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Good Leadership Causes Institutional Congruency In Integration Where Beloved Is

As a leader, the “masked bandit” is of a reputation for being very mischievous; if, you’re for leaders, racoon scores high on a famous intelligence test; Aesop’s intelligence test; raccoons, as far as leadership is concern, model excellence for all those observing a correct stimulus, even during a state of being distracted; racoons of course watch having a great capacity to imitate excellence, being good as problem solving having a higher I Q; as, high as monkeys;

When, you and i have changed the way we live, raccoons have an incredible capacity to adapt to these changes; leadership, of course, is modeling excellence; as, you look through this article, you could have as many neuron or way more of course working; yet, the racoon, which has a very high iq, has a fairly small brain relative, being a small mammal; yet, it has 438 million neuron it is estimated; so

The, racoon brain weighs in being on the high end of the mammal intelligent scale; as, mentioned, racoon lead the way in the Aesop test which is a capacity to develop an inner standing to replicate an action; you, should know by the way a racoon certainly isn’t too easy to domesticate; they, sure can become tame though;

The, racoon loves their food to be clean, and will wash such with front hands; front, paws are similar to work as opposable thumb resembling people capacity to manipulate; in, this regard, the racoon is shown to have a great capacity to be able to go beyond any prefixed pattern to survive; they, can practically go and survive anywhere, as far as adaptability;

Racoons are great leaders; the, racoon, of course, is known to be able to get into your fridge, also packets and jars within; they, can organize things to be able to open up your attic; when, you pair their digit with intelligence, honestly you can see a reason why a racoon is often more successful in its affairs as a specie; modeling, excellence is really what leadership is about;

Having good leadership strategy can cause you to integrate all like the racoon; or, it can have been seen to be the cause of institutional paralysis under the peter principal; where care is always one gets statehood support as they go forward; otherwise, institutional paralysis, fractured team is then not a lack of good initiative; you stick to sense leadership is the control of information;

Where, such is decentralized also quorum sensed; yet, not under centralization; good leadership is an outward lived example; one, has to be able to have discernment to know who is on the path or who is not; could, be a path with a heart; being generosity is useful; also, virtuosity is as well; one, would be reflecting where one is going, not where one has been;

A, good leader has mirror-like wisdom; a, little more time is taken of conscientiousness to care for consensus; which, is free of transparency bias; one has to gain while keeping a focus on what is necessary to move toward an outcome; getting, consensus though takes a little time; yet, one does things not for their full sense; where, one lack trust also honor, a double bind can have been going on;

One, will act out anything to have fought others to do something where one was not welcome for such; to, give a gift you use a gift it is received; the question is does this come from care with self fully as one’s pattern would have been; by, getting statements of support of those around you, you truly avoid running into conscious objection; to be devious, one can not have had implicit or intuitive speech; which, can be giving the other consideration or not; yet, true leadership is a good usage of verbal also non-verbal;

Life is what is precious; for, one to be with life, rather than things or thought; for, you cause trust to be around you; one, earns honor; for, you then to not be perceived as controlling; one can hear what another says for the sake of this; versus, modifying things for some attached need to be satisfied; in such you’re as i to model more perfect detachment;

Being empty (which most people aren’t), also being with care (which most people are not expressing care proper); otherwise, one would always would have the experience of selective restrictive violation; raising one’s attention to what is autocratic being forcefully done; all, such control behavior also lack of transparency is the cause of restrictive violation; being allowed to be entertained” where one didn’t raise conscious objection one didn’t have choice to remain unlimited mind function;

Internal dialogue other than being present, for things requested one can delegate such, not abdicate; for, as you practice consensus building, you bring topics up which can give somebody an opportunity to vet an idea in decisions making; where, that is going on a lot of knee jerk stuff is going on, not making friends and influencing people much; in good leadership, one is not entered into what is the morgue; one, is able to have any hierarchy; or, transparency bias; meaning, “i think people know what i’m asking them to do,” when they don’t or don’t agree;

What, reason would be that after five years, only one out of ten businesses will be successful? Nature causes quorum sensing; a value of social interaction with ideas so that what is presented isn’t imposed upon others; you as well as i live in a mutual lived assistance; you, can be doing what is inside which isn’t going to be found at “some time” or “geographical spot;”

You, get good marks for being empty, not having any issue; connecting, with everyone in equality; for you to have survived, one necessitates business management to be with an effective design; allowing, for what’s “autocratic,” by itself, can not necessarily be with what is innate or being implied; someone, has something which someone cares for; this is ethical;

One, cannot force another where care couldn’t be complete; such, stimese putting stress on beloved, as a team, family, or nation;

The Eye Looks, Yet It Is The Body i Which Allows You To See

What is about your common custom is social; for, a consensus is existing, and mutual; yet, where natural rights can not have been upheld, certainly no consensus existed for that; good, leadership is ethical; care, for long-term relation; you, always are viewing various valid direction; this, is your common custom; one seeks rapport and cares for consensus; doesn’t want to force anything on another, but can have acted to cause evermore force even;

Where, no real ethical consideration is the gift which is not received is one who was giving the gift; this, must be this beloved’s gift; for, what is custom yet where personal devices are today, a sounding board isn’t; one, can have a habit of like crime which has been syndicated; a, good leader where something is presented how another feels for themself; otherwise

Only, people would consider forcefulness; for, what is most popular could be only a “bandwagon appeal;” a, good leader is seen marginalizing; meaning, making another’s feeling smaller; or, attacking others ad hominem; yet, of course minority groups one can see autocratic control over; generally always lacking empathy intelligence; no, focus is of any proper motivation; such needs which can be met from a group one doesn’t take advantage of yet could, in good leadership;

Many, can have felt alienated by autocratic, “putting another’s for some slavish need to be met;” someone can have a gift yet it’s not accepted as a gift; one, has to be in uptime about such and be responsible; yet, often can be seen to be selfish; which, good leadership is remaining integrated with what you’re doing; causing yourself also others to be associated to some transparent outcome;

Someone, can say they’re caring yet in their non-verbal language also syntax can be completely incongruent; good leadership is seen clearly, not having dismissed steps which would relate to common custom; to have rapport, pace and lead, which is our design for us; degrees of aspergers can exist where one doesn’t give much any sign from others; yet, a good leader truly does can hear what is useful and can suggest this;

Providing such a synesthesia, decision making is enhanced; for, a perceptual phenomenon in which another part could be processed being expressed; applying one path for a synesthesia of processing with another involuntary experience; for, this is going on in a secondary cognative pathway; what you put where you are that is new is put in terms of what someone has inside already;

You, pace your audience with subject; to, lead and have rapport; by, doing so one is living more with gained sense of leadership; one, is more logical;

Exceptional Leadership is i Awareness

Most are rewarded for their whole brain functioning pattern, socially; what is ethical is for one to be responsible for care; to, act also move in a manner of shown care; care for life, not things; for, to know what you’re unaware of is true knowing; the, death of the mind truly is the birth of your wisdom; for, i in you is this end of all desire and all knowing; for, in i awareness one is in uptime, being flexible to track to effect of is been communicated; so

Being, astute with your verbal also nonverbal communion; pacing the response you’ve got back is having rapport; after, running training for over forty years on whole brain functioning, i can guarantee you follow instruction, also a lot of “reading;” ten, thousand healed is a miracle; for, it is your life which is like an ocean current; which, is toward an outcome gained;

One, doesn’t make any moves on the basis of handicapping others to gain some personal slavish condition; for, what is innovative is now more; you, can no longer be in some simple stuck rut, with yesterday’s solution; transformation is constant against a background of the unchanged; regardless of what profession you have, it would behoove you to learn a lot more about an outward lived meditation;

Stop, saying it was turned on somewhere, meaning it was turned off too afterward also before; quite ridiculous; you, can learn how to use nonverbal; yet, if one isn’t receptive, only limited success could have been; anyway, you can read more about this in jubb’s little red book; how, much you be in a new mindset; for, what we’re talking about here is about quality you have, which is your aptitude for being successful;

Being integrated, having integrated behavior with others, causing all to be associated with some view, agreement is consisting; congruence is; otherwise, what one is doing also saying often doesn’t add up at all; yet, if you can consider having these qualities, also more that i can mention now, you can be more able to match your audience, your listener; also, how you keep self company;

Excellence can happen by considering your persistence also perseverance, also the benefit of being remained open in your heart;

2. You’re ongoing giving this outward lived modelness of excellence;

3. You have a great ability to be able to confidently speak in front of a group;

4. Efforting, evermore to be remained positive have one thing be for the sake of “itself,” versus making something into something else, causing evermore stress; for, consider the moment itself also the subject it is about as the opportunity to improve; versus, dissociate, distract, also other controlling behavior; for, you’re caring about what is motivating; okay?

5. One, cannot be attached to whether someone would consider something a gift or not; it, is the response you’re getting back; for, one is to be in a practice of perfect detachment; there of course being loving also humble; one, elevates the stranger in front; of you, this is the master of self; many, who cannot do that most would say have made very poor leaders;

6. Practice, staying in uptime; being, in rapport, pacing what is said is you being flexible; remaining, flexible;

7. Prioritize, relation; what is first is where life is; this, is the subject which is important; talk about other things is truly minor; for, who is voiceless, a good leader cares very much about; for, you respect others sense of things with self; and don’t force anything upon others; for, it is not what you say really; it, really is how you’re going about everything;

8. Use a twenty-eighty rule as far as time applied on anything; you, use only twenty percent it would have taken most; where, you focus more on getting eighty percent right;

9. Are you prioritizing your spiritual health? Are you getting feedback from those around you or not? Yet, well being is having a good self focus; you, sustain all with positive impact; you, focus more on what is long-term versus a short term wham bam thank you maam;

10. Good leader is always in the most important room; which, is the room for improvement; one wants to say of course one is in this room within themself; because, this is the greatest room;

11. You, can be observed demonstrating self-initiative pattern, in the meantime excellent partnering skill also good team-building dynamic; you’re always of an independent value; which, is added; because, you’re capable to guide others; for, you are prudent in what you do;

12. Good leaders become the top expert at something; for example, if you’re into valuing the vestibular sense learning, you can observe how pleasure / interest neurology inhibit aversive neurology; yet, a key point is you can apply your spontaneous creative intelligence to design, programs; to, assist parenting, partnering, also family dynamic, come from super conscious children;

You’ve to go beyond i am being the body; being, in perfect detachment, in i aware you’ve selected one’s own inner progress; you, don’t have to berate others to what one is dissociated or distracted to; to, have progress in your spiritual life; for, the mind known is in true knowing to what is unknown is innate in you who is real; for, your goal is to have good leadership;

I, remember what my teacher cloud told me and i simply adopted this; i, didn’t question it; to learn more of whole brain functioning patterning to apply for effective leadership is beyond simply aligning all to some desired outcome; being able to see what the benefit is to both sides; what, each other have together more in union; for

Having goals, and setting such personally; is a resource all which is needed for you to get through in leadership; so, i can think of nine points in whole brain functioning which you learn about including:

1. I awareness; one, suddenly is more introduced to whole brain functioning patterns to be a more effective leader;

2, as you’re gaining more aptitude at the moment in learning how to listen, one more is whole brain function inductive process; who is listening is following with interest; all, is carried out with instructions given; so, one can learn how to apply also frame all with whole brain functioning patterning in your behavioral change work;

3, take a little more time to be with beloved; to, build consensus where decision making is between;

4. Delegate; don’t abdicate;

5. Future pace success have;

6. Success is self-influenced; you’re of good partnering also team-building; to be aware of what is challenging also benefiting; you, remain more with what is implied; you’re more intuitive and can sense the rapport of everyone else's intuitiveness of what you care for also how others respond to such; one, can have not done various things to have forced others;

7. Develop, an agreed purpose; stay, with such; for, this is you having a vision;

8. Focus, on building a cohesive network around what you’re doing;

9. Focus, on what is innovative; for, what is new is what creates prosperity;

Being purposefully success really needs discovery; you, can see what is developed; in action plan you’re involved; versus, you’re just dumped with something for someone else's irresponsible action; you’re able to have a vision; for, you’re crying for a vision; you’re at learning level one, knowing much is to learn; you’ve gone beyond zero level learning; you can be observed calibrate to integrate all; you’re very social in perfect detachment;

You make decision such; you, make sure your support team is ready before you venture; otherwise a great backwardness can be excitedness where you’re going; for, all is set up where quorum sensing is existing you can be exiting communication with your eyes; you can be observed of course as the one who assist set priorities; who, cares being conscientious micromanaging in what is needing to be done; for

To, be firm, to build ground relative, is called ‘rules about you being acted in the field;’ for, always you have an agenda before anyone is of any meeting; you’re clear about what this agenda is; otherwise, typical it is some deceit is going on; a, good leader in i awareness can say one values life; where, life isn’t just disposable; for, the medicine beloved doesn’t grasp, nor hold, inorderly; for, i awareness is who is real;

Who is aware of perception, not the perceiver; for, you’ve to have gone beyond having a freedom; to be perpetually in saltification; for, your mind, the world isn’t two things; what happens, you abandon? Also, how one has performed; yet, accept life as such comes; for, such input like with time you’ve taken to be with me about leadership is a space in time; this is beyond; for, this is in you isn’t the doer; okay? Love jubbdavid;


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