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Discharging A Charge Clears Up A Past Costing Too Much To Uphold

The, Paradise fires show DEW phenomenon that is existing; the, high temperatures it takes to melt metal isn’t from a bush fire; you’d, have to read DEW weapon patents which this type of fire is unprecedented having such high temperatures which can only have happened from a magnetic pulse into the ground which is what solid more conducts everything like a microwave; metal, can heat quick under such circumstance;

Many, have put forward a true claim into a system that placed it as a heading as only a “complaint;” who, puts such as legal fiction and gave it to legal fiction as well; a, system of procedure is what is used for chattel yet not issues that relate to living being; all, in governance both past and future is from a rational continuum of contract under common law from the land which is outside the corporation; which, is under the laws from the land from the nation;

Grand, jury from we the people is selected; where, you see such one can not do that as a citizen; nor, as an individual nor person; which, a state of mind can’t be engaged in article III article IV court; the, word hue-man is a color of man as a fiction as a corpse; which, exists to have a duty and a responsibility; and, a privilege to exist in business only; the

Black, frocked white wigged ones under a guild have a procedure which comes before such is fictional only; and, isn’t proper procedure; as, lawful procedure does exist a man/woman is of a real true name and is a member of a jury selected; representing we the people who is under oath to all of us; for, the rules is rules observed; for

Who, is present and anyone absent makes up the quorum; a, member missing can be replaced; all, is under oath of perjury; decisions, made by the grand jury isn’t revealable; so, this is how the feeding beast system gets cleared up simply; subject, jurisdiction is from harm crime happened from the land; and, to discharge a true bill held such is zeroed out; so the

Dispute, which is to liberty is given substance also law as order so a claim can be settled again once and for all time; and, to clear up articles of peace to protect personnel in governance and their family; all, support in grand jury in governance is preordained; presupposed, the chain of command as a logical continuum above the other three branches of governance;

Fulfilling, a function of governance to keep the public together; such, clears away what's been perpetual denial; grand, jury gives public acceptance to clear up what's been ridiculed; and, to cause all violent non-peaceful protest to cease; for, such comes out of the public courthouse which is a real true bill of acceptance; to, discharge the charge of common law trespass and legal name fraud; the, crime of trafficking which followed as a result; the

Undersigned, is made whole; putting, a claim under any other process could not be in your own clothes but someone else’s suit; the, claim of this father and his son is that he wasn’t given title simple; it’s, common gain beyond acceptance transparency is as strong public relation legitimizes the acceptance of contested established grand jury is this which makes itself felt heard and acted upon;

All, see the gates of hell get wrecked washed away; currency of account exist so mortgage doesn’t plunge for all is as of this moment into homelessness which is an all time high; the, title of civil unrest of due weapons burning people out using DEW weapon to have left evidence behind of the temperature of fires burned; many, can see the jigsaw pattern of triggered DEW fires which is razing all beloved off the land to achieve a twenty thirty-two agenda; that,

Was, only for the FEW not you or i; and, just like it’s mandated a covering of private parts but not one says you gotta where a mask over your face; pushing, things along; like, pushing originals around in various nation just to get a pipeline of gas and oil benefit the FEW; like, all who are trafficked in this day this father’s son was kidnapped and this charge still needs to be discharged; yet, its an outrageous cost to continue to uphold the past; maybe, you could look more into this eclipse movement; love, jubbdavid;


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