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Eclipse Restores Law and Order Worldwide via Positive Economic Inductance

A, challenge; of, a most serious slide of the dollar ever; more, by default approved: meanwhile, what’s fake; tacitly, accepted; and, tolerated stems such from not having yet taken action; and, living with no common law; at, the court house; and, no constitutional currency either; this, before eclipse has had its effect; all, existed is a form of social Marxism at the moment; so, governments only existed role is to have protected your property; and, that’s obviously not the case before eclipse; corrected, the above condition; thus, Negative, economic inductance of a monopoly existed in banking; is, what’s totally un-acceptable; also, having no-common law at the court- house in America; and, possibly no-other country in the world; is, wrong; and, after that; you’ve, got a low level of personal responsibility taken by all haven’t you?; a, lack of concern;

Behavior, wide-spread before eclipse has had its effect is anti-social; directed, from an obvious looking apparently insignificant additional crime that’s unchecked [like child kidnap]; such, seems minor to the major overall constructive trespass; that’s, going on; thus, even a theft of your blood and title; and, only having what has been dead put above your head; has, been a larger mess; so, what reason would have existed to have had attention to seemingly more minor conditions being imposed; thus,

A, decline of law and order is obvious isn’t it?; and, to even greater levels is a fact, isn’t it?; you, don’t have common law at the court house immediately; you, allow negative economic inductance of a monopoly to have continued to exist; you’ve, allowed a system that is irrational; a, bank directing currency in la la land; in, a fictional foreign entity; is, treason; ok? and, nonsensical;

So, doesn’t negative economic inductance effect a perpetual negative residual value overall?; Eclipse, extends to you a true reset; you, check the box yes you want reform in banking; as, the count goes up;

You’re, ready to let government participate in knowing how currency is created; and, for one eclipse year until complete; no, new government policy in banking can have been had; constitutional, currency and common law is restored back to you and i again; once, eclipse has had its effect; for, its your awareness; even, a belief that the present system of banking is doing on-going injury cost and damage; having, been only of negative economic inductance only; up, to this point in history; OK? thus,

Inductance, of currency after eclipse is; by, mutual conduction nearby in and of itself; a, conductor of currency; the, eclipse action plan induces a currency flow; the, currency conduction is then; only, of the property of positive economic inductance;

In, economic egalitarianism such is positively inducted; not, negatively inducted; as, the present system of only an offered private script before eclipse has had its effect; thus

A, world of a monopolized negative inducted overall field impacts all localized currency flow; opposing, self local inductance; you, and i eclipse to again be via positive economic inductance; economic, egalitarianism is about a steady currency flow;

A, positive time varying localized currency not from debt; being, applied; is, induced from perception; where, the bank is directing currency positively; thus, again; economic, egalitarianism is positive inductance and; so, via interaction of local economy; stimulated, by currency put into circulation that’s debt free; equivalent, to product and service only; is, after eclipse has had its effect; okay? love happyface xxx


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