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Longevity For Our Specie Is Plant-Based Low Phosphate/Methionine Enzyme Diet

Lifefood isn’t flesh nor bean; therefore, is a low phosphate low methionine diet; as a focus is on enzyme activity, an element in it’s non denatured state; today, dietary phosphate and toxicity is a major global health concern; in a world of modeled limited mind function coming from stress, internal dialogue being aversive can have caused the search for novelty to be diminished; activity and behavior causes atrophy from a lack of use;

Stress response hardwired such nerve; the, wrongful use of the vestibular meta modality, emotion can have caused a build up of neuropcytokin which is substance released by the brain which is inflammatory; when released into circulation causes responsive nausea, fever, head-ache and hypertension; a phytochrome storm is observed; toxicity immunity is seen to respond more in a hypermode; so when you look at nuetoxin which is substance which can’t be broken down properly; coupled with a dead food diet of inorganic phosphate burden;

A reduced intercellular signaling protein incurs between nucleated cell; such influences a wide range of cell influential behavior; excessive nuetoxin as phosphate/thiamine coupled with trans fatty acid correlate with ciramidial; diglyceride; accumulation; which comes to have effect on pancreatic beta cell; trans fatty acid harm filiol cell causing an increased rate of mortality;

Deficiencies, quorum sense toxicity; where such exists any element coming in can cause a detoxification reaction; which is called a hurks reaction; it is dissolvable in dis biotic lifecolloid dial; when toxin can’t be managed a cell switched to a status senescence which is the sensation of cellular repair;

Necessary amino acid is produced in the intestine by lifecolloid like lysine; it is a necessary cross-linking protein; assisting to make L-carnitine possible; fatty acid metabolism is enhanced; all such modifies the reaction of histamine; which impedes stopping naturally bleeding; also it blocks and stops inflammation; the surfactant which can bring things into the nucleus is vitamin L, lifehydrate; called N acetylneuraminic acid; our specie has no enzyme to break down a similar surfactant which comes from animal called N glycolylneuraminic acid;

Such indigestible protein in a similar manner as any prion can’t be acted upon; via AFD grows inside the nucleus of cells; chronic wasting disease is a prion mediated toxicity of DNA and RNA; prion disease is rife in the modern world; of course you have the wrongful consumption of flesh; yet, prion can be found in bean as a thyroid or globulin impending thyroid function; prion can adhere to healthy tissue to cause healthy protein to polarize aggregating and fusing;

Glycolylneuraminic acid from animals today is a tumor marker; such causes the glycosylation; of neoplastic cell membrane; many antineoplastic factor abound in produced by the friendly lifecolloid in the element; yet, without such element older spade; a waste is; such, is what is called vaids in all case; you see high serum level of matrix metalloproteinase; of course lysine assists you clear such up; such metalloproteinase is the key marker of inflammatory bowel disease;

All, is activated by high plasma release which is a fibrilitin factor; causing clotting disorder; yet, lysine being produced properly is a plasmin inhibitor; such, can be see assisting reduce living and blocks and stops excessive hypercoagulation; all element necessary is produced by healthy lifecolloid; even pancreatitis is shown reduced by lysine having been in the body;

Acute changes of inflammation can impact appetite showing one compromised often in a constant negative energy balance; rather than an original state of emptiness; impending doom can have been felt, yet over time to witness which can be seen as a non thriving condition; also, wasting which is due to severe digestive brunner gland disturbance;

A body is driven by its lifecolloid transmutation terrain; yet, in a nonvital state an improper terrain is the cause of cytokine excess; excessive potential mediators include high levels of insulin like growth factor; wasting is called cachexia, anorexia; which is a pathophysiological merely of a lifecolloid terrain; the result of ongoing relentless stress and adverse neurology is the cause of dysregulation of a host metabolism; which causes ever more brain derived cytokine;

Which, is always found in a wasted condition; eating is more than just mechanical yet a pleasure looked forward to as beloved come together to eat; such is an emphasis on eating which really is more a favorite pastime; which is such can assist reposition emotional and psychological relation where eating is;

The Molecule Of Death Really Is A Prion

A prion is an indigestible protein; it can be a homologue of a protein also meaning it could be missing its nitrogen; without proper B vitamin homocysteine not broken down is extremely corrosive; flesh and bean diet is an excessive methionine and high homocysteine; also N glycolylneuraminic acid; lifehydrate, Vitamin L; potassium rhodenaise, also ubiquitin molecule clear away three class of toxin including heavy metal, cyanhydric acid also diastatic toxin [mycotoxin, excrement];

lifefood causes lifecolloid to provide B vitamin; such is necessary to convert homocysteine from a sharp shard spiked state; otherwise, in the blood vessel it figuratively sand blasts being corrosive on the bends;

Many, you’d say, have poor proteolytic lifecolloid; in relation to, lifecolloid which is non proteinaceous; you as well as i only have twenty three base pairs of DNA; you, as well as i rely upon the lifecolloid; otherwise, what is not broken down impacts the body, including corrosion; in protective circumstance under such lipoprotein A (plaque); which is really what is needed to be cleared away as one is having a controlled fever;

The molecule of death is a prion; it is a molecule which is injurious which can’t be broken down; such lifecolloid as prion carrying protein (PCP) propagate via AFD; as a protein not fitting for its shape in its clustering is the cause of similar tertiary structure being templated to become polymerized via AFD into what is not folded correctly being agglutinated;

Enlarging the nuclei of such cell; such a prion transmits its own confirmation upon normal body protein; as indicated, because no enzyme is within our specie such accumulates in the nuclei of cell;

Certain surfactant as vitamin L is plant based; animal based molecule can’t be broken down; a PRP (prion) is found in animal as well as one’s own body which is made not to be able to be broken down; material such wrongfully consumed polymerize and cluster causing any protein similar in structure; yet, unique tertiary structure; to be conditionally accepted as in an order to continue the polymerize the prion cluster; an abnormal protein such starts a cascade of immune challenge;

Autonomy condition exists after a moment; the brain starts to looks to start to look like swiss cheese; an amyloid plaque is observed of aggregated fused prion; which is in a beta-sheet structure; such beta strand has an unpaired hydrogen bond; which is a template linker; a chain reaction of crystallization; such, misfolded clot stone aggregates and fuses into spherical oligomer which leads to a progressive decline of body function;

The molecule of death is not found in our specie; our specie gene CMAH is irreversibly mutated; because such is absent in our specie tissue, because of an inactivated gene code CMP; N acetylneuraminic acid hydroxylase; this is our code; neurodegeneration, diabetes, also neoplasm is all caused by aggregate sialic acid in the nuclei cell; to see an abnormal cell is to witness silalisic in the nuclei; which, is a cellular prion which is bound to amyloid B for instance in the brain; this is a primary cause of alzheimer's also other health challenges; all such can be overcome you use whole brain patterning with Jubb’s cell Rejuvenation; love jubbdavid;


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