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Common Custom Shapes Decision Making Around The World

This author has traveled to many nations and has seen excellence to be cared for as a family member; and, none could say it is not common custom; which, modeled is of itself inducted by operant conditioning to create an agentic state; meaning, a state of obedience to what is ethical; many, nations have had the pen and paper for a long time; Nature is a mutual lived assistance; for, what happens as children are allowed to take risks; it is true you’ve grown more bold and leadership which is decisive also being ethical;

You look around the world for various nation; might i take a moment to discuss what i saw of how common custom shapes what is prudent which is inducting this child; as well as family; also nation; what happens as someone is focused on interest also using direction to go toward; if, you go toward stop and you love it; what happens when such advice is focusing on this child’s excellence?

Otherwise, other things is just temporary in parenting; tradition, it was for me to see where three generations were at least; you have a more developed more sophisticated grooming evidently so; where, such a society is; for, how a society treats children as well as animals you can tell the ethics of such a nation; so, in all the advice which mostly is focused on which is the early years of parenting; what about when this is working you can see patterns which could have gone on into late adulthood of excellence learned early on; also to be flexible;

Isn’t it the very same pattern in a family dynamic as also a nation in causing this beloved to grow up to be a good states(wo)man; what happens when parents are into a surplus of safety? For, what happens where you could live more under a controlled state instead of one which is motivating as we’ve been talking about; what is motivational engages and is learning, achieving, recognition, also acknowledgment;

Dictatorship, in leadership in parentedness is kind of like living under a monopolization in society; yet, if you’re like me, you’re into what is personal, private, subjective, as well as intuitive; what is in the art of the way you’re living life? Is, having patterns of rest also active cycle kept also how you could have kept self; also, all the effort which is made for you to be in service of your long-term goal;

How do these questions relate to having an inner smile permanently? Yet, how do you hone even your own judgment? Rocks can have raised a child to super consciousness; yet, most all one could see from all the types of intervening others without any knowledge; so, isn’t it good prudence as pride is in a child? Also, what is modeling more gender egalitarianism also how is the custom shaped decision making around the world?

For, what is really the gateway to success? In the western custom males rate amongst the poorest amongst the world at bargaining; so, what does that mean if good sportsmanship isn’t learned? What does it really mean to be prudent in life? So, what is said to this child and how you set one’s own attention and goals you can achieve; some nations raise the happiest children in the world; some, nation’s children have a much greater concept for i at an earlier age, even potty trained at an earlier age;

For how a child in your nation sees happiness, truly this is the art of success; this might not be something mentioned in other bogus circles; how is a better world created? For how do you get to hone one’s own judgment in life? For instance, what do you consider safe versus unsafe? Might you not consider it to be a giant race away from a cradle; is it possible to consider how some nations have a great care for hospitality?

For, isn’t it prudent you can consider some points, first, by keeping things in a visiting frame a timelessness is an installed resource which is next; for, as you consentrically go within something; for instance, can you take the time to wait and become wise? Then, could you have that go so everything is happening naturally? For being in balance does that come from activities you would do to be in balance, stimulating your righting reflex in life to be good?

You, could be recovered quicksmart from things; for, it can be one’s own decision to have had a higher focus than being left with a low-shot taken; for, what is future paced you can see all working for you in a future; so, the question is, what happens children could be born in the caul naturally and get potty trained by six months; maybe, start swimming at the age of eight months; learn to blow a candle out at the age of one; also, learn how to wash your bowl at the age of two;

How would such learning transform frustration where it would be and anger? What about how innerstanding is of having held some resentment; for, in some parts of the world, children really are taught to have a deep respect for their elders also care; a most intelligent is the one often who looks after the parent; otherwise, a child can have been taught to have given power away to a title;

If everyone is called by some TITLE how might such assist of course in integration through generations? For instance, how do children relate to each other in various places around the world; what happens when you’ve raised this child to not be color blind; for, if you can look at what occurs under monopolization; which, is more autocratic control, versus motivation; such conduct impacts positively all for an alternative process; yet, not under monopolization;

The very first thing which comes to mind relative to living is; leadership is decentralized as all systems are in nature; quorum sensing is in the system; yet, what happens where a monopolization of such existed? Is it because something wouldn’t be fair and proper? Would that be because what ordinarily be prohibited could be a motive more in inclusiveness of what is dealt in discrimination; like, a commodity; a limitation of supply

and proper information and energy; yet,

Such infringement can have opportunities; yet, what is fictional of course is only a privilege not a right; not right exists in a market to have blocked all other service which you can see the effect of that in a nation; for, what happens in a nation which is allowed an international guild not national to be caused of all to have a process; you’d look at it and see how such acquisition was to have complete control over a market; even, in LAW and MEDICINE;

The act of monopoly infringes peoples rights; for what has an extreme market power could have falsely dominated; for, do you not consider a government entity isn’t using “its'' fictional control over a world marker to boost “its” owners and enslaved outcome; to be exclusionary, to boycott, to bundle, and to stymie; having tied matters up wouldn’t all agree there is a system which can cause people to have care? Certainly not one which is the cause of massive harm;


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