports you with strategy;

For, all such emotion is applied; being, applied to cause a power to be in transformation; every, emotion is intelligent, it’s just that you don’t get stuck somewhere; with, a fine insight into the vestibular sense in behavior syntax one can learn how to have changed your ‘available now’ for you on the outside in the real world; what’s, given as instruction is a proper true healing therapeutic;

For, always in whole brain functioning you test to see the change works; for, such also is future paced; so, as you’ve gone into the future here, what’s instruction that’s been given you becomes more automatically triggered; you, could be sitting standing, walking, yet any some future event noticed, subconsciously, triggers what’s state specific in a powerful way;

You’re, creative transformation having a resource now more to a future moment; for, in whole brain functioning I awareness is you’re being more with the power; more, ambiguous , unstructured, vague, undefined; this, is the power of formlessness; for, you to have footing where most don’t; for, power is in the formlessness of a synesthesia being given and whole brain functioning technology skillfully gives you the tools via the vestibular meta modality;

Engaging, spatial orientation as to the locus of control; as, to the direction; as to the turning of the sense to make such more lucid; sticky, factor exists more in what’s being inducted within you; learning, more about whole brain functioning you learn how to apply eight frames in all your changework; automatically, you behave the way that you do; for, an allowedness is given; via, sensory motor structure (syntax);

You’re, able to package and unpackaged behavior; where, behavior is highly engrained always such is performed more automatically; what’s suggested to you here which is the power of this article is, you can design what’s effective more; which, has just been at the mercy of not having an idea that parts can be isolated versus just being one overlay; you, can chunk things down and build what’s needed to assist with behavioral change through the use of a synesthesia;

To, do such of course yourself as an agent of change you need to be more in uptime as a state; having, gamma wave emitted causes all around to fall more into alpha rhythm; for, the mind can see new possibility as the mind has a new movement experience inducted; now, for instance what’s new given is because you’re walking through such; which, is your future; so, you can have looked back and have seen you’ve gained an outcome;

Having, applied such a movement experience you can have altered behavior for the long term; because, formlessness is equal to power nothing then is required; no, order or arrangement is needed; for, you have what’s necessary; so, therefore power being equivalent to formlessness is because there’s no physical existence to what’s cognitive; also, unconditioned; certainly, as you’re in the moment in I awareness, in the void;

Merely, behavior as movement installed is an example of how behavior change can be endless for you; for, all such is state specific is multiple caused to be uncaused; for, all which is imitated and conditioned operantly, a new perspective given you’ve got more a totality within yourself in your future experience; in, whole brain functioning you’re taught about the ‘all or nothing’ phenomenon;

You, have to be seventy-eight percent of your nerve force to have such action passed on; and, because where comfort is with conflicted part such is called ‘zero level learning;’ the, moment one feels no longer comfortable one starts to exercise choice; for, suddenly something is learned; you, become sophisticated; which, is 'learning level one;’ such, becomes part of your repertoire you realize that by applying ‘learning level two’ you see how strategy is engaged in what you’ve learned;

By, looking at strategy now you start to consider opportunity to apply such strategy; you’re, at 'learning level three;’ finally, something becomes moor automatic and self actualized; so, you go from ‘zero level learning,’ where you suddenly learn something new which allows you to survive and you’re no longer comfortable with what the old set was; you’re, at learning level one;’

Then, you move through ‘learning level two and three’ too become more self actualized; for, opportunity missed is for you an opportunity of hardwired evermore; then, for you becoming evermore assimilation is as a part into the whole; for, all such change is powerful is going to be operating automatically; this is the power of you being amphorous; the, power of what is left more unstructured, even vague; for

Being, in the moment one is with the unknown; so, whole brain functioning change technique is in manuals written by annie and david jubb; for, what the power is in the vestibular sense in engaging experiential based training is a work which is ethereal; to, give you formlessness which is equal to power you have over what’s obstructing so that this work and power is more invisible; non-physical;

For, what is the power you have to be with now which is beyond your body and mind? So, this is the power of what’s insensible; for, the power of formlessness being vague allows evermore present tense; for, such transformation is incurred always two or three levels away from what’s conscious; for, most resistance is because one needs to apply more language verbal and non-verbal that’s implicit in your changework;

For, such a resource state is built large enough to cause more quick smart recallableness afterward; for, stages of change as for keeping of these four levels of learning; one, learns how to apply these levels; for, you’re going from what’s a comfort you see; which, really is a comfort with having conflicted part which also is engaging a lack of awareness about such; to, suddenly be not comfortable anymore with such connectedness ongoing;

Once, you’ve taken an opportunity to apply more what you’ve learned you see strategy is also to cause such to become more automatic; incorporated so that learning level four which is your self acutalizedness you’re in the present in the void; not, in knowing; for, behavioral change always is from such functional plasticity existing; to, have a proper synesthesia; so, as such is structured applying a vestibular meta-modality changework can be ongoing for you evermore two or three levels away from what one is aware of;

For, such is evermore powerful for you don’t even know such is going on; might that be better? For, as it’s not possible for you to observe it’s certain such purposeful changework doesn’t have to have raised even serious conflicted objection; which, is what has stopped you from being able to change yourself in the past; for, as you’re transformed all is by applying resource using whole body calibration you can see what’s going on inside; so

For, you can use analogue sculpting also stalking, as well as tracking; so, change work is future paced all is happening automatically for you; for, having installed a new behavior generator such integrates the rest of the work; for, such transformation is the past of least resistance; for, effortlessly you’re easy able to isolate a part that was the trigger of an old behavior;

As, you’ve applied a synesthesia of what is far moor resourceful you’re triggered into such instead as an imprint as such is future paced; for, all such automatically triggered is the mood of fruitfulness of the fullest moment; for, well formalness applied assists you always gain what’s doable as an outcome; so, such always is positively framed; sensory based, is ecological and specific; to, be seen as being complete;

For, such is easily determined your outcome has been achieved; so, in whole brain functioning; a, synesthesia in one channel processes an experience in a separate channel ongoing; so, power is vested involuntarily automatically; where, the simulation is carried over from one processing part to be applied to process other sensory data; such, information gained is witnessed simultaneously congruently being associated processed within other representation of assisting;

So, final note to you is how whole brain function change work applying evermore the vestibular meta modality, one easily can turn any wrongful thought into doubt; love jubbdavid;


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