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Intellectual Power Over Cognitive Feat Is By The Skilled Use of Reason

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Pure integration is harmony with nature; this, is being free of all sloth like behavior; one, can see sensation yet your inner world one can truly know little about; yet, it’s by the first step that you take which begins coming from within; which, is where all blessing for you is existing; you, I see I aware turned within; from empty space of room; for, this is I am you know is being ongoing in this outward lived inner meditation; this, is where you have overcome weakness by knowing

where this steady state flow is of a stream liberation, bliss is flowing from stillness, silenced and transparency of the mind; this, is where you have come to know self; for, you’re witnessing this which is before all begins and also after all is arrived, returned; for, the locus of control is a spatial orientation of I which is omnipresent; this, is absolute pure being; what’s, conscious also unconscious arises within;

All, such is being inside I; so, to know you are this I is having interpersonal intelligence; spacial, from natural ridden accurately reporting grouped structural contextual expert valid logic which is repeatable; this, is you being in learning; of, role and also status within a group; what’s, implicit, what’s impersonal, what’s social, is within the conversation being had; which, includes an inference of who also what; so

It’s, further noted observed awareness is of internal and external referential indexing; also, orientation taken in a fifty fifty balance; awareness, is without any fear, fight, flight, response; awareness is feeling hearing and seeing; being, cognizant of event you look back and see you have self control in what’s being comprehended; i awareness, is a general feeling of bliss; such, is where no need is to have improved the moment by having had to be applying various coping strategy; for

This, is where negative and also irrational cognition is eventually stopped; for, this is an ongoing training with meditation; for, you have curbed all reactivity to what would have been a “hijacked attention;” this point here is: in, order for you to increase awareness you’re able to adapt to the prevailing stimulus existed; to, have gained a full response given to you from what is unknown; this, is you ongoing being able to bring all which matters into view;

Being, flexible you’re adaptive; you, can infer to perceive ability to some sole challenge; which, via critical creative plan reasoned awareness is via this I aware state of being; this, is how you have intellectual power over any cognitive feat; for, this is through the skilled use of reason such occurs; for, all required is of this purposeful goal; awareness is collecting, processing, integrating, analyzing, and recalling automatically;

The point being is: a state of being exists where you’ve got more intellectual power over various cognitive feat; this, is by your learnedness which is the skilled use of reason; for, what’s important is that you are free of contradiction; to, be congruent associated and integrated; for, it isn’t an urge you have to achieve an expression; yet, being courage, being the expression of this cosmic wheel of life; so

Isn't it that you’re receptive because you can feel you have an empty center? Might this be what you do to have a sticky factor? Being in the zone, you’re partnering by such receptivity to who and what is being communicated what the other’s view is; for, this isn’t anything except you being in your spontaneous creative intelligence; for, this is the freedom of the present;

While, such is so you can see how what is losing validity is all the “cause and effect” apparent “common idea;” yet, for now this is timeless; this, isn’t the illusion of time; which, is the cause of all else to have been only based upon a slippery slope; for, you’re mind such a random phoneme generator applied is to have stepped beyond the mind’s view; for, you’re observing multiple dimension to see the universe as it is;

For, what’s real is beyond the eye of desire; for, what’s obsessed is from division of being within pleasure also pain; as, a created personal world; for, you can see how your random phoneme generator has been full of contradiction; for, all is and as this universe is; for, integration is a long life had; for, disruption of such is would have been disintegration;

The, knower is born to also return to the void; yet, this void in I is eternal; which, is the only thing which is absolute; nothing, else is; for, a body dies yet life doesn’t; nor, awareness over perception which continues; being, integrated you’re free of contradiction; so, you become ever moor now fully aware; for, something is a fact clearly inner stood; for, this which obtained is encompassed, complete;

This, is where you can see how bringing the dream into concrete existence is converted from real; to, be of a single action which is achieving multiple aims; forever, via the path of least resistance this I in yours standing beyond your mind; so, obviously then it isn’t by ‘effort;’ for, such is unreachable, unshakable, shoreless, not grasped or held, uncomposed, uncaused even as negation;

For, all which is great has everything less within it; yet, only what is actual is actually attainable; for, all else is a ‘mental abstraction;’ for, all thought refused except for ‘who am I?’ For, you can see true happiness isn’t found in things which come and go, live and pass away; for, this is here n now; where, you’ve left your mind behind; for, aspect is realized which is infinite; for, to have realized one is; for, you will realize all;

For, you being in uptime alert is to be investigated; for, all which is then built is something more lasting; so, isn’t it for you to see unvarnished truth? Is this you having accepted a condition as such is prepared? For, accordingly no time is existed for a world of “to make a deal;” to, have belief as fact wasn’t; yet, to be more accurate to life; for instance, how does the world function outside your mind; where, you perceive what is ‘without’ interpretation;

For, I am this real universally existing independent of anyone perceiving such; for, this is accepting what’s possible also likely; this, is your natural inclination to 'have a view from all sides;’ by, your objective stance within the issue; for, this room of space of I is existing independent of thought, or any memory or experience; this, is you having gone beyond meer sensation; for

Isn't this I which exists independent of your mental perception; isn’t this the actual state of things rather than what’s imagined; for, isn’t this you who is of found substance? For, this source is such isn’t meer imitation nor artificial; yet, you genuinely authentic in being exactly appearing as is claimed; this, you’re possessing an apparent attribute being in contentment in the present moment’s activity;

For, I awareness is this path of least resistance which is the cause of action; which, is the easiest thing you can perceive to do among a set of alternative; it, is the path with a heart which is hollow bones; so, by affording what is within you’ve cleared up dichotomy; for, such is the cause of least resistance having reached an outcome; for, such, you avoid the confrontation, awkwardness, and also tension;

For, it’s as you’re only in need of having taken twenty percent of the time most would spend the whole hundred; yet, who’s successful get’s eighty percent correct; this, is you being in the zone fully attentive to the task at hand; for, such I see you’re functioning to your fullest capacity; this, is where you’re more unaware of yourself other than what is at hand; for, bliss is for you from intrinsically motivated, autotelic; such, is rewarding within itself; for

Bliss, is this felt state of attention in arousal; for, such is focused which is upon this which is congruent, associated, and integrated; play, is as flow; for, you being immersed in this task at hand; this, is an involved focused bliss in the process of activity; for, this which is an altered state where you’re functioning with peak performance; time, is beyond what is ordinary; for

The, result in sensation is of ‘one sense of time being transformed;’ for, flow all is within one’s skill set; this, is you following this path of least resistance; for, who has left their ways behind is serving most who is living amongst us; for, you make your home in me as I make mine in you;


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