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I Awareness Makes Consciousness Possible

I awareness is absolute; for, what is innate is implicit which is implied, being intuitive; otherwise, consciousness itself can be relative to a surface of duality; consciousness is suspended when you’re in a deep sleep yet, certainly not awareness; dreaming, is the other state of being is merely of an echo of a waking state; wakefulness, itself is a limiting state; one can have been so spectacularly wrong about how blood is formed; about, the vacuum in space; even about what all should be more understanding of;

When, one looks at the sun one can have been spectacularly wrong; gamma wave is emitted by your brain as you’re I aware; yet, to an astrophysicist, even the sun which is studied can be stranger than fiction; all, bodies radiate out an extremely high frequency beyond gamma; as, all is moved toward an ultraviolet catastrophe; for, isn’t it as my teacher taught only one state transcending all others;

For, a higher frequency as a jc quanta is found it is beyond what is ever predicted; for, all implicit varies across the face of even our sun over its eleven year cycle; so, as awareness is of being conscious, this is the start of being i aware; for, you ask self what reason is it more pleasing to have something built to a golden ratio? For, is it of an optimal newness? For, isn’t this what is creating prosperity; also, a 'forged new take’ on an old story which is better serving; so

You’re getting this eureka feeling like a deja vu; for, even in deep sleep, dreaming or awake, awareness is beyond those three states; for, awareness is of consciousness that the body has; such, can be many things; for, you are aware you’re awake, sleeping, or dreaming; for, such a state transcends all other three states; for, this world is within you; you, didn’t have to back anything up with any feeling, hearing, or seeing; for, without an I aware state consciousness isn’t possible; awareness is above all state of consciousness;

Interest, is streaming of your random phoneme generator occurs effortlessly; such, is for what is new; yet, original; basic, existence I awareness is opposite a state of ignorance; for, you drop seeking things imagined; for, you learn how to achieve something for what this is of itself; I found myself full feeling total one day; not, needing anything; the mind, as a mirror is of a flat surface; like a lake perfectly reflecting the mountains and the sky; such, can also show you your own face;

For, I am is the mirror as a flat reflection of the surface; yet, deep below the lake is; for, all such which is surrounding is showing you fully; as, I met my teacher it was some few years I remember I became I aware; I saw I no longer was swimming between a bank of fear and pleasure; in, I awareness only a void remained; yet, totally full to feel spilling over your spontaneous creative intelligence;

For, you now forever being fully present in the moment, you can track and calibrate behavior; apply, analogue sculpting; for, all is as a very small breach in continuity; for, arriving and returning the darkness even of the deeper sleep I found forever freshening; to be arrived and returned; for, only such is a process of change; where, nothing only as I is lasting; for, a body and a mind also a spirit; such, I sore wasn’t mind;

For, a spontaneous creative intelligence comes from a feeling of deviation and ongoing training; for, when I met my teacher what I did was to have left all my ways behind; for, all such I saw definitely exhausted itself; for, one lives dead to such a transient world; for, only arriving also returning is reflected; you, can only be aware of your own state; no, one else can mind such; for, you to have gone beyond what is normal; which, would have been obsessed by desire to have struggle; yet

I awareness, shifts you ever moor deeper into your second attention; where, you have this ‘ring of power;’ you, polarized to your first attention; you then have access to the vestibular sense of start, stop, redirect, suspend, or cause flow to be; for, I awareness is the only thing which is absolute and conscious to a surface of duality; okay? Love jubbdavid;


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