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Lifecolloid Possess Consciousness

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Zero Point Energy and Colloidal Biology Part 2: Lifecolloid Possess Consciousness Oslo, Norway

Consciousness only requires you to have “AND”, if you also have “OR” then most processing in consciousness in life can occur. Even a single cell amoeba is attracted to food and comfort and retreats from adversity. Lifecolloid in your internal garden you are wrapped around transmutates one element into another; Lifecolloid effect and influence atomic structure. Lifecolloid can transmutate radioactive material into gold and hydrogen and other element into iron ore as bauxite, etc.

A living cell is way beyond an ordinary microscope; for the interior of a cell or bacteria a level of building block exists as: double spore; and spore; and lifecolloid exist, getting ever smaller in scale. Yet, all levels are organized and differentiated. The life of a lifecolloid is learnable, adaptive and highly structured and patterned. A lifecolloid has behavior that shows consciousness to function even non-locally and hyperspatially.

A bone or cell or chemistry does not explain life itself. A lifecolloid is fully evidenced to biologically transmutate one element into another. In your stomach hydrogen and zinc in the presence of an acid causes the hydrogen to become “nascent hydrogen” which causes other element in proximity to come to their boiling point to make a proton and electron rich soup of nutrient in the upper stomach.

A twelve day fertilized egg can have 600% more calcium than a three day fertilized egg. A plant and all lifecolloid is continuously creating material element. Even the earth is twelve times larger than it was when all the continental plates fit together.

Lifecolloid transmutates one element into another, and also creates a net source of energy as residue. Atoms receive positive and negative mass making them heavier or lighter respectively. Some nutrients have their electrons spinning toward the sunlight and

other nutrient electrons are spinning away from the sunlight. A colloid of life is a living virtual state organism as an individual organelle interior of a cell. Colloid of life has a continuous exchange between the vacuum and mass. So more is going on than the naked eye can see, and zero point energy from the vacuum of life is certain. Consciousness is an interested level of the virtual state. Lifecolloid possess a living virtual reality. An evolutionary step in the colloid of life lifecycle from itself to: a spore, a double spore, a cell or bacteria, mold fungus and yeast; at each level is a reality. Dynamic ordered functioning does exist on the sub cellular level absolutely.

Colloid of life is a virtual level in a living organism; as a spore, double spore, cell, bacteria, mold, fungus, yeast, plant and animal; it effects and affects and organizes and abides in cell nuclei and also atomic nuclei composing all life. A virtual state exists that is non- local as life radiation biophotonically can pass from one lifecolloid culture (diseased and dying) through a quartz glass hermetically sealed by partition. And in another example if a sponge is ground up by being put through a sieve it can be seen by AFD process to have assembled itself back into its more complex and advanced lifecolloid pleomorphically as a caterpillar can become a butterfly; just as a sponge can be seen to do from its individual lifecolloid build itself back. Larger lifecolloid have smaller lifecolloid organelle that can down regulate by AFD back into double spore, spore and original building block as a colloid of life.

Lifecolloid in a virtual state emit biophotonic information beyond itself and as indicated here can by effect of “optical coupling” radiate its (dying) energy for example through quartz glass, that allows ultra violet biophotonic light to pass. That energy reaction is blocked by regular glass. This is proof that cellular function is of an electro- magnetic force field that like a magnet passes its forces unseen through a material like wood to effect and move iron filings, at a distance from itself. A cytopathogenic effect is absolutely observed in colloidal biology by mitogenic biophotonic ray form. One oscillation of a carrier wave as a photon has substructure that modulate as a compound photon. A virtual pattern for instance of lifecolloid necrosis (death) is emitted as an ultra violet wave form; and as a biophoton it contains this virtual pattern inside itself.

Consciousness possesses a “weak mind field”, “a weak neutrino field”, an “electromagnetic biophotonic field”; and, “matter”. All emit a signature signal as a confluence vibration that is made up of nested modulation.

Energy as information is within energy. A gravity wave, for instance, carries information; connecting with Alcyone in the Pleiades. In that small amount of time a biophoton carries a full hologram enfolded in a gravity wave of all radiated information; from all enfolded within life. So nucleic acid can arise from within a compressed oxidized red blood corpuscle to make DNA; where no nucleic acid existed before. A lifecolloid possesses consciousness and is effected and affected by the whole body it is a component of.

Biophoton emission effects cells and other lifecolloid. In the above example for instance one dis-eased culture gave off near ultraviolet radiation as it became in a final burst of energy of bardo fully necrosed. Quartz allowed UV rays through but glass didn’t. It absorbed biophotonic mitogenic rays. Thus observation shows meticulously lifecolloid vibrational pattern being transmitted and received biophotonically. Within the substructure of biophotonic emission from life; there exists its architectural homeostasis system. Biophotonic regulatory homeostatic information exists in a lifecolloid coming from outside itself. A colloid of life and a lifecolloidal system is charged with a biophotonic potential influenced by what is outside self. This biophotonic potential is continually changing as energy is received and given off. A lifecolloid as a primary building block of internal cell organelle is in a state of a bioterrain that cannot be held necessarily constant. Continuous external environmental input occurs to the lifecolloid and its atomic nuclei potential electrical valence. Thus disordered biophotonic radiation can have its effect by this being easily shown to be broadcast. Much nutrient broadcasts its effect; as alpha interferon and also interlukin do; it is known that bismuth also does.

Jubbs cell rejuvenation and lifefood provides a continual ordered transform. A lifecolloid as a building block of all internal cellular organelle receives input from its external environment, and can become charged up with a more orderly pattern.

Vital cell health has its own pattern, remain stable mostly with only very small perturbation around a disordered biophotonic transform.

A cell phone signal to/or from a tower causes a surge of a miniscule amount of electricity and heating. This is a coagulating and congealing of colloidal tissue structure. A nominal equilibrium exists of a scalar charge or zeta potential; for a body cell to have its vital biophotonic electromagnetic gravitic proper effect. Someone has to know as a lifecolloid what is; forward, back, up and down, etc.

A lifecolloid has its own biophotonic potential interior of a cell. Its energy comes from zero point which is a summation of all equal and opposite waves uniting and when this occurs a residuum vibration is incurred which as indicated herein is summed as particle/wave itself as a base added up to make an electron. Colloid of light as indicated herein emits biophotonic radiation. A biopotential floods out of cell nuclei as a residuum vibration, extending out from and beyond cell nuclei and its cloud of electrons orbiting. Thus a charge exists in cell atomic nuclei. This electrical valence travels through multiple layers of cell interior. These layers are lifecolloid organelle that continuously are bathed in this biophotonic valence. A cell without zero point energy cannot function to pump disorder out.


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