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Written on the Road By jubb david

Intent, sinister; vast; controlled; staged; complete, is our society communistically manipulated; by, an allowed up to this point monopoly; this, researcher ask you to receive a clear picture about here; you, have connected all the dots; concepts, like controlled resistance; usury; a, corps above your head; and, no common law in turtle island at this moment is not your's or my de-zion; you, make sense of what the waisichu "fat taker" path of a parentless condition has been and get rid of such; learned, how Stockholm Syndrome would have formed; yet, eclipse is about you having healed up from such a condition;

Centuries, accounts his-story her-sterically secretly gained on brute of one hand controlling currency creating war presently; to, fuel that hand above government's coffer; to, get another hegemony a communistic condition would have lasted another hundred years: via, a scale of economy stolen from you and i; yet, if not for this eclipse movement over the whole earth; all, would have been acquiesced to; and, by default; yet, government is only formed to protect your property ok;

Confident, military science named compartmentalization on built has been a vast net work; such, has operated psy ops of a labyrinth of a massive "need to know"; doors, closed about "security" guised public knowing held from you and i; exploited, to wish disempowered rudderless; stateless, disconnected spiritually to have ordered in deceit; an, on built matrix mutant de-zion instead; yet,

All, hidden; of, no need; world consciousness un-controlled loving is after eclipse has had it's effect; for, the distorted disguised thoroughly hidden; truth, empowering fundamental rendering illusion projected propagandized meme: overlapped too numerously layered; a, deliberate polarized obscurity; is, too obvious at this point; so

Fear, your heightened awareness in the past cauterized, to a de-zion; a, well of violence; and, fear wrapped be fact too numerous; the subject innocuous unless credibility, and, ethic is cultivated; apparent, is it of a propaganda state controlled over lord generated time you and i rid once and for all time via this eclipse movement;

On, going who seems to know elemental protesting is mostly outside and de-zioned overlord managed; you've to have seen all for what that has been; and, now enough soon played insidious oracle of a modern multi-media style opposition controlled truth; such, axiom not at all the anti thesis to negative economic inductance; this, i you know are; controlled opposition you have broken free off; for, the common good your kin is better off; you, alm this eclipse movement ok? Spirit, of i stifled; confused de-zion hypocrisy addressed barely in the past; and, how currency is created has been purposely redacted (criminally); up, till this point; yet, eclipse gives you a focus as to where do we cone from of i aware importance; global consciousness of common law restoration is as constitutional currency is predominant; is, the focused meme of eclipse; and, all of economic and gender egalitarianism; experiential based learning; whole, brain functioning insight imprinted into you; so, a new spiritual movement of i awareness is what is the matter; and, so

An, allowed monopoly before eclipse was an entire fabric endemic with controlled deception; ruthless, all as only a war game; of, negative economic inductance; misdirected, society engineered control by exploitation; a, war staged by deception slogan cost controlled; forced, un-seen manipulation society planned carefully upon ecclesiastical maximum the epitome; and, altogether opposite state sponsored terrorism; eclipse, it is self led to oppose the control of a monopoly; and, also a corps; you, and i rid a corps that's dead having been put above your head ok; love jubb david xxx


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