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Body, Mind and Spirit: Sequence of the Senses

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Dr. David Jubb 28 August, 2011 Oslo, Norway

So much talk of nutrition, yet a whole person is of “body, mind and spirit”. The “body” was always put first (that is the kinesthetic feeling part of you); then what is spoken; then spirit or enlightenment or seeing. Feeling then listening, then seeing: another way to say this is by having a value for stillness over movement, silence over having to say something and, transparency versus having something to show or see. What is first is first and second always second.

Body by the ancient ones was always put first, then the mind (auditory), then seeing (spirit). They sequenced their senses to be feeling first then hearing then seeing. Ancient ones in the Toltec tradition taught that one can master anything in the outside world. With mastery over the kinesthetic self internally, one can transform anything in the outside world. Master occurs by having a meticulous investigation and practice into the kinesthetic self. You can talk about pride, yet, only as you put your heart out and chin in can you feel pride. All agree the kinesthetic self or feeling self has to be in order; then, hearing and seeing occurs as it is supposed to: from no story in feelings. When one is born brand new you look out from a shoreless ocean of nothing-ness. The child and the sage’s mind being similar do this without interpretation.

Experience of all the senses comes in without interpretation, without knowing-ness and this is god-like. You haven’t tasted so you don’t know when you are fully awake in your day, your mind has been asleep. To let the senses in you have to stop all internal chatter of feeling, hearing and seeing. You can only do one task; for otherwise there is shared neurology. So while you take things in fully; you can only do this by having space inside to take things in fully.

The eyes are soft, moist, unblinking; the chest is out and chin pulled in; and a small arch exists in the small of the back. Your eyes remain fairly level in their gaze; but looking slightly through all; not at all. You have a very slight feeling of an inner smile; and done correctly shows nothing seemingly on the out-side. How relaxed are your hands and face? What about your breath and your shoulders? You ask yourself kinesthetic questions to tune momentarily into your kinesthetic self. To have greater mastery over the kinesthetic self you have mastery over all in the outside world. Your greatest company kept is your inner solitude. You shrink thinking: you recognize thinking from an internal dialogue competing for sensory input of experience. The brain cannot do both at the same time.


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