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Listening In i Awareness is Having Compassion

Many, other professionals will tell you how compassionate listening also communion is far better than an anti-psychotic pill; for, the listener even the speaker, listening is; listening, is more selective whereas hearing is mere sensation as perception; a knock at the door as perception can pass through the house; yet, who is aware over such perception is who is real; listening is active in itself not passive; yet,

You live in a world where you could have been told you’re the perceiver, that your perceiving is separate from celf; yet, in i awareness this is omnipresence; omnipresence is like the internet when you encounter such; constantly being so wise while the internet is an example of omnipresence today; the chief component of compassion is celebration; for, listening with an empty center; with a frame of care wrapped around such, your body i being in affection is kept open;

You can backtrack what another has meaningfully said; you’re always listening in to what the heartfelt meaning is behind what is said; you’re open in yourself to observe the speaker; you’re feeling also felt channel and communicated by the speaker; this is a good listener; one, who is receptive; listening is where others can say receptivity is; so, listening requires you to have cleared away one’s own internal dialogue;

For, in a new mindset you can respond to all irregularity; you have ease to discharge a charge; even respond with listen speech yourself to clarify, to marshal and sequester actively in listening; i awareness is a doctrine which this researcher forwards along with omnipresence; which is what this is is evident of; for, as your own body listening, i is this universe; i is also celestial body in such space being everywhere this i is a constant source of comfort;

For, you can find yourself in the presence fully protected; for, this is how you keep self company; all habitually as you make your home in me; as, i in you; for an absence, of being agitated, also dissociated while reality was confused such upset; yet, in a new mindset this all is visited; you correct irregularity; listening isn’t with any dissonance; if you look into the definition of listening you can know how to do this very well; being in i awareness, listening present in all time also place is a factor of i, eternal everywhere;

The, only thing which is absolute is space; listening in whole brain functioning is with your body i open being in awareness; listening, is from an empty center; a feeling hearing and seeing care; nothing, is reversed in your head; good listening is so you can

1) stay with what is relevant

2) be aware to remain in uptime; to learn the speakers “assigned” frame; a needed listening response is available;

3) the physiological act of your ears remaining open

4) being in uptime you observe the speaker tracking, hearing, feeling, also seeing; your attention is to the speaker;

Good listening you witness the other backtracking highlighting and going over anything relevant; to marshal, to sequester with analogue your listening is from empaths; a displayed compassionate celebration is your response; such is listening shown you have a gap in your own cloud bank; you’re not jumping out to say something else; for, who is taken by the speaker as a listening response, as negation you then cannot have awareness which the speaker has;

For you as the listener is listening involved being empathetic with your response, not nothing sympathetic; for you can sense motor signal to the speak in applaud for where clarity is needed to be you’re active; so, no jargon was; for, this is you having meaning in listening being in uptime as an outward lived meditation ongoing; so, you can anticipate being able to backtrack weighing in evidence; for you’re

Looking, in between things said; you’re listening with compassion to ask relevant question; you’re being associated in uptime to be associated also integrated; so, you don’t have a point nor counter point so you have a flow in interest in maintaining i contact; just a few small things said by the listener; love, jubbdavid;


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