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Intestinal Villi Sticky Mucous Part 2: Good Bile Flow clears Sticky Mucous

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Marrakesh, Morocco

Blood has to be adequately balanced in its pH otherwise metabolic acidosis/alkalosis can incur. A predominant defect in acid/alkaline elimination incurs because of bile insufficiency and kidney force becoming impaired.

Protein produced in your intestinal tract everyday is amphoteric; one acid and one base and also polyampholyte. Protein also in lifefood can contain numerous amino acids; very much so in Jubb’s probiotic and also plant formula which contain ionizable side groups that are alkaline and acid. An isoelectric point exists in biology where the effective electrostatic valence (pH) on a cell lifecolloid double spore is zero.

Nibiru was seen from Australia on the 15th of May, 2009

All dis-ease has at its base mucous abnormality. Dead food consumption causes anion channel defect and bile stone formation; cholesterol crystallizing from its ordinary liquid state. An acid substance as food has low electron activity where as herbal formula lifecolloid pro-biotic and lifefood; a very high isoelectric effect incurs as a predominance of alkaline element existing.

Neoplasm is dissolved and all dis-ease; for double spore combination to form depends upon the pH of your body solution: and dis-ease tissue substantially carries a positive net charge; and that changed due to raised blood bi-carbonate level.

Numerous micro charged ion exchanges is incurred in biology. And, also an interaction incurred with larger macro-ion. Restoration of proper blood bicarbonate dissolves the shielding of dis-eased tissue electro static like-charged dysbiotic lifecolloid. Vital bile flow clears away wrongfully deposited calcium phosphate and oxalate; by decreasing positive ion concentration; otherwise water can have formed a clathrate hydration shell around that acid condition to encyst or ulcerate.

Your lungs are the primary body organ involved in digestion. Blood is more a liquid gas. The intestine does the job of combining element in blood formation. A red blood corpuscle coming in contact with oxygen in the lung triggers reaction such that hemoglobin has oxygen become attached. This produces excess hydrogen ion that reacts with bi-carbonate to produce carbonic acid; that decomposes to carbon dioxide and is easily breathed off. In good health a cell gives up a carbon dioxide molecule, and received an oxygen molecule in this process. As a red blood corpuscle takes on a carbon dioxide molecule; it becomes more positively charged; it releases its oxygen molecule. Bi-carbonate assists to buffer this whole system. Without proper bile flow and bicarbonate release by the liver and pancreas the body ends up with an other than excellent pH buffering system. Tissue lack oxygen and become more acidic, and interior lifecolloid organelle of a cell turn to their own demise; and become dysbiotic rather than symbiotic of mutual lived assistance. But long before all of this a mucoid and semi-mucoid stool was the norm.

Lifecolloid organelle interior of a cell depend radically upon its bio- terrain as part of hydrogen (pH). A cell contains protein as charged groups, and carries an overall net charge; either negative or positive depending upon the pH of the bio-terrain. Lifecolloid as a red blood corpuscle and also a cell and its interior organelle contain numerous polyelectrolyte molecule having multiple charge in close proximity to each other. Lifecolloid interact through a transform of charged groups.

Hydration is cell rejuvenation where an interaction incurs between solute and solvent. Yet, when salt ion increases it can interfere with hydration. Sun dried sea salt and herb formula has salt that is amphoteric and polyamphoteric and this property allows cellular protein to remain hydrated. Yet kidney force can perform if its plexus at night can be expanded, it can only do this as no food stuff is in the small intestine.

Your kidneys balance and regulate all essential element of the blood plasma; excreting essential element as is necessary to maintain optimal vital blood flow and volume of water to mineral and nitrogen (protein level).


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