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Little Known Secrets You Could Unlock In The Body

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Longevity, involves you being able to have a vital amount of human growth hormone released regularly through life; also, you have a high albumin level in relation to globulin; and, you can unlock secrets which is unknown to tap into a greater capacity to get things done more in your life with fitness throughout;

You, and i have a vagal enteric nervous system; which, is the super highway for all other systems to function; for, such sits above the autonomic nervous system; which, includes the parasympathetic and sympathetic function; the

Vagal, nerve is very large and includes what is categorized within the system of such as the vagus enteric nervous system; which, includes the eleventh cranial nerve all the way through to the fifth cranial nerve; everything, within this range does engage the vagal enteric nervous system;

How, easy it is to turn your head from side to side is evident of good vagal enteric system function; all, have a base which cerebral spinal fluid comes up into the brain from the base of the spine;

Pelvic, diaphragm and proper mechanical action involves having instilled an arch in the small of your back; which, that part shouldn’t be bowed out; a, mechanic exists for fluid to flow up the spine as it’s supposed to; via, magnetic differential also pressure also temperature; the

Body, is supposed to be kept at ninety-eight point six degrees fahrenheit and potassium is able to be remained in the red blood corpuscle; also, potassium and sodium is a pump at the membrane of your cells which is important for work to be done by a dynamic current and static field is released;

Silica, is the most important nutrient found in thyroid tissue the most in vitality is; for, silica can be lifecolloid transmutated into iodine; lifecolloid, in the intestine produce up to twenty-six grams of protein also all the element needed on the periodic chart is transmutated via lifecolloid in the intestine;

Protein, is made up out of water and gas; where, the lungs are the primary organ of digestion; and, evacuation as well; for, all is broken down into as protein is carbon and water and burns off; the

Thymus, gland is in the chest; which, material as T and NK lymphocyte cell is made up out of tissue like your nails; as, hygiene is kept good in the body albumin is always in good vital state which is your super transporter; by

Having, a lifestyle of calorie restriction you increase human growth hormone; which, naturally flows twelve times a day in the parasympathetic diurnal cycle; which, you can learn more to tap; also, what can trigger more growth hormone as well; the

Tissue, as organ around your eyes is called the hidarian organ; which, makes up more tissue than the eye itself; which, produces melatonin during the day; melatonin, level in the body through night and day acts as a very powerful antioxidant; so

Nose, breathing is through a night sleep; so, that the consulate tissue behind and above the esophagus which connects behind the back of the nose isn’t congested; which, it would be if mouth breathing was in sleep; the

Brain, has very fine channels called glymph; which, only open up when you sleep; so, nose breathing is very important to maintain proper levels of carbon in the tissue at seventy percent inside the cell; the

Brunner, gland is one of the largest organs in the body and produces high north negative enzyme; without, such the body can’t heal; red, blood corpuscle is made in the lung and intestine; and, also from fat cells under fasting condition; via, process of AFD (aggregation, fusion, differentiation) which doesn’t occur from miotic cell division as science has taught;

We, have an ethmoid organ that senses micro-pulsation and is an organ of magnicity in the body; which, sets diurnal patterns in the day; like, sleep wake cycle; the, moment an organ is functionable more in a twenty-four hour cycle; the, small intestine is meant to touch itself so it can cleanse;

Making, sure you have a quiet breath when you sleep through your nose; otherwise all these organs including the vomeronasal organ; which, senses pheromone; can, only function properly you nose breath when you sleep; all, such would have been congested otherwise;

If, you fast some and rest nature wants to heal you; you’re softly allowing the totality more of life; love, jubbdavid;


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