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Being In The Present Is The Gift

Finding inner peace being in nature

A, gift which is a present you open and unwrap; you, as well as i like to unwrap a gift; something, is already which as this is finally; before such is, a present is now; being, present is the gift; having, good leadership as a state beloved, executive presence is the ability you have to have been in the center where room is, socially; i, see you always do this without hogging all the attention;

How present you are is the presence all feel you have; this, present which is your gift is what is living relating to this current now as a period in time; what’s, present is a gift; it’s what you have ongoing; before, anything in a future is present; this, is you who is real in the moment now; in, timelessness being shoreless fully open;

All, sensation is available; for, this is you who is aware of perception; which, is being present which is the gift; only, i is absolute; for, this is you who is precognitive; all, have in whole brain functioning, what’s called a conditioned perception also called an unconditioned; beyond, such is a void; which, is this present;

Something, is given to you; something, is being ongoing given; for, to give is you is in this being; being, awarded ceremoniously relates to elegance; this, least steps necessary to achieve; this, is you now forever in your being; which, is the only thing which is sacred; you’re fully receptive; all, is occurring occupied in a gestalt without any delay;

Instant, now is here; this, is you being in ‘uptime when this is talked about’ in whole brain functioning; all, currently what is in this immediate moment is in perceptible; for, in this magnetic moment is within an instant ongoing of such dissipation; such, is in your instant being ongoing in considering by nothing; stopping, you from being totally receptive to god being in front of you also within you; this, is you in an i aware state;

For, all appearing is with little effort as is requiring also ongoing minimal time; it’s like you’re looking at water simply being added to a cup; it’s this jc quanta which is into the quadrillionth of a second; for, this is a very short instance of time for how this is for your eye to have blinked; also, your heart to beat; for, this is trustworthy competence you being authentic;

Presence, is how associated congruent also integrated; for, this is you not coming from any memory nor experience; for, the death of such is this gift; for, this is the present; this, is the birth of wisdom fully within you; in i awareness, presence is where possibility is with things; in i awareness, you’re combining your personal character trait, being a dynamic device; which, is forwarding you into the gift of what’s present; this, is your outcome;

For, what's a gift to you given is this present; is, this exact moment; for, such isn’t of any consideredness; for, this is having ‘just happening;’ for, what is happening in you; nothing, such is needing any excitation; in i awareness, this is being ongoing; within a void, bliss bubbling out of such is this gift; which, is this present; for, i is graceful; this, is your blessing; this, is for who is with faith you’re experiencing this happyface inside god in you;

For, you remain in i aware; you’re, not doing such, or saying, or showing anything; for, the word ‘presence’ really means your face; for, this is the part of all; your, happyface which is within your immediate vicinity; it’s, through your presence your achieving ongoing this changeless bliss; for, you is of this defined social presence; being, multidimensional in layers; conceptually, operationalized;

This, continuously future paced your arriving to is all a returning; yet, in a mental indefinite time; after, this present; for, is this not in this youngest born of eternity? For, who is this child as an heir of all past? This, father, a mother, this parent of the future; for, you proceed to appear first; this, now existing in progressing; for, being these words your reading at hand is being considered;

It’s been in this present which is the gift okay? Love, jubbdavid;


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